Chapter 107: Mr. Walker, I Have A Crush On You

Sheldon fell silent.

Gallon slowly put down the teacup. “Don’t worry. Your sister just hasn’t got the hang of romance. In fact, this is not bad. At least no one else will compete with you for her.”

Sheldon could only comfort himself in this way.


Lance Middle School

Just after school, the teaching building was quiet.

James put his jacket on his arms and locked the office door.

“Phew, Mr. Walker?”

A joking voice rang from behind.

James turned his head and looked around.

Derek was leaning against the wall of the corridor, with one hand in his pocket and his long legs folded. He was wearing a loose white T, with his coat tied around his waist. His curly hair exuded a brilliant luster in the setting sun.

His eyes were clear, but he smirked, showing his white teeth, like a little devil who knew nothing about the world. “Mr. Walker, why are you so anxious to get off work? Are you going to see your girlfriend?”

James smiled. “Derek, please respect your teacher’s private life.”

With that, he turned and left.

Derek snorted with disdain.

At this time, a boy walked out of the corner.

Derek threw a piece of paper into the boy’s arms. “Go, give this love letter to James. Tell him that you have a crush on him and see how he reacts.”

The boy trembled. “I… I don’t like Mr. Walker. Why should I give him a love letter…”

“Didn’t you hear me? I said ‘give this love letter to him’!” Derek kicked the boy’s ass.

James was about to go downstairs when suddenly a boy rushed in front of him.

“M… Mr. Walker!”

James lowered his eyes slightly to look at him. “Yes?”

The boy clenched the paper in his hand and handed it to James abruptly. He trembled and his cheeks burst red.

Then he closed his eyes and shouted. “This… this is a love letter. Mr. Walker… I have a crush on you!”

Caught off guard, James was stunned.

After a while, he cracked a gentle smile, patted the boy’s head, bent down, and said softly, “First of all, I am very grateful for your love, but at your current age, you should focus on your studies. When you grow up and gain a broader vision, you will definitely meet someone better than me. I will keep this matter a secret for you, okay?”

The boy opened his eyes and looked at James dumbfounded.

“Quickly go home.” James straightened up and stepped down the stairs.

The boy went back to the corridor with his head drooping.

Seeing the love letter still held in his hand, Derek frowned. “How is it going? What did he say?”

The boy’s cheeks flushed. “Mr. Walker said I should focus on my study…”

Derek almost vomited a mouthful of blood.

“That’s it?”

“That’s it…”

“F*ck!” Derek bit her thin lip with her little white teeth, pondering.

Is James really gay?


Phoebe bounced back home, humming a tune, her face pink.

Ada came out of the kitchen and saw her good daughter. Seeing Phoebe was happy, she was happy too. “Phoebe, why are you so happy today? Did anything good happen to you?”

Phoebe hurriedly hid the handkerchief in her hand behind her. She lowered her head, and blushed red. “No… no, I’m just in a good mood. Mom, I’m going upstairs!”

With that, she stomped up the stairs.

Behind her, Claire walked into the door.

“Claire, wait a minute.” Ada picked up an envelope from the table and handed it to Claire.

“This is an invitation letter from the Johnsons, asking you to accompany Hunter Johnson to the charity dinner held by the mayor next Tuesday.”

There was no expression on Claire’s face. “I won’t be available next Tuesday night.”