The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 91 – Its My Turn To Rampage[3]

Chapter 91 – It’s My Turn To Rampage[3]

Lucas gripping his sword tightly slashed at the incoming hoards of goblins.

Blades of wind emerged from his sword one after another.

Wherever the wind blades passed through blood-splattered.The goblin swung their maces and clubs to neutralize the incoming blades’ attacks of the puny human striking them.

But their weapons were crushed and turned into dust under the heavy blow when their weapon collided with the blades. Some of the weapons were sliced along with the user.

In front of Lucas’s air blades that was created from Lucas’s drifting swords combined by Lucas’s full might these ordinary weapons made from stones burst and turned into fragments and dust rained down on the ground like snow.

Even after slicing the ones at the front the destructiveness and sharpness of the wind blades were not reduced at all.

The wind blades that were slashed from Lucas’s sword was enough to threaten a D rank monster or a 4-Star warrior so the E rank ones fighting him were nothing but cannon fodder in front of Lucas’s attack.

While goblins were busy neutralizing the wind blades, Lucas’s blade started to glow crimson red as Lucas poured all his mana into his next attack.

Lucas using the concept of wind blades tried to create fire blades. After repeating it many times he had finally succeeded but he hadn’t tested it in any real battle.

Lucas had many trumps card which was just lying buried in his mind turning into waste. After all, it had been many months since he had come to this world and he is putting his topmost effort to recreate the moves he could use from the skills and techniques he had.

“Perfect place to test my new move.”Lucas gave a smug smile as the mana fluctuated in his surroundings as the sword started to turn redder and redder which looked as if the sword is drenched in blood.

” Hush.”

Taking a deep breath, Lucas slashed, swinging his sword horizontally to cut the goblin.

A huge arc of red light emerged from the sword that covered the whole area descended on the goblins. The entire area was covered in a crimson glow, even the blue sky looked blood red as the huge red arc of sword lit the whole area.

The length of the sword covered an area of hundred meters and passed through the monsters illuminating the whole area.

A cool breeze blew and ripples formed in the air as if something was cut.

The green pupils of the goblins contracted as the red line of huge sword arc descend towards them horrifying them. They swung their mace, raised their hands and used their fist.

They used every move they knew to stop the red line from approaching them.


The surging air along with the atmosphere that had returned to its calm state suddenly started to vibrate.

The rocks and boulders in the surrounding area pulverized and cracks started to appear on the ground then with a large thud many parts of the goblin bodies started to fall on the ground as the red line passed through them.

With a whistling sound, huge trees fall and started to catch fire as they were cut in half. The entire atmosphere started to heat up followed by the huge blast which rang like thunder when the crimson blade finally collided with the ground.


The huge crimson line erupted and burst into flame after passing through the goblin and a sudden burst of explosion took place setting the entire area on fire.

Even goblins who were able to survive the might blow were caught on fire, the cool breeze gushed from the surrounding area to replace the warm air rising.

The smell of burnt corpses and charred bodies permeated the whole area.

Let off the trees, even on the ground where mini cracks were formed started to burn in the places where the red flame line of the sword arc passed.

The tiny intelligence that was in these goblin’s heads went blank seeing the puny human before them unleashing such destruction.

Leave the goblins, even Lucas’s mind was in mess at the moment.

After slashing with his sword, the scene that happened before him stunned so much that even his jaw dropped on the ground wide open.

Even Lucas in his wildest dream had never imagined that the attack would be packed with so much destructiveness.

Brock’s blaze blade inspired him to combine fire attack with his sword. Since Lucas is quite adept in fire elements, he decided to experiment with the drifting sword wind blades but instead of applying the wind element, he decided to add a fire element using the fire glow principle.

“Unknowingly did I make a killer move?” Lucas spoke.

His fire blade or fire arc emitted from his sword can seem to be on par with Fredrick’s Cry of Dragon at its early stage.

Fredrick’s move was a direct skill whereas Lucas’s move is the combination of sword techniques along with a spell.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say, Lucas had invented his move like that of a magic swordsman where their moves contain elemental power.

“If I refine the technique and can master it, I can surely make a superior grade technique.”

All the goblins that we’re within the radius of 200m we’re quickly torn apart.The only they saw a crimson line of light coming towards them after which their vision turned dark.

Countless messages of notification of the experience flashed in Lucas’s retina.

After the shockwave resided it left behind the eerie shrill cry of agony and screams of goblins who were burning in the leftover flames after Lucas’s attack.

Flesh blood and bones of goblins and corpses were lying everywhere and were burnt by the flames turning into ashes. The blood flowing from the copses drenched the entire soil in their colour and flowed towards the lower area forming a narrow river of blood.

Lucas stomped his legs on the ground and jumped. The ground cracked unable to bear the burden of Lucas’s strength.

In the mid-air, Lucas balanced his body and threw two daggers at the goblins who were still in the recovery period after witnessing the attack.

Still, it reacted enough to dodge the attacks as the goblin tilted its body to duck the attack, it suddenly felt a sword piercing them from the back in its heart and blood flew from his mouth.

Lucas used shadow steps to appear behind and stabbed it as it was distracted in dodging. He kicked it in the back sending it to fly in the air and pulled out the sword and swing the blade in a half-circle to get rid of the blood and moved towards his next prey.

There were only a few remaining ones now.

Lucas ran toward them and sidestepped ducking the blow and allowing the mace to hit the ground. He raised his leg and gave a kick to his thigh.


A faint crack sound was heard on being hit by Lucas’s kick and the goblins cried in pain as they tried to pull his mace.

Lucas moving like swift lightning rotated his body 180° and slice his head, smooth like butter without any resistance the head flew off in the air, splattering blood.

The remaining goblins howled at Lucas and seemed too eager to charge at him and tear him apart seeing him slaughtering their kins. None of them seemed to be aware of the difference of power between them and Lucas.

Even if they were low intelligent species, it was common sense to know that the enemy must be tired after casting so many spells and fighting a large number of them.

So they naturally guessed that the tenacious human before them would have been worn out after a long tedious battle and they kept on charging towards him trying to overwhelm him with huge numbers.

Lucas didn’t guess what was going on in these shit greenheads’ brains. His mind had been overwhelmed with one thing

That is to.

Kill. Kill…Kill…Kill…Kill…

Anyone that tried to take down his life, anyone that tried to stop him, hindering him from leaving safely should be crushed without any mercy.

After killing most of them, his mind had been somewhat changed. From merely halting them here and giving his classmates some time to escape had been changed to killing these pieces of shits.

In front of Lucas’s eyes, these goblins were nothing but the experience points waiting to be collected.




Bodies of goblins flew one after another and heads rolled on the ground like leaves carried by the wind.

Lucas was on a rampage as he swung his sword with full force accompanied by his mana.

Just as he was focused on slashing, he fall into the goblin trap as five goblins attacked him at the same time swinging their club at him leaving him no room to dodge.

Lucas clenched his sword tightly as he positioned his sword tightly on his left waist and closed his eyes.

He remembered the princess’s words clearly as if Princess is standing before him and guiding him.

One slash, just one swift, precise, accurate, slash.

The speed that is invisible to naked eyes, the speed that can break even the barrier of sound.

What looked like an eternity was not even a second in real-time.

Within that moment, Lucas opened his eyes and moved his sword, his muscles on his right hand tensed and contracted to their maximum.

The tip of the sword sliced the air without causing even the tiniest bit ripple.


With a swift and precise slash, Lucas tried to imitate the princess movement as far as he can remember.

The sword passed through the goblins and stopped at the midair at the height of Lucas without being tainted by the goblin’s blood.

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