The real missy is a worldwide known cool woman – Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Don’t Blame Me For Being Ruthless
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“What are you doing?” Jiang He’s impatient voice sounded in Qin Xi’s ears.

That figure instantly disappeared from Qin XI’s mind. She suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Jiang He in horror.

Jiang He was stunned by her gaze. After he reacted, he glared at Qin Xi and said with a vicious tone, “You better be honest. If I find out that you have done against the Jiang family, I will definitely not let you off. I don’t care what your motive is for this matter. Wipe your ass clean.”

“Scram,” Jiang He said in a hateful tone.

All these years, Qin Xi had always been careful to curry favor with him. Although she satisfied his male chauvinism, she was also somewhat tired of it.

Qin Xi trembled for a moment, then turned around and left Jiang He’s study.

Every step she took from the study exhausted all of Qin Xi’s strength. It was as if all of her strength had been drained. She squatted dejectedly in the corridor at the door of the study.

After a long time, Qin Xi slowly stood up. When she raised her head again, she had reverted back to her previous graceful and elegant posture. Her gaze landed on the door of the study behind her, and her dark pupils were suffused with coldness.

“Jiang He, if you are unkind, then I’ll be unrighteous. Don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

In Liu Feng’s bedroom on the second floor…

Liu Feng slowly opened her eyes. Her pair of shimmering eyes were initially a little confused. She slowly blinked, as if she was thinking about the time and place in front of her.

“You’ve slept for two days and two nights. Lil Feng, shouldn’t you train your physical strength?”

A lazy voice came from above. Liu Feng shifted her gaze and saw Gu Duo leaning against the bed.

At this moment, the buttons on his shirt were not buttoned properly, revealing a large portion of his skin. His pair of sparkling peach blossom eyes were filled with ridicule.

A word came out from all over his body, ‘flirtatious’.

“I slept for two days and two nights?” Liu Feng raised her eyebrows in disbelief. She reached out to take out her cell phone by the bed and looked at the time. She had actually slept for so long.

“That’s right. No matter how I called you or how I messed with you, you still didn’t wake up,” Gu Duo leaned close to Liu Feng’s ear and said flirtatiously. His warm breath gently sprayed on Liu Feng’s ear, and it was a little hot and itchy.

Liu Feng licked the corner of her lips and tilted her head to meet Gu Duo’s eyes. Her pair of bright eyes were especially bright under the light.

Gu Duo felt his lower abdomen tighten. Liu Feng was right in front of him. It would be a waste not to eat her up…

When Gu Duo reached out his hand, Liu Feng got up from the bed and sat up. “I haven’t woken up in two days. My body stinks. I need to wash up.”

After taking two steps, Liu Feng turned around and looked at Gu Duo, who was frozen on the bed.

“Don’t tell me you think I’ll do something interesting with you when I wake up.”

“What if my physical strength isn’t good?” Liu Feng bit the corner of her lips and looked at Gu Duo innocently. Her almond-shaped eyes were mischievous.

“Wait for me to replenish my physical strength. When my physical strength is comparable to Third Young Master Gu, we’ll do something interesting.”

Liu Feng entered the bathroom in a carefree manner. She took out her phone and swiped a few times on the screen. The original screen instantly changed into a different interface. There were numerous phone calls and text messages on it.

Liu Feng tapped on the screen to check them one by one. There were not any major issues. Most of them were concerned about how she had disappeared in the past two days.

Liu Feng replied to the messages. The sound of Gu Duo’s footsteps could be heard from outside.. Liu Feng then turned on the tap of the bathtub.


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