Chapter 119: Release Some Bait

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Gu Duo’s expression became even gloomier. The neon lights outside the French window shone on his face. The shadows alternated. One could faintly see the bulging veins on the back of his hand holding the wine glass.

“If you want, I don’t mind.” Gu Duo’s tone was light. He took a sip of red wine and turned his gaze to the side.

Liu Feng could not help but laugh. “I didn’t expect Third Young Master Gu to be like this when he’s jealous.”

Liu Feng was about to explain her relationship with Liang Yu when the manager’s voice came from outside the door.

“Third Young Master Gu, the snacks and clothes you asked for have been delivered to you.”

Gu Duo stood up and walked past Liu Feng, bringing with him a gust of cold wind. Liu Feng subconsciously shrank her shoulders.

This man was really stingy, but when she saw the food, Liu Feng also forgot about the words that she had prepared to explain.

Gu Duo looked at Liu Feng eating happily and thought of the matter that had angered him before. He suddenly felt a little speechless.

‘Who cares about Liang Yu and Liu Feng?’ Liu Feng was right in front of him at the moment. As long as he did not let go, no one would be able to snatch her away from him, the Third Young Master Gu.

After making up his mind, Gu Duo was in a good mood and handed Liu Feng a piece of cake. “Eat slowly. It’s all yours.”

Liu Feng could not help but roll her eyes. Just a moment ago, he looked like she was going to eat someone. At the moment, he looked like it was sunny after the rain.

A man’s heart was like a needle at the bottom of the sea. It was really hard to guess.

Liu Feng quickly finished the food in front of her. Looking at Gu Duo’s posture, he was prepared to stay in the hotel to rest. She thought about the place where she would meet Liang Yu the next day. It was quite close to here, so Liu Feng turned around and went into the bedroom.

“I’m too sleepy. I’m going to sleep. Don’t come and disturb me again.” As she said this, Liu Feng closed the door.

Gu Duo only glanced at her indifferently. He was still sitting in front of the French window, slowly drinking red wine.

He could still see the person from the other day barging in like a nimble cat.

Gu Duo had experienced some things overseas over the years. He had hardly met any opponents when it came to fighting, but that woman that night… Gu Duo could confirm that it was a woman.

That woman was agile and flexible. If he had not been prepared, he might not have been a match for her.

Over the past few days, Gu Ren and his company’s men had been re-tracking the previous ID, but the strange thing was that the ID seemed to have never appeared in this world. It had disappeared without leaving a trace.

Moreover, their information base had been ambushed. Although it was discovered in time and did not cause any damage, it still gave Gu Duo a wake-up call.

That woman had already set her eyes on them. She must have something that she wanted. It was better for him to release some bait. He might be able to catch this big fish.

The neon lights outside the window had been switched off at some point. The lights in the room were dim. Gu Duo sat in the shadows, his whole body shrouded in a cold and gloomy aura.

After hanging up on Gu Ren, Gu Duo stood up in a good mood.

At the moment, he was just waiting for the fish to take the bait.

He slowly walked into the bedroom. Liu Feng was already asleep, and her whole body was buried in the blanket. He reached out to touch his hair, then turned around and lay down on the side.

In the darkness, Liu Feng slowly opened her eyes.

Not long ago, she had received the news that the person from before had raised the price again.. This time, the price was enough to move her heart.