The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 81 – Trapped

Chapter 81 – Trapped

Both Parth and Lucas holding thier weapons walked behind the crowd of the students followed by two 5-Star instructors.

Their goal was to look for any survivors. At first, they wanted to escape but hearing the beast screams they concluded the path to return was blocked by monsters, so they can only march forward and look for the path to return from the other side of the village.


A loud explosion of battle was heard from the distance. Hearing the loud explosions of fighting made thier hair stand up in fear and many shivered in fear.

The instructor beside Lucas cursed”The defence set by those five must have been breached.”

Lucas frowned on listening to the instructor.

He was already thinking about what he could do if they encountered a high-level monster after all just what kind of monsters are coming for them to be able to take down five 5-Star warrior rank instructors.

Just as Lucas was contemplating the options.

With loud shrieks, many yellow eyes emerged from the shadows staring at the crowd.

The entire student’s faction along with the instructors frowned.

One..Two.Three.In just a matter of seconds, there were almost 300 goblins ganged upon them from behind.

The instructor’s expression turned solemn seeing the hoard of the monster but what worried them the most was the emergence of a huge 5meter tall goblin wearing a bone necklace with staff made of bones.

A goblin mage.

Seeing the mage on the goblin’s side, the instructors started to sweat. Moreover, the goblin mage was C rank which means it was equal to 5-Star warrior along with a huge army of goblins, they were already caught in a death trap.


The students started to scream in panic.

A surge of mana was compressed in the place where the goblin mage was standing as he started chanting the spell.

Two figures flew past Lucas and stood beside the two instructors.

“Quickly leave. We will take it from here.”

Giving the order to retreat, the instructor dashed forward to obstruct the mage from completing the chanting but the numerous goblins before them didn’t let them pass easily.

“Parth let’s run.”Lucas roared to snap Parth out of his thoughts as he saw him dazed off.

Parth woke up from his thoughts and started to run with Lucas.

The formation of the students was in disarray as they ran trying to avoid the monsters coming from them.

While the students were running, the instructor tried to stall as much time as they can for the students to leave.

They sliced off the goblin as if they were slicing butter and made their way towards the mage.

But as they neared the goblin. The goblin mage snickered giving them a mocking expression.

Seeing its mocking expressions they felt they have fallen into the trap.

” Shit falls back. We fell into the trap.”One of them shouted as he noticed the trap.

As they tried to flee, the ground beneath them cracked and they fall into a large hole along with a huge number of goblins.

Although they fell in the hole, it wasn’t enough to take them down but some of the nearby G goblins nearly died leaving behind the Franked who were seriously injured.

The instructor didn’t waste any time as they swing thier swords faster to take them down and used goblins as their stepping stone to jump, they were about to jump out of the trap when a huge fire in the shape of mini sun shone upon them coming from the above.


A huge heaven shattering explosion took place illuminating the whole area.

The students who were fleeing turned back to take a glimpse at the source of the sound. They saw a huge fireball burning like a mini sun crashing on the ground, followed by a huge trail of smoke rising into the air behind thier back. Seeing the destruction thier jaw dropped with horror.

Lucas saw the dazzling burning light of the fireball which send chills down his spine. Seeing the oval-shaped glow, he felt that the spell, goblin mage used was an advanced version of his fire glow.

His heart teared up for a moment thinking about the condition of instructors who took on the attack.

In this kind of dangerous situation, the instructor could have remained safe if they abandoned us and escaped but they didn’t neglect thier duty and decided to shield us and tried to stall time for us to leave.

Lucas noticed the solemn expression around. He felt as the world had stopped around him. Everyone was feeling fear. The fear of dying.

No matter how strong, how courageous you are, the shackle of death is hard to break when you are bound by it.

Even the remaining instructor that was guiding us also started to panic seeing the previous attack. Though he tried not to show, he was lamenting inside the heart. He was the only one left, the only hope of the students to get out of here.

