The real missy is a worldwide known cool woman – Chapter 107

Chapter 107: My Patience is Limited

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“Lil Feng. Lil Feng.” Liang Yu tore off the black cloth in front of Liu Feng’s eyes and called out her name.

Liu Feng’s consciousness was still clear, but her limbs were soft and her voice was low.

“Second Brother, you’re here.”

“How do you feel now?” Liang Yu carried Liu Feng in his arms and walked out. “Damn it, they actually ran away.”

Liu Feng leaned weakly into Liang Yu’s arms. “The organization behind them is very strict. They won’t be easily discovered by us. Send me back first. I have no strength at all.”

“Okay.” Liang Yu’s handsome face faintly carried a trace of hostility. His voice was so deep that it was like an icy pond. “Bear with it. We’ll be home soon.”

The place where Liu Feng was brought to was a cemetery. If Liu Feng had not given him the location, Liang Yu would never have thought that there would be such an abandoned factory in the cemetery.

Moreover, this factory was hidden under some messy bushes. If he did not carefully search, he might not have noticed it.

Liang Yu carried Liu Feng and walked out of the abandoned factory. He had just reached the outside when he heard the roar of a helicopter. The huge wind force almost made Liang Yu lose his footing.

Gu Duo jumped down from the helicopter and walked toward them with a gloomy face.

Liang Yu subconsciously tightened his grip on Liu Feng in his arms. He pursed his lips tightly and stared at Gu Duo with a cold and fierce gaze.

“Ha, you appeared at the right time.” Liang Yu’s tone was slightly mocking.

Gu Duo did not want to deal with him. His gaze fell on Liu Feng who was weak in Liang Yu’s arms. He took a step forward and wanted to carry Liu Feng over to him.

Liang Yu took a step back. “What are you doing?”

His voice was raised with deep dissatisfaction.

“Hand Liu Feng over to me.” Gu Duo pressed down on the space between his eyebrows. His long and narrow eyes were filled with impatience.

“Gu Duo, what identity are you using now? What right do you have to say these things to me?”

“If I hadn’t appeared in time, you might not have been able to see Liu Feng now.” Liang Yu’s attitude was firm. He did not give in in the slightest.

“Liang Yu, my patience is limited.”

Gu Duo’s voice was low, and his delicate and perverse eyes were filled with anger as if he would swing his fist at Liang Yu at any moment.

Liu Feng’s finger gently tugged at the corner of Liang Yu’s clothes. Liang Yu was startled. Lil Feng meant to ask him to hand her over to Gu Duo.


‘Did Lil Feng trust Gu Duo so much now?’

Liu Feng’s forehead was covered in sweat. She was enduring the pain. Although the knockout drugs were useless to her, they had become the cause of the illness.

Gu Duo could already see that Liu Feng’s condition was not right. He did not delay any longer. He forcefully went forward and snatched Liu Feng from Liang Yu’s arms.

“No matter what identity I use, I am more qualified to stay by her side than you are.”

After saying that, he carried Liu Feng and jumped into the helicopter with big strides. “Go to the hotel.”

Liang Yu was unwilling. “She needs to go to the hospital now, not the hotel!”

His voice was drowned out by the roaring of the helicopter.

“Lil Feng, bear with it for now. We’ll be there soon.”

Gu Duo took out some medicine from his pocket and fed it to Liu Feng. Then, he took out a handkerchief to wipe off the fine sweat on her forehead. His eyes were filled with pity.

The helicopter soon landed on the top floor of a large hotel owned by the Gu family.. Gu Duo carried Liu Feng and jumped out of the helicopter.

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