Chapter 113: Our Bodies Are Connected

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Under Liu Feng’s body was the cold platform of the sink, and on her body was Gu Duo’s thing pressing against her.

Liu Feng subconsciously wanted to escape, but Gu Duo held her shoulders and looked at her with a smile.


“You are the best at stirring up my fire. Now is the time for you to put out the fire,” As Gu Duo said this, he hooked his fingers slightly and lifted up a corner of her underwear. His hand was ready to drill into it.

Liu Feng pressed down on his hand. “No, it’s too dirty.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve already washed it. I guarantee it’s clean.” Gu Duo raised his eyebrows mischievously. Liu Feng’s face was slightly red. Before she could react, Gu Duo’s fingers had already squeezed in.

His fingers stirred in Liu Feng’s body in a regular manner with deep and shallow movements.


Liu Feng could not help but twist her body. Her body was full of numbness, but there was an ice-cold marble surface underneath her. The stimulation of ice and fire was a little too much for her.

Gu Duo deliberately played tricks. He added another finger into her body. The rough pulp of his finger scraped her soft inner wall, bringing with it a strange pleasure. Liu Feng subconsciously clamped his fingers tightly together.

Gu Duo chuckled. “You already can’t take it anymore?”

Actually, he was also feeling particularly uncomfortable at the moment. His wet and warm fingers made Gu Duo feel like he was about to explode from enduring it.


Liu Feng’s body was limp as she leaned into Gu Duo’s embrace. Her red lips parted slightly as she breathed seductively.

“Gu Duo…”

She opened her watery almond-shaped eyes and looked at Gu Duo. Her appearance was 30% pure and 70% seductive.

Gu Duo pulled out his finger, and the transparent liquid flowed out as well. Liu Feng was a little embarrassed.

Although she had never felt that it was shameful for a man and a woman to have sex, the scene in front of her and the desire of her body made her a little shy.

Gu Duo had been holding back for a long time. He was already extremely excited from the heat. Without waiting for Liu Feng to react, he squeezed into her soft body.


This was more than twice the size of a finger. Liu Feng only felt that her stomach was slightly swollen.

She subconsciously wanted to escape, but she was pressed down by Gu Duo’s shoulder. Originally, it was only one-third of the way in, but it was soon completely in.

“Lil Feng, you’re really amazing. Look at you, you even ate it.”

Liu Feng closed her eyes and pretended that she did not hear anything, but Gu Duo’s interest was piqued. He pressed her and forcefully pushed her up. She could only moan and cry.

The fullness on her chest swayed from side to side as her body swayed. Gu Duo swallowed it one mouthful at a time and sucked hard. However, his lower body moved in and out of Liu Feng’s body with heavy and light movements.

Gu Duo became interested. He carried Liu Feng’s body with both hands and directly turned around, forcing Liu Feng to look at the two people in the bathroom mirror.

“Lil Feng, look, the two of us are now connected.”

In the mirror, Liu Feng was forced to spread open her legs, Gu Duo’s high-spirited thing was moving in and out of her soft, bringing out a sparkling liquid.


With such stimulation, Liu Feng finally can not help but moan and climax.

More creamy fluid flowed from the point of their intercourse, and the whole bathroom was filled with sensual air.

Gu Duo was splashed by her liquid. He shivered. FIU Feng’s softness bit him like a small mouth. His eyes were bloodshot.

He thrust with great force and suddenly retreated a little.. Then, he crashed into her body and shot into the depths of her body.