The true mistress has a thousand hidden identities – Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Unexpected

Hunter ignored her.

Phoebe was a little embarrassed, but took a deep breath and boldly introduced herself. “Mr. Johnson, I am the younger daughter of the Smiths.”

OK, but what did it have to do with him?

Hunter tilted his head and didn’t even bother to look at her.

Mr. Hopkins said, “Hi, Miss Smith, are you here for the dinner party too?”

Phoebe didn’t reply to him. She pointed to the banquet hall and smiled sweetly. “Aren’t you going in?”

Mr. Hopkins glanced at Hunter. “We’re waiting for Miss Claire. We can’t get through her cell phone.”

Hearing this, Phoebe instantly covered her mouth, pretending to be astonished. “God! Claire is not coming. Didn’t she tell you that?”

Hunter, who had been indifferent like a sculpture, finally reacted.

He frowned and glanced at Phoebe. “What do you mean?”

Under his glance, Phoebe blushed instantly. She lowered her head and bit her fingertip with her teeth, saying innocently, “She said that she had something to tend to tonight and went out with her schoolbag in the evening. Claire is always so reckless. How can she not inform you and leave you here alone?”

Mr. Hopkins frowned.

Why did this young lady’s words sound so weird? She seemed to be blaming Miss Claire with every word she said.

His face darkened and he said, “Miss Claire shouldn’t be such a person.”

Phoebe was disdainful.

How dare this humble servant interrupt her?

Ignoring Mr. Hopkins, she raised her eyes, looked at Hunter carefully. She said affectedly, “Mr. Johnson, if you don’t mind, I can go in with you.”

With that, she bit her lips lightly and almost jumped for joy, waiting for the ‘Yes’ from Hunter.

Unexpectedly, the noble, handsome man in front of her gave no response as if he had turned a deaf ear to everything she said. He just turned his head and ordered Mr. Hopkins. “Immediately investigate the whereabouts of the little thing!”

Phoebe was dumbfounded and hurriedly said, “Mr. Johnson…”

Before she could finish her words, however, Hunter turned and sat inside the car, slamming the car door shut.


Phoebe stood dumbstruck outside the car, at a loss.

Why did the development of the matter completely differ from what she had expected?

Now what was she supposed to do?

Looking at the dark car window, she was so aggrieved that her tears were about to fall down.

She had never been neglected like this since she was born.

Sitting inside the car, Mr. Hopkins immediately sent someone to investigate, and soon obtained a result.

“Miss Claire went to Sanling Village.”

Hunter’s face was gloomy. “What is she doing there?”

“Um…” Mr. Hopkins hesitantly said, “She seems… to have gone farming there…”

“Farming?!” Hunter’s eyes instantly turned red, and his hands on his knees were clenched into fists. “So, she didn’t keep the appointment with me, but went farming?!”

“Mr. Johnson, calm down.”

Mr. Hopkins was really afraid that Hunter would go mad.

Hunter closed his eyes and restrained his anger. He gritted his teeth, and said, “Go to Sanling Village. I’m gonna go get this little thing back myself!”


Sanling Village

Claire sat down on the ridge, unscrewed the mineral water bottle’s cap, and took a few mouthfuls. As she lifted her collar up, sweat was dripping down from her forehead to her cheeks.

So hot.

The soil had finally been turned.

After resting for a few minutes, Gallon dropped a pack of seeds at her feet. “Let’s finish it quickly and go back.”

Claire picked up the seeds. As soon as she opened the packaging bag, all of a sudden, a strong white light washed over her.

The dazzling light made her narrow her eyes.

Immediately afterwards, there came a rumble of a car, which was so loud in this quiet night that all the dogs around began to bark loudly.