Chapter 110: You Only Love Yourself
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Jiang Yue held onto Qin Xi’s palm and realized that Qin Xi’s hand was trembling as well. Her eyes met Qin Xi’s pale face.

“Mom, are you okay? Did you really arrange for Liu Feng to be kidnapped?” Jiang Yue was a little scared.

Gu Duo’s appearance not long ago and Jiang he’s current behavior made Jiang Yue’s uneasiness expand in an instant.

Qin Xi’s eyelashes trembled as she pulled her hand back. “It’s alright, Lil Yue. Go back to your room now. This matter has nothing to do with you. No matter what happens, you can’t go and plead for mercy for me. Do you hear me?”

Jiang Yue nodded her head in panic. Only then did she realize the seriousness of the matter. However, she watched helplessly as Qin Xi stepped step by step into Jiang He’s study.

Just as the door to the study closed, Qin Xi’s face was slapped hard.

The face that had been well-maintained instantly became red and swollen. Qin Xi turned her head and before she could react, another slap fell on the other side of her face.

This slap used up all of Jiang He’s strength. He pointed at Qin Xi with a trembling finger.

“Let me ask you, did you do this?”

“Master.” At this moment, Qin Xi did not have any fear. She tidied up her messy hair and stood up straight.

“Didn’t you agree to this matter?”

Since there was no way to get rid of all the involvement, then she would directly drag Jiang He into the water.

“Agree? What did I agree to?” Jiang He glared at Qin Xi angrily.

“Qin Xi, Liu Feng is our daughter after all. I do hope that she will marry into the Chu family, but I have never thought of letting her die.”

“If she doesn’t die, the Jiang family will never have peace.” Qin Xi’s delicate face became distorted. She emphasized each word with a questioning tone.

“Jiang He, why did you let Liu Feng return to the Jiang Family?”

“Slap!” Another slap landed on Qin Xi’s face.

“You are simply a lunatic.” Jiang He panted heavily, his eyes as cold as ice.

“Qin Xi, that is also your daughter. That is you and my daughter. How can you be so heartless?”

“You want Liu Feng to die, but don’t put all the blame on the Jiang family. Do you want others to think that our Jiang family can not accommodate an orphan girl who grew up in the countryside?”

Qin Xi laughed and looked at Jiang He.

“Jiang He, you’ve never loved anyone in this world. You only love yourself. You love your reputation more than anything else. You don’t really feel sorry for Liu Feng. You’re just afraid that this matter will drag you down and drag your Jiang family down.”

“Do you really think I’ll kill Lil Feng? I’m her mother. Of course, I won’t. I just want to test you.”

Qin Xi slowly stood up. “Jiang He, we have been husband and wife for so many years. We have some understanding of each other, but how much trust do we have?”

“Today, Third Young Master Gu only said a few words. You did not care about anything else and just hit me. If something really happened one day, you would also divorce me without hesitation.”

Qin Xi closed her eyes deeply, and a person’s face appeared in her mind.

The expression on that face was very calm, and the gaze that looked at her seemed to be filled with pity. However, this kind of pity was what Qin Xi did not want to see the most. She waved her hand crazily, only wanting to disperse that figure.

“Qin Xi, are you really Qin Xi?” That figure’s tone was faint, and Qin XI’s entire body started to tremble.