The real missy is a worldwide known cool woman – Chapter 120 end

Chapter 120: Put On My Ring

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A hand hugged her from behind. Liu Feng was shocked and quickly closed her eyes. Gu Duo’s hand went through her waist and held her palm.

“Lil Feng, are you asleep?”

Liu Feng held her breath and did not answer. Gu Duo did not continue to ask. He only hugged her tightly and buried his head on her back.

Gu Duo’s warm breath landed on her skin. Liu Feng felt a little dizzy. Gu Duo’s voice seemed to ring in her ears.

“Lil Feng, do you have a lot of secrets that you haven’t told me?”

Liu Feng thought she was dreaming and answered in a daze. Gu Duo did not speak for a long time. Just as Liu Feng was about to fall asleep, Gu Duo’s deep voice slowly came from behind her.

“Lil Feng, no matter what secret you have, I don’t care. I hope that one day you will tell me personally.”

Liu Feng’s consciousness was already struggling in her sleepiness. She subconsciously responded and quickly fell into a deep sleep.

When she woke up the next day, Liu Feng realized that Gu Duo was not by her side. Gu Duo left a note beside her pillow.

“Breakfast is on the table. I didn’t wake you up when I saw that you were sleeping soundly. I’ll wait for you downstairs.”

Liu Feng looked down at the note in front of her to hide her emotions. After putting on her clothes, she got up and prepared to leave the hotel.

When she opened the door of the hotel room, what she saw was a floor made of rose petals. Her eyebrows twitched slightly as she had some strange thoughts in her mind.

Walking along the floor made of rose petals, the rose petals spread all the way to the elevator entrance. Liu Feng opened the elevator door. There was a poster inside the elevator with a big word written on it.


Liu Feng could not help but chuckle. She pressed the button on the first floor according to the instructions on it, and the elevator opened with a ding.

There was a huge doll standing outside. The doll made a gesture toward Liu Feng, but because of its huge size, it was really hard to tell what kind of gesture it made. Liu Feng was only amused.

The doll was probably a little anxious. It gestured for Liu Feng to follow it out. Liu Feng was not a fool. She already knew what was going to happen next.

It was just that this was the first time in her life that someone had loved her in such a childish way. She felt very satisfied. Liu Feng followed the doll all the way outside. She saw her eldest brother, second brother, and her mother standing outside, smiling at her.

Just as she was about to walk over, Gu Duo’s voice came from above her.

“Liu Feng, Lil Feng, I’m here!”

Liu Feng raised her head. The sunlight was dazzling. Gu Duo’s smile was magnified infinitely. The helicopter’s propeller’s rotation cut the sunlight into pieces. However, Gu Duo’s voice was clearly transmitted into her ears.

“Lil Feng, I like you. I love you. Will you marry me?”

Liu Feng could not help but cover her face. This kind of confession was a little embarrassing. However, her relatives on the opposite side could not help but laugh. Gu Duo did not care about it anymore. He directed the helicopter to fly higher and directly jumped down from it.

Although Liu Feng knew that Gu Duo must have brought a parachute, her heart was shocked. She subconsciously ran in the direction of Gu Duo.

“Lil Feng, marry me!”

The parachute opened at the right time and Gu Duo slowly landed in front of Liu Feng. In Gu Duo’s hand was a shiny diamond ring.

She subconsciously reached out to pull Gu Duo, but he took the opportunity to put the ring on her finger.

“If you wear my ring, you’ll be marrying me!”

“Okay!” Liu Feng softly agreed. “I’m willing!”

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