Chapter 106: After All, You Won’t Be Able to Live Much Longer

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“Why don’t you say something nice and I’ll let you go?” The man leaned over and pinched Liu Feng’s chin, his tone frivolous.

Liu Feng, on the other hand, bit down hard on the man’s thumb and index finger, not letting go. Soon, a bright red liquid seeped out from the corner of her mouth. It was the man’s blood.

The man cried out in pain and slapped Liu Feng’s face hard. He cursed angrily, “You b*tch! If you don’t want to do it, then I’ll grant you your wish.”

Liu Feng was beaten to the ground.

This time, the man was no longer polite. He turned around and asked his subordinate to bring a bottle of green liquid and pour it into Liu Feng’s mouth.

“Although you’re mischievous, I’m still kind. I’ll give you some face. At least you won’t be in too much pain later.”

The men almost stabbed the bottle into Liu Feng’s throat.

The liquid flowed down her throat and into her stomach. There was a burning feeling. In almost an instant, Liu Feng understood that this unknown liquid was knockout medicine.

She had tried countless drugs over the years. These ordinary knockout drugs were barely effective on her. At most, it would make her hands and feet go soft.

The man looked at his watch and counted the time.

This medicine would take a few minutes to take effect. He reached out and patted Liu Feng’s body. Liu Feng’s body became soft.

“It seems that this medicine is really a good thing.” The man laughed sinisterly. His pale fingers moved back and forth on Liu Feng’s body, and his eyes gradually became fiery.

“Miss Liu, it’s time for you to enjoy yourself. You must enjoy yourself.”

“After all, you won’t be able to live much longer.”

Liu Feng panted. “My life isn’t that worthless. You want to buy my life for five million yuan? In your dreams.”

Liu Feng calculated the time that Liang Yu would take to come over and tried to delay him as much as possible.

“That’s not up to you.” The man slowly stood up, and the expression on his face returned to its previous coldness.

The man waved at the few people outside the door, “All of you come in and serve Miss Liu well. Don’t let Miss Liu leave any regrets.”

The moment the man stepped out of the door, a subordinate rushed over and whispered a few words into his ear. The man’s expression instantly changed.

He turned around and looked at Liu Feng, who was lying on the ground, with a complicated look in his eyes.

Although Liu Feng could not see his expression, her hearing was very good. She could roughly determine that Liang Yu had brought people here.

The man walked in front of Liu Feng again. He grabbed Liu Feng’s neck and pulled her up from the ground.

“How on Earth did you leak the news?”

This was a cemetery. An ordinary person could not find it so quickly. However, when his subordinates came in to report, someone had brought the police here.

The corners of Liu Feng’s mouth curled up impatiently. “Looks like you won’t be able to earn the five million yuan.”

“I’ve said it before. You want to take my life for a mere five million yuan. You can’t.”

“Very good.” The man was so angry that he laughed. “Miss Liu, we still have a long life ahead of us. You’d better not fall into my hands. You won’t be lucky next time.”

The man was in a hurry to leave. The sound of sirens could already be heard from outside. If he did not leave at this moment, he really would not be able to leave.

The man’s subordinates also urged the man to leave as soon as possible.

The man took one last deep look at the unruly person on the ground and turned around to escape in a hurry.

He was looking forward to the next time they met.

Very quickly, Liang Yu found Liu Feng through the position that Liu Feng had given him. However, at this moment, Liu Feng’s limbs were already weak.. There was no strength left in her entire body.