Chapter 118: Gu Duo Was Jealous

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Liu Feng leaned against Gu Duo’s chest like a kitten. Gu Duo’s upper body leaned against her, pressing her against the glass. Liu Feng reached out and pushed, but she could not move.

Gu Duo lowered his voice, “Lil Feng, you’re satisfied. Since you lit the fire, you have to extinguish it.”

Without waiting for Liu Feng to react, Gu Duo pressed her down and started thrusting fiercely. He used a lot of strength, and with every hit, he pushed against the deepest part of Liu Feng before pulling out it all out.

Liu Feng only felt her body go numb.

Her body seemed to be sliding down bit by bit. She could only grab the back of the man in front of her with all her strength. Her long nails left red marks on Gu Duo’s back. Under the light, there was a hint of passion.

Liu Feng’s softness wrapped tightly around his huge body. Gu Duo only felt his waist and eyes go numb. He jerked quickly. Liu Feng was dizzy from his ups and downs. Her entire body seemed to be floating in the clouds. Her lower body was extremely wet.

Gu Duo’s long and narrow eyes had a dark red color. He fiercely stabbed it in. Liu Feng only felt a boiling hot liquid rush in. The sensitive softness tightened once again, and her entire body began to tremble. The two of them reached the climax together.

Gu Duo carried Liu Feng and strolled into the bathroom. At this moment, Liu Feng’s hands and feet were already soft, but her expression was like a kitten.

Gu Duo put some hot water on Liu Feng and did not tease her anymore.

“Soak in the hot water and relax. I’ll get someone to send up some desserts.”

Liu Feng was wrapped in the hot water and her whole body was comfortably squinting her eyes. Gu Duo smiled as he put on his bathrobe and went out.

Liu Feng’s phone on the table lit up at this time. A call came in. The name shown was ‘Liang Yu’.

Gu Duo’s good mood instantly disappeared. His well-defined fingers were holding the phone and his beautiful peach blossom eyes were filled with malice. Gu Duo glanced at the bathroom door.

Finally, he placed the phone on the table. The phone rang for a while before it stopped. Then, a text message came in.

“See you at the coffee shop tomorrow. I have something to ask you.”

The person who sent the message was still Liang Yu.

Gu Duo crossed his arms and looked at the phone in front of him. The expression on his face changed. He was thinking about how to throw the phone down the stairs without leaving a trace.

After thinking for a few seconds, Gu Duo finally gave up. He looked at the phone indifferently and turned off the brightness of the phone. He turned around and called the manager of the hotel, asking him to send some food, he also prepared two sets of clothes.

When Liu Feng came out of the bathroom, Gu Duo was sitting in front of the window drinking red wine. When he saw Liu Feng come out, his gaze was indifferent.

When Liu Feng thought of the craziness not long ago, she wondered if it was because of the hot steam in the bathroom that made her face a little red.

Gu Duo raised his chin slightly. “Your phone is ringing. Liang Yu is looking for you.”

His voice was neither soft nor heavy, and his attitude was neither salty nor indifferent. Gu Duo’s gaze did not even fall on Liu Feng.

Liu Feng picked up the cell phone, took a glance at the text message, and put it away.

“Why? Aren’t you going to call him back?” Gu Duo’s voice was a little tense. He did not have any expression on his face, but his heart was already a little nervous.

“Do you want me to call Liang Yu back in front of you?” Liu Feng held the phone in her hand and twirled it around, raising her eyebrows provocatively.

Gu Duo was jealous.. He knew very well that she was deliberately teasing him.