The true mistress has a thousand hidden identities – Chapter 113

Chapter 113: She Is Going To Accompany Me To The Dinner Party

Gallon yelled loudly. “Who the f*ck is out there?”

Waiting for her eyes to adapt to the dazzling light, Claire turned her head to look over.

On a path not far away, a conspicuous Maybach was parked, with its high beams on. A tall brawny figure, stepping on the ray of light and breaking through the night, was slowly walking towards her.

His chiseled features seemed to be shrouded in a halo, and in the dark night, he looked like a god descending from the sky.

Claire narrowed her eyes and took a closer look.

It wasn’t until he walked up to her that she finally saw his face clearly.

Hunter Johnson?

Gallon was also surprised. “Why did he come? You told him to?”

Hunter walked straight to Claire and looked down at her, with half of his face concealed in the darkness. He was like a violent lion, with raging anger hidden in his eyes.

Immediately afterwards, he grabbed Claire’s hand. “Follow me.”

“Wait!” Gallon quickly grabbed Claire’s other hand. “Where are you taking her?”

Hunter turned his head slowly, and his cold eyes, sharp as a blade, passed over Gallon’s body fiercely.

Then he curved his thin lips and gave a cold smile. “So you’re here too?”

Gallon smiled defiantly. “Of course, Claire accompanied me here to farm the land.”

He deliberately emphasized the word ‘accompanied me’.

Hunter narrowed his deep, dark eyes instantly, and a cold light flashed across his gaze in the dark night.

Claire could clearly feel that the man was increasing the pressure on her hand more and more. The pain made her frown.

Hunter pursed his thin lips into a straight line as if trying to suppress his anger, his voice icy. “Unfortunately, she is going to accompany me to a dinner party now.”

“Ah, a dinner party!” Gallon shrugged and said disapprovingly, “Then I’m going to attend it too!”

Hunter squinted at him, his eyes disdainful. “Can you get in?”

“Sorry, but I can.” Gallon took out an envelope from his pocket and shook it provocatively in front of Hunter’s eyes. “I have an invitation letter.”

He looked so damn triumphant.

Hunter suddenly clenched his fists.

Afraid that they would fight, Mr. Hopkins hurriedly acted as a peacemaker. “How about… we go together?”

As soon as he said so, three pairs of eyes coldly stared at him at the same time.

Claire was dragged into the Maybach by Hunter.

Gallon drove his car behind.

In the car, the man leaned against the window with his legs folded, one hand on his knee, and the other on his forehead. His face was straight and gloomy.

Obviously, he was still angry.

On the other side, Claire leaned back lazily, narrowing her eyes slightly. She decided to take a nap.

The atmosphere was tense and there was dead silence in the car.

Mr. Hopkins glanced at the rearview mirror and couldn’t help sighing.

How could Miss Claire act as if nothing happened? At least she could say something soft to Mr. Johnson.

The car stopped in front of a building.

Mr. Hopkins turned around and handed a paper box to Claire. “Miss Claire, the banquet hall is in front. Please change here first.”

Claire took it and jumped out of the car.

She walked into the bathroom of the building and put on the dress. As she untied the head rope, her dark hair poured down, and she casually arranged it with her hand in front of the mirror.

The hair was tied into a curly arc by the head rope.

Claire raised the dress and walked out of the building. Walking lightly to the car, she tapped the car window with her finger. “Can we go now?”

The window of the car was rolled down, and Hunter looked at her.

Claire was wearing a gothic dark red dress, which outlined her beautiful body curves, making her skin look even fairer. Even her blood vessels were clearly visible. Her long seaweed-like hair was scattered on her shoulders, revealing her delicate clavicles.