The true mistress has a thousand hidden identities – Chapter 110

Chapter 110: Killing Two Birds With One Stone

Phoebe rushed over and hugged Ada, crying and begging. “Mom, I really like him. If I can’t marry him, I won’t get married in this life. Please help me!”

Listening to her crying so miserably, Ada felt her heart ache.

Since her little Phoebe was born, when did she cry so miserably?

“Okay, okay. Don’t cry.” In the end, Ada surrendered and took out a tissue to wipe her tears. “There is a way.”

Upon hearing this, Phoebe stopped crying in an instant and her teary eyes glowed with joy. She couldn’t wait to ask. “What is it? Mom, tell me!”

Ada took her to sit down by the bed and lowered her voice. “The best way is that you get close to Hunter and attract him into loving you. If he insists on marrying you, no one dares to object.”

Phoebe’s eyes lit up.

Yes, regardless of whether she or Claire was engaged to Hunter, the key person was Hunter. He would just marry the girl he liked!

“Mom, what should I do?”

Ada patted Phoebe’s face and smiled lovingly. “There is a good opportunity right now. You can go to the charity dinner next week in Claire’s place. At that dinner party, every man will bring a female companion. If Claire doesn’t show up, Hunter must feel embarrassed. As long as you show up in time to help him out, he will definitely have good feelings for you. Moreover, you can take that opportunity to approach him. This is to kill two birds with one stone.”

“Mom, you are so smart!” Phoebe threw herself into Ada’s arms with excitement and buried her head deep in her arms, concealing the cold, vicious smile at the corners of her mouth.

She wouldn’t let Claire take away anything that belonged to her!

At night

After taking a shower, Claire wrapped her hair in a towel, sat cross-legged on a chair, and tapped on the computer.

She leaned sideways lazily, and the water droplets from the tips of her hair ran down her slender neck, and soon soaked her back.

At this time, the door was knocked.

“Come in.”

Ada walked into the room, came to her, and smiled. “Claire, I remember you said last time that you had something to tend to on Tuesday and couldn’t attend the charity dinner, right?”

Claire didn’t even lift her head. The light of the screen was cast on her face and her eyes were deep and dark. “So?”

Ada put on an air of understanding. “If you’re busy that day, you don’t have to go to the dinner party. I will reject the Johnsons for you.”

“Whatever.” Claire shrugged.

She really didn’t want to go to the dinner party. On that kind of occasion, everyone was wearing a hypocritical mask, and it was extremely boring.

“Then give me the invitation letter, and I will return it to the Johnsons.”

Claire picked up the envelope which lay in the corner and threw it to Ada.

Ada hurriedly caught it and left with the invitation letter in a rush.

The door was closed.

Claire paused for a moment, tilted her head slightly, and gave a contemptuous smile.

She knew that Ada must be scheming something.

But she didn’t bother to waste time on her.

Ada immediately came to Phoebe’s room. “I’ve got the invitation letter for you.”

Phoebe immediately jumped up from the bed and took the invitation. She hugged it in her arms as if it was her treasure, and gave a happy smile.

Ada touched her little head. “Okay, quickly go to bed. On Tuesday, you must appear gorgeously in front of Hunter and amaze him with your beauty.”

“Okay!” Phoebe slipped into the quilt and hoped Tuesday could come sooner.

She even fantasized about how Hunter would be swept off his feet by her.

On the other side, after Claire finished typing the code, she put her legs on the desk and called Gallon.

“Let’s go farming Tuesday night.”

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