The real missy is a worldwide known cool woman – Chapter 116

Chapter 116: This Part Misses You Now

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Liu Feng slapped Gu Duo away unceremoniously. “Gu Duo, what do you think about all day long?”

“I miss you.” Gu Duo grabbed Liu Feng’s arm and pulled her in front of him. He lifted her up and placed her on the table. The two of them looked at each other.

“This part misses you.” Gu Duo held Liu Feng’s hand in front of his forehead and moved it down to his chest.

“This part misses you all the time.” Gu Duo lowered his head and planted a kiss on Liu Feng’s finger, bringing Liu Feng’s hand between his legs.

Liu Feng could feel the excitement within the fabric of his pants. Due to Liu Feng’s touch, it even twitched twice in excitement.

Liu Feng reflexively wanted to withdraw her hand, but Gu Duo held it tightly.

“This part misses you now.”

His mischievous peach blossom eyes carried a flirtatious aura, and the little bit of dissatisfaction in Liu Feng’s heart slowly surged up.

When had she, Liu Feng, been so controlled by someone?

Her brows and eyes curved into slyness. Her slender and long fingers pinched gu duo’s bulge through his suit pants, and Gu Duo’s expression immediately changed.

“Be gentle. This thing is for you to use.”

“Oh?” Liu Feng chuckled happily. “It doesn’t matter even if it’s broken. After all, as a financial backer, I can end our relationship at any time. At most, I’ll give you some compensation.”

“Lil Feng.” Gu Duo was vexed. How could he forget that this seemingly small girl in front of him was extremely intelligent? He could not control her at all.

Liu Feng sat on the table, so she was a little taller than Gu Duo. She lifted gu duo’s chin.

“Gu Duo, you have to be clear about our relationship. I’m your financial backer. If you dare to act atrociously on your financial backer, do you believe that I’ll replace you?”

Gu Duo’s eyes seemed to be filled with fog. His tone was lazy as he said, “I don’t dare.”

“Hmph.” Liu Feng’s finger slid along Gu Duo’s chin toward Gu Duo’s chest. Through his clothes, she gently pinched Gu Duo’s chest a little.

“Seeing that you’re rarely to my liking, I won’t hold it against you this time. If you do it again, I won’t let you off.”

Her finger followed the voice and pinched lightly. The coarse fabric rubbed against Gu Duo’s hard thing, causing Gu Duo’s eyes to slowly turn red.

He suppressed his rising desire and stared at Liu Feng in a somewhat embarrassed manner. However, Liu Feng was exceptionally happy. Her hand meandered down like a snake and pulled open the zipper of his pants.

Before Gu Duo could react, Liu Feng’s cold fingers had already grasped his high-spirited thing in the palm of her hand.

“Liu Feng…” Gu Duo leaned close to Liu Feng’s ear. His heavy breathing sprayed on Liu Feng’s ear, bringing with it a hot flush of desire.

“You’re playing with fire!”

Liu Feng giggled. Liu Feng’s bright moon-like eyes were filled with mischievousness.

“What? Are you the only one who’s allowed to light a fire, but I can’t play with fire?”

Liu Feng bit her lips, her eyes were unbridled, and her expression was innocent but seductive. Such a strong contrast in her expression was like a fire, and Gu Duo felt like his rationality had been burned away.

He picked up his phone and called the manager of the hotel. Liu Feng deliberately used her soft fingers to tease his hot thing. He suppressed his desire and practically yelled at the manager on the phone.

“No one is allowed to come up without my instructions.”

The manager on the other side of the phone shivered, thinking that something had happened.. Thinking of the charming woman that Gu Duo brought in, the manager silently prayed for her.