The real missy is a worldwide known cool woman – Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Are You Going to Peep?

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“Lil Feng, can I go in?” Gu Duo’s voice came through. He felt that if he did not eat Liu Feng once, he would not be able to endure it.

“I’m taking a shower,” Liu Feng said as she stood up. However, Gu Duo directly pushed open the bathroom door.


“Didn’t I lock the door?” Liu Feng stared in surprise at Gu Duo who swaggered in.

“No.” Gu Duo shrugged his shoulders. “Lil Feng, are you deliberately leaving the door open for me? Just tell me what you want. Why are you embarrassed?”

Liu Feng rolled her eyes in annoyance. “I didn’t expect Third Young Master Gu to have such a hobby.”

“I want to take a shower. Are you going to peep?”


“Lil Feng, I’m not peeping. I’m directly watching you.”

Gu Duo approached Liu Feng step by step. Her figure was slender and tall among the girls, but she was still a head shorter than Gu Duo.

Liu Feng was pushed to the side of the sink by Gu Duo. Gu Duo’s hands supported her side and leaned over to kiss the corner of Liu Feng’s lips. It was a light kiss.

Seeing that Liu Feng did not show any resistance, Gu Duo deepened the kiss. Liu Feng, on the other hand, took the initiative to open the corners of her mouth. Her small tongue seemed to be probing.


They both knew very well that Gu Duo felt guilty. He did not protect Liu Feng well. During the two days that Liu Feng had been in a coma, he had guarded Liu Feng for two whole days and two nights.

Therefore, his kiss to Liu Feng was especially gentle and careful.

Liu Feng felt that she had underestimated her enemy too much. At that time, X had already warned her. She had relied on her boldness to not put her opponent in her heart and thus fell into this trap.

If she were to catch this b*stard the next time, she would definitely skin him alive.

“Lil Feng, I’m sorry.” Gu Duo stopped the kiss. His voice was low and hoarse, and the gaze he looked at Liu Feng with was burning hot.

Liu Feng’s heart moved, and she lowered her long eyelashes to hide the emotions in her eyes.


“This matter has nothing to do with you.” Her voice was very faint, and even carried a bit of unfamiliarity.

Gu Duo’s heart was even more uncomfortable. He reached out his hand and forced Liu Feng’s face up. Their eyes met. Gu Duo saw the stubbornness in Liu Feng’s eyes.

“Your matter is my matter. I will never let such an accident happen to you again.”

Gu Duo leaned over and gently kissed Liu Feng’s trembling eyelids. Liu Feng closed her eyes, but she sighed in her heart.

Gu Duo’s background was too complicated, but she was not that simple either.

The two of them could talk about love, but it was better to separate their private matters clearly. Liu Feng did not want her private matters to disturb Gu Duo.

The two of them were fated not to get too close.

Gu Duo noticed that Liu Feng was distracted and intensified the kiss. His hand slipped into Liu Feng’s clothes like a slithering snake.


Before Liu Feng could cry out in surprise, Liu Feng felt a chill on her chest. Gu Duo had already unbuckled her bra and held it in his hand.

Gu Duo’s somewhat proud finger dangled her underwear in front of her. Liu Feng could not help but raise her eyebrows. Was the current quality of bras so worrisome?

“Third Young Master Gu, do you like this bra? Otherwise, I will give it to you generously,” Liu Feng deliberately ridiculed Gu Duo.

Gu Duo’s expression changed as expected. He threw away the bra in his hand and hugged Liu Feng tightly, causing Liu Feng to sit on the sink.

When Liu Feng came in not long ago, she had already taken off her outer clothes.. At this moment, she was only wearing her panties.

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