Chapter 108: Call My Name

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The hotel staff had already received the news and were waiting for them.

Liu Feng, who was in Gu Duo’s arms, twisted her body impatiently. Her breath sprayed onto Gu Duo’s neck, scorching him. Gu Duo resisted all the urges and brought Liu Feng into the room as fast as he could.

Liu Feng’s soft body was placed on the bed by Gu Duo. Gu Duo got up and removed all the clothes on his body. In front of him, Liu Feng was lying on the bed and twisting her body like a snake.

Gu Duo’s eyes were slightly bloodshot. He almost rudely pressed Liu Feng’s entire body under his body and tore the clothes on her body and threw them on the ground.

If he had arrived a step later, would the current Liu Feng just lie under Liang Yu’s body and enjoy herself like this?

Thinking of the consequences, Gu Duo’s eyes were dark and cold. His hands were neither light nor heavy as they trampled on Liu Feng in front of him. However, Liu Feng straightened her body with some dissatisfaction.

This action pleased Gu Duo, but it was quickly replaced by annoyance.

If he could protect Liu Feng, she would not be suffering at this moment.

Thinking of this, Gu Duo stood up from Liu Feng’s body.

Liu Feng, whose will was no longer under her control, moaned in dissatisfaction.

“Gu Duo…”

Her seductive voice had a hint of flattery in it. Gu Duo’s gaze deepened once again.

He reached out and pulled Liu Feng directly to the side of the bed. His strong and large hands fixed the two long, white and tender legs on both sides of his body. Gu Duo straightened his body and forcefully squeezed himself into Liu Feng’s body.

Liu Feng, who was controlled by her desire, let out a long moan. It was filled with satisfaction. She moaned, wanting Gu Duo to be faster.

“Little thing, you’re in high spirits today.” Gu Duo leaned over and gently kissed Liu Feng’s eyes and brows. His lower body was neither light nor heavy as he moved in and out of Liu Feng’s body, teasing Liu Feng’s nerves.

“Call my name…” Gu Duo whispered seductively into Liu Feng’s ear.

Liu Feng’s eyes were like water, carrying a coquettish shyness. “No…”

Her mind was not very clear. She clearly said ‘no’, but then she called Gu Duo’s name in a delicate manner.

Gu Duo could not stand it anymore and heavily hit Liu Feng’s sensitive spot. Liu Feng’s comfortable and delicate breathing was beside his ears.

“Lil Feng.” Gu Duo called Liu Feng’s name. Liu Feng’s sensitive spot was hit with every thrust.

Liu Feng only felt that her body was like a boat drifting. She unconsciously stretched out her hand to grab Gu Duo’s back tightly, her long nails leaving an ambiguous mark on Gu Duo’s body.

She twisted her waist to make her body even tighter. Gu Duo’s fiery heat was wrapped by her soft flesh. It was so tight that his waist and eyes felt a little numb in an instant, and he almost could not control himself.

Gu Duo took a deep breath and adjusted Liu Feng’s position.

Along with his collision, Liu Feng’s breasts shook. Liu Feng suddenly clamped gu duo, and her eyes were also slightly somewhat lax.

Gu Duo knew that she had reached the critical point of orgasm, so he simply began to enter and exit Liu Fiu Feng’s body vigorously.

After thrusting for an unknown number of times, Gu Duo’s thing deeply penetrated into the deepest part of Liu Feng’s body, trembling and shooting all of his own into Liu Feng’s body.

Liu Feng’s orgasm had just passed, and she was once again trembling as he poured the liquid on her.. The two of them hugged each other tightly and reached the climax together.