The real missy is a worldwide known cool woman – Chapter 114

Chapter 114: I Always Want to Give You the Best
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Gu Duo carried Liu Feng and cleaned up in the bathroom. Liu Feng had not eaten for two days and two nights, yet she was still being held down by Gu Duo. She was so hungry that her hands and feet were a little weak.

Gu Duo helped take Liu Feng’s clothes and gave her a coat. Then, he brought Liu Feng downstairs with him.

Jiang He, his wife, and Jiang Yue were all there. When they saw Liu Feng, Jiang He was still his usual self, but Qin XI took the initiative to welcome her.

“Lil Feng, you’re finally awake. Everyone has been so worried these past two days.” She still pretended to be gentle and loving, but the smile in her eyes did not reach her eyes.

“Mom,” Liu Feng called out indifferently.

Qin Xi gently patted her shoulder. “Lil Feng, you must be hungry. I’ve asked the chef to prepare a meal. You haven’t eaten for two days. Eat some soft porridge first. It’s good for your stomach.”

This kind of concern surprised Liu Feng. She glanced at Gu Duo beside her. Gu Duo shrugged at her, indicating that he did not know anything.

Soon, the chef served the prepared food. Looking at the steaming porridge, Liu Feng lost her appetite.

She was allergic to seafood, but the porridge served by the kitchen was seafood porridge. She endured the discomfort in her stomach and her expression gradually turned cold.

“Gu Duo, let’s go out and eat.”

Gu Duo also saw the bowl of seafood congee. His long and narrow eyes swept past Qin Xi with a sharp gaze. “Madam Jiang, as her mother, don’t you know that Lil Feng doesn’t eat seafood?”

Qin Xi’s expression stiffened for a moment, and her oval face, which was covered in exquisite makeup, turned pale. “Maybe they mixed it up. I’ll get them to make another bowl.”

Liu Feng shook her head with a cold expression. “No need. I’ll go out to eat.”

She straightened her back and walked out of the Jiang family home. She had not seen the sun for two days, and the strong sunlight made Liu Feng squint her eyes slightly.

They were both Qin Xi’s daughters, but Jiang Yue had received all of Qin Xi’s love. In her memory, Qin Xi was very gentle. She would sing lullabies to her, and when she was naughty, Qin Xi would always look at her gently and lovingly with a little bit of helplessness.

That scene was still so clear in her mind. However, Qin XI looked gentle and loving at the moment, but Liu Feng could not feel any warmth at all. It was as if everything was just fake.

Gu Duo put the clothes in his hand on Liu Feng’s shoulder. “Let’s go.”

He did not say anything else. He put his hand on Liu Feng’s shoulder and led her out.

Gu Duo ordered a table full of dishes in a hotel under the Gu family. “Let me show you some of our Gu family’s famous dishes. I guarantee that you’ll fall in love with them after you eat them.”

“Are you that confident?” Liu Feng raised her eyebrows. She knew that Gu Duo was trying to divert her attention, so she cooperated to not let him down.

“I always want to give you the best.”Gu Duo raised his eyebrows proudly. His slender forearms waved in the sunlight, and Liu Feng actually lost her mind for a moment.

However, Liu Feng quickly came back to her senses. She shook her head to clear her mind. The relationship between her and Gu Duo could only be that of lovers.

The two of them soon arrived at the Long Wind Hotel under the Gu family. As soon as they entered the lobby, the hotel manager immediately greeted them respectfully.

“Third Young Master Gu, we have already prepared the room you booked for you. Please follow me.”

Liu Feng looked at the hotel’s decorations and followed the manager to the top floor in the elevator.

When she walked out of the elevator and saw the scene in front of her, Liu Feng’s heart froze. Everything here was too familiar.. Although the last time she came here was at night, the glass wall in front of her was not something commonly seen.

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