The real missy is a worldwide known cool woman – Chapter 117

Chapter 117: What Are You Thinking About?

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Gu Duo hung up the phone with the hotel manager. He looked at Liu Feng with a dangerous look in his eyes.

“Lil Feng, you’re the one who wants to play with fire. I have to accompany you.”

His well-defined fingers gently swept past Liu Feng’s ears, bringing up a few strands of hair. Liu Feng’s inexplicable goosebumps followed. She subconsciously felt that this matter was somewhat dangerous.

She coughed lightly to cover up her embarrassment. She let go of Gu Duo’s high-spirited thing and prepared to jump down from the table.

“I’ve had enough fun. I’m going home.”

“This matter is not up to you to decide.” Gu Duo stretched out his long arm and grabbed Liu Feng. His body squeezed between Liu Feng’s legs, and his fingers moved along the hem of Liu Feng’s skirt and touched her.

“Lil Feng, you’re so wet.” Gu Duo leaned close to Liu Feng’s ear and said flirtatiously. His tone was light and full of flirtatious intent.

Liu Feng glared at him. Her seductive eyes were like silk and did not have any deterrent force. Instead, they carried a hint of shyness and seduction. Liu Feng was a little annoyed.

Her body was getting more and more used to Gu Duo, and it was becoming more and more sensitive. With just a touch from Gu Duo, she felt that her body was a little soft.

While she was distracted, Gu Duo inserted two fingers into her. After twitching twice, Liu Feng weakly leaned against Gu Duo’s chest.

“Lil Feng, what are you thinking about when you’re with me? Hmm?” The last ‘hmm’ fell into Liu Feng’s ears, carrying a fatal sexiness.

Seeing that Liu Feng was already wet, Gu Duo pulled his fingers out of Liu Feng’s body. The sudden emptiness made Liu Feng bite the corner of her lips and grunt in dissatisfaction.

Her performance pleased Gu Duo. He narrowed his eyes slightly. “Do you want it?”

Liu Feng wished that she could dig a hole to hide, but the desire in her body made her nod her head in confusion.

“Okay.” Gu Duo picked Liu Feng up and carried her down to his hot body.

The weightlessness of her legs leaving the ground made Liu Feng subconsciously hug Gu Duo’s neck tightly. She even subconsciously coiled herself around Gu Duo’s waist.

Gu Duo unceremoniously patted Liu Feng’s buttocks and forced her to aim at his huge thing.

The moist hole was aimed at the huge head. Gu Duo deliberately tried to push it up, but he did not expect it to be inserted into it all of a sudden.

The huge foreign object entered, causing Liu Feng to subconsciously clamp it tightly. Gu Duo felt all the pleasure rushing to the top. He panted heavily and patted Liu Feng’s buttocks.

“I’m about to be broken by you.”

Liu Feng took revenge and bit Gu Duo’s shoulder. She snorted twice, but Gu Duo carried her and took two steps forward.

Her soft flesh wrapped around his thing. Every step he took had soft friction. Deep and shallow movements, followed by heavy and light movements. It was a pleasure that the two of them had never had before.

Liu Feng was almost turned into a puddle of water. If it were not for Gu Duo holding her, she would have really fallen.


Liu Feng turned around and saw Gu Duo carrying her to the huge floor-to-ceiling window.

Liu Feng was very clear that this building was the tallest building in Jing City. From the outside, it was impossible to see what was going on inside.

However, this kind of exposure and the reflection of the two people who were together reflected on the glass still made Liu Feng unable to help but feel excited.

The wet and slippery liquid poured on Gu Duo’s huge thing, causing Gu Duo to quiver from the heat.. He managed to calm his mind in time, which was why Gu Duo did not shoot out.

What do you think?