Chapter 109: Did She Steal Your Man?

Her deskmate covered her face and shouted. “He… he is Hunter Johnson!”

Phoebe’s face instantly turned pale, and she gave a hollow laugh. “Are you kidding me?”

“No! You can fall for any man but why do you like a goof?”

Hunter Johnson…

How could he be Hunter Johnson!

As if being struck by lightning, Phoebe felt her vision become blurry. Only the words from her deskmate still lingered in her ears.

Her glassy eyes were wide open and she suddenly stumbled.

Her deskmate helped her in time. “Phoebe! Are you okay? Don’t scare me!”

Phoebe’s legs were weak, and she slowly squatted down, holding her head tightly with her arms.

Why! Why!

She almost went mad and could not accept this fact.

Why was this man Hunter Johnson?!

Just yesterday, she laughed at Claire about going to marry a fool, but she didn’t expect that she…

Was God tormenting her?!

Her deskmate comforted her. “If you really like him, it’s no big deal. I remember you’re engaged to him, right? Isn’t that perfect?!”


But outsiders didn’t know that she had long regarded the engagement as a hot potato and threw it to Claire…

“However, what is he doing at the school gate? Waiting for Little Overlord? Oh! Isn’t that Claire?” Her deskmate suddenly exclaimed.

Hearing the name, Phoebe raised her head instantly.

Across the road, Hunter still looked cold, but a pleased smile was hovering on his thin lips now.

Phoebe followed his gaze.

Claire swaggered across the road, with her hat covering half of her face, and her empty school bag hung on one shoulder. With her head down, she stared at her toes, not caring about the traffic passing by.

She walked straight to Hunter.

Hunter raised his eyes and reached out to pull Claire’s hat.

Claire avoided his hand with disgust.

Not only was he not irritated, but there was a happy smile on his face. He seemed to be deliberately teasing Claire.

Then, he opened the car door for Claire.

The two got in and the Maybach drove away in front of Phoebe’s eyes.

Through the car window, she could clearly see that Hunter brushed Claire’s hair with his fingers.

In the setting sun, the icy cold in his eyes had finally turned into a warm pool of spring water.

He looked so childish, completely different from the cold and abstinent man whom Phoebe met in the rain last time.

Phoebe clenched her hand into a fist. The scene she watched just now gradually turned her eyes blood red.

Her deskmate said, “How did Claire get together with Hunter Johnson? Last time Hunter came to accompany her to participate in our school’s sports meet. Is she trying to steal your man?”

Phoebe gnashed her teeth, her nails going deep into the flesh in her palms, and a ferocious gleam flashed across her eyes. “Yes… she’s stealing…”

Her deskmate jumped up and said, “Damn, how can she be so shameless?!”


The Smiths’ mansion

In the room, Phoebe was crying pitifully, and the drops of tears fell down like broken beads.

Ada was sitting next to her, having a headache.

She was puzzled. “Gosh… how did you fall for Hunter Johnson? You know he has a problem with his brain!”

Phoebe cried herself out of breath. “No… he has no problem with his brain. He is good. Anyway, I’ve already fallen for him. I can’t help it… Uuuuu…”

Ada stood up and anxiously paced back and forth. “It was you who said that you didn’t want to marry Hunter Johnson, so I brought Claire back, and I’ve already told Claire that she will marry Hunter. But now you suddenly said you fell for Hunter? Are you kidding me… ahh…”