‘Why do I have to take care of these kids. They are just a burden on me, If I stay with them, they will just drag me to death. From the initial ten, I am the only one remaining while others situation was still unknown.’He muttered inwardly.

Just as he was cursing his luck, with a loud growl few goblins emerged in front of them riding a wolf as the amount.

Their mount may be only G rank but the goblins riding the mounts were all E rank and there were seven of them before us.

Seeing that they are trapped by the rider’s goblin at the front and an army goblin at the back, some of the students finally gave in to fear and started crying in fear of death.


The rider at the front commanded them and gestured them to kill or trap us in thier language.


With a small growl, the wolves started running towards the children in front of it.

The instructor instead of running forward to defend ran towards the left and started to flee.


Everyone was shocked to the core seeing the instructor escaping on his own.

Many students cried out seeing him fleeing. Charles the wolf among us followed the same suit and ran following the instructor’s trail.

Since the instructor stood far away from the goblins, they weren’t able to assess his strength but seeing him fleeing they felt, he was stronger than them so they didn’t follow the man to attack nor any other student who followed.

Fredrick was stunned at the recent developments unable to think what he should do, he looked back to see the innocent gaze of his classmates and looked at Rose who standing with moist eyes with a shocked expression but she gave an unwavering look to Fredrick telling him not to lose his composure.

Fredrick clenched his fist and gripped the spear harder and seeing him, Rose loaded her bow, preparing for the fight.

Following Charles, many students follow the same suit but after letting 12 students pass, the goblins started thier attack.


Like a swift wind, they ran towards the children and jumped to pounce upon them but before they can land, an arrow hit the wolf’s eye in the midair and it’s lost its balance making the rider fall on the ground with a thud.

Before the rider could get up on its feet a spear pierced its head.

The goblin couldn’t even react to the incoming spear. Seeing the blue-haired boy before him who stabbed it right at its heart, it passed away.

Although death made other goblins frown, it didn’t deter them nor made them feel fear.

This was an advantage of a low-level monster. Due to having low-level intelligence, they are resistant to fear unless the enemy they were facing was a monster in strength compared to them.

Lucas and Parth looked at each other for a brief second before making thier way to the front.

The remaining six riders dashed at the remaining students all at once.

The students were already in despair and some of them even have given up thier hope.

Fredrick’s small win wasn’t able to ignite any hope in the reaming students who were on the verge of mental breakdown.

When chances of 5-Star warriors being killed easily was very high what was there to gain showing false bravado. Moreover, they were facing six E rank monsters now while they have only two 3-Star warriors with them, Rose and Fredrick.

It was already good that they didn’t abandon them.

“Haah.” Taking a deep breath Lucas activated the flash step and appeared before a rider and leapt in the air giving the goblin a kick in its chest.


The rider was sent back flying in the air after being hit by Lucas’s kick leaving behind the wolf.

While Lucas kicked this one, another one passed through him without looking at him.

The wolf was clueless about what happened in the split second. Lucas didn’t waste any time. Holding the tail of the wolf tightly, he pulled the wolf, rotating his body, he threw the wolf at the rider who went past him.


With a loud wolfish yell, it flew past the air crashing into the other rider from his back who wasn’t able to react and was slammed on the ground by the sudden appearance of the wolf.

After all, how could he know, A 2-Star warrior taking down E rank monster this easily?

While Lucas was engaging with riders who breached Fredrick. Fredrick was struggling with the three riders.

Out of six, he was taking on the three at a time while the other three went past him but he didn’t panic as he knew Rose and Parth were in the back.

Moreover, with Lucas’s strength, these E ranked goblins were child’s play for him.


The goblins were using stone clubs as their weapons.

Fredrick defended with his spear and kicked the other one’s torso and climbed on its back with and kick and stabbed moving his pointy spearhead on the other one.

The spearhead went past the stone club and stabbed the gut of the goblin but the stab was too shallow so he pulled back his spear quirky sensing an attack coming towards him.

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