The real missy is a worldwide known cool woman – Chapter 101

Chapter 101: You Can’t Afford to Offend Her

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“How can a person who does things honestly attract so many rumors?”

Liu Feng’s expression was still very indifferent. Her eyelashes were very long. With a slight droop, they covered up all the emotions in her eyes.

“What rumors are there outside?” Liu Feng raised her eyes, and from the corner of her eyes, she seemed to inadvertently glance at Jiang Yue.

Jiang Yue’s hand that was holding the fruit knife trembled and she stood up in a panic.

“Sister, why are you looking at me like that? I didn’t say anything.” Her expression was naturally flustered, and she looked pitiful like a frightened little white rabbit.

“Ha, I didn’t say anything. Why are you so anxious?” Liu Feng’s voice was very soft, and she looked at Jiang Yue with a mischievous look in her eyes.

Old Master Gu coughed heavily, and his walking stick hit the ground with a crisp sound. “Liu Feng, this is the Gu residence. You don’t have the right to behave atrociously.”

“I just want to ask you one question. Why did you allow Gu Duo to go and injure Chu Yu?”

“Old Master Gu, you know Gu Duo’s personality the best. How would you not understand why he beat Chu Yu?” Liu Feng’s words were light, and she threw the question to this old man who was protective of his own shortcomings.

Old Master Gu was not someone who was muddle-headed. Making things difficult for such a small matter was nothing more than trying to hit him. Liu Feng did not want to beat around the bush and waste time, so she simply exposed his thoughts.

Old Master Gu snorted coldly. “Your engagement with Chu Yu hasn’t been cut cleanly. I heard that you personally went to see Chu Yu today and stayed alone in the ward with him. Liu Feng, since you’re with Gu duo, don’t think about having two partners.”

Old Master Gu deliberately emphasized the words ‘having two partners’. Gu Duo was the future head of the Gu family. His wife had to have proper behavior.

Liu Feng’s eyes flashed with a cold light. “Old Master Gu, I don’t want to explain any unnecessary words. I will handle my engagement with Chu Yu, but not for Gu Duo. No matter what kind of person I am, it has nothing to do with the Gu family.”

“You…” Old Master Gu was gasping for breath. He had just spat out a word but he met with Liu Feng’s back.

Jiang Yue saw that something was wrong and went forward to help Old Master Gu vent his anger. However, as she moved, Old Master Gu threw her a cold gaze.

“Your sister has already left, why aren’t you leaving?”

Jiang Yue was stunned by the gaze. She did not understand how Old Master Gu’s attitude had changed so quickly. Was it because the previous wedding farce had caused the Gu family to lose face? However, she was also a victim!

She had a hundred complaints in her heart, but Jiang Yue did not dare to say a word. She nodded and left with the butler.

As soon as she left, the anger on Old Master Gu’s face immediately dissipated. He shook his head helplessly.

The engagement between the Chu and Jiang families hung there awkwardly. He had intended to use Jiang Yue to push Liu Feng and remind her to get rid of those flies as soon as possible. He did not expect that this little girl would not fall for this trick.

These two sisters of the Jiang family were not easy to deal with. Jiang Yue was two-faced, so it was a good thing that Gu Duo did not like her.

As for Liu Feng, although she was the daughter of the Jiang family, she had grown up outside and had a wild personality. She still needed to be taught properly.

In the living room of the Jiang residence…

Jiang He glared at Qin Xi unhappily. “It’s better to cancel the Chu family’s engagement as soon as possible. It’s causing trouble at home all day long. Even if you don’t find it embarrassing, I find it embarrassing.”

Qin Xi propped up a smiling face and said cautiously, “Now, the marriage can’t be canceled just because we say so. The Chu family is determined to marry Lil Feng. If we forcefully make the decision, it’ll be bad for the reputation of the Jiang family.”

“Then what do you think we should do? Can you afford to offend the Gu Family?” Jiang He slammed the teacup on the coffee table.

Qin Xi’s face stiffened. She massaged Jiang He’s shoulders in an ingratiating manner. “I heard that Third Young Master Gu has gone abroad. Leave this matter to me. I’ll definitely make Liu Feng listen obediently and marry into the Chu family willingly before Third Young Master Gu comes back.”


Qin Xi said a lot of careful and appropriate words before she managed to coax Jiang He to be happy.

The moment he left, Qin Xi’s expression instantly darkened. She was thinking in her heart that she wanted Liu Feng to disappear completely!

What marrying into the Chu family? Only a dead person would not obstruct her path.

Jiang He did not care about this daughter at all. When the time came, she could simply find a reason to say that it was an accident and he would not pursue it.

If Gu Duo could not find any evidence, this matter could not be blamed on them. At the very least, the Chu family could be the scapegoat.

Thinking of this, Qin Xi immediately took out her phone and dialed a hidden number.

“There’s a business deal, so do you want to do it?”

What do you think?