The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 7 – Combat Training

Chapter 7 – Combat Training

“Wow so huge”.

” It’s awesome “.

” Just look at the technology “.

” Silence “.Ami’s voice stopped the voices of the student.

Now we were in the training room which is open for 24 hours along with our combat instructor.

” I am your instructor, Harris. Nice to meet all of you.”

“Before training yourselves, let me show you a few key points”.

” So anyone interested “.

Many raise their hands wanted ro grab the attention.

“You five come at me together”.

I looked in the direction where five walked out of the crowd.

Their strength looked average from the side.

From rank 200 many achieved 3 stars with vast resources at their depose they started training at the age of 13. It generally takes 3-5 years of training to upgrade to 3 stars for genius with a good bloodline before their growth spurt which began at the age of 17b or 18.

At graduation from the academy highly talented students usually belonging to the house of upper nobles achieve 6-7 stars, While average like us can achieve mostly 4 stars.

5 of them stood in front of releasing their aura of 2-star taking their stance.

The wind started gushing out from their direction.


Two of them advanced appearing before the instructor throwing fists.

He blocked the punch with both of his hands.

Seeing the instructor’s movement blocked one of three at the back, jumped to give a punch to his face.


Even before taking out his fist, he crashed into the wall with a simple kick from Harris.

With a swing of his hand, he threw both the students into the other two that were still standing.

Unable to react on time all 4 of them crashed into the wall.

3 seconds were all it took to demolish them.

“First your coordination is terrible. Some are advancing where you two, still looking for an opening”.

” Second without knowing your opponent you blindly charge forward as if you have the strength to kill a 5 star with a punch”.

“Third while I blocked your punch instead of using your other hand or body parts, to release yourselves you were too shocked to move. If it was a real battle you would have died 100 times”.

” So sparring is equally important as training, without any battle experience or awareness you are all just frog at the bottom of the well”.

Too short-sighted. Not only them, but I have also been too short-sighted. With help of the system, I can increase my strength and bloodline but I cannot get combat experience.

I have to somehow upgrade my bloodline, I need experience in huge amounts. Without killing a monster it surely gonna be impossible.

With my 1 star strength, I can only enter a G ranked dungeon. F ranked is not impossible but in my conditions, I am gonna die.

Clap… Clap.

“Good Job”.

Miss Ami came from the side after watching the show.

“Now as you know what you lack. This is enough for the opening show”.

“Now disperse. You can take weapons of your choice to train or you can go to the training Hall directly. Your choice but my advice is don’t waste time. Train as much you can while you have time.”

Leaving the students both Harris and Ami made their way to exit but I knew they are gonna watch through the camera.

“Hmm”.I am in no rush for weapons.

I don’t know maybe I accidentally bumped into someone. Someone who may target me on my first day.

Let’s visit the dorm first.

As I was walking through the corridor it was full of liveliness with some students who looked like noble being surrounded by students licking their asses.

Perks of being a noble.

Not wanting them to notice I made my way quickly toward my room.


Swiping my student card, I quickly opened my room.

Honestly, the room looks quite good. A room in which all contaminants are eliminated with the right humidity and pressure being maintained with modern devices.

Neatly arranged bed and pillows. With big desk tables with small training room with equipment.

Due to my rank, the training was small only with a few weights but as you go up the rank it gets bigger with gravity room. It also has a dummy with an extra room insulated with magic where you can use spells and bloodline ability.

As my strength was on the lower end. I first wanted to raise it to peak 1 star. I should start with strength training lifting some weight. After that evening I will gonna visit the training hall.

There will be less crowd by then.


Inside a big room filled with rich decor, a butler was serving coffee to brown-haired youth with blue

eyes whose appearance is enough to make anyone fall in love. The first son of Duke Warren.

Charles Warren

With 10 students as his lackey who themselves belong to noble society

“Master did you see how everyone was looking at you”.Gary son of a count

“Master many girls were stealing glances at you”.Tim spoke who was Baron’s son

“Your status is after all just below the prince”.Gary spoke

” Hmm”.Taking a sip of coffee Charles thought of someone.

“How did that lowly son of bitch got second place with its lowly bloodline”.

” Master, the result may have been tampered with”.Gary

“Idiot even a king can’t interfere in this matter”.

” The Principal of horizon is the oldest and strongest person of our kingdom”.

“Inform our people to keep an eye on him. It’s better to cut a weed before it’s grown”.

” Master why are you wasting time on him. He was just lowly born”.Tim asked curiously.

“He is a lowly born that’s why it better to crush him. He is a stain on noble society”.

The birth of Fredrick was a scandal that everyone knows in Noble society.

To ensure bloodline purity nobles are engaged early before 16 if possible. Creating a better bloodline is to ensure better talent for humanity, a matter that cannot be taken lightly.

Though it’s not banned to marry a lower rank bloodline, a high standing person marries and birth to a low bloodline child is seen as contempt.

On the way to war, Duke Frost was attacked by an S ranked bewitching demon with an attack that penetrated his body and corrupted his mana flow in the body acting as an aphrodisiac.

The demon had already made two of Duke’s subordinates lose their minds, making them betray him and stab him in the back catching him unguarded.

To resolve the effect, Ariana, a 7-star mage with a gold bloodline used her body to save Duke and rid of the aphrodisiac and later become pregnant.

The Duke being a kind person accepted her as a concubine sincerely hoping for the child to have at least a platinum bloodline.

Alas, his expectations betrayed him but still, he took care of Fredrick as a good father treating him with respect but strict while training.

Fredrick wanting to wash away her mother’s shame, worked day to night without slacking off showing amazing battle prowess even giving the Duke surprise.

His story is well known in the noble circle. While some find him interesting others find him disgusting wanting to eliminate him from noble society.

Unaware of talk’s going. A boy with blue hair glared at the dummy, as an enemy drenched in sweat from top-bottom thrust its spear at a dummy.

Thrust… Pierce… Swing…


Forming a huge arc tearing the air he keeps on repeating the movements.

Huff… Huff

“I don’t want to burden my Father. ”

“Only by getting in the top. I can wash away my mother’s shame. I swear I will protect your honour mother”.


In one of the side rooms in the training hall.

” What is your view on this year students,” said Miss Ami.

“With bloodline mixing the diamond bloodline is becoming less, last year we have at least 50 now 30. If this goes we gonna lose more future

9-stars. “replied Harris with worry on his face.

” Your words may be far from the truth. If you see only diamond bloodline every year a 9 star should be added. But see how many 9-star we have, less than 15 in our region”.

“Having a diamond bloodline will just make you easy to rise initially, enough to reach 8-star but crossing that barrier is no joke”.

Knitting his brows Harris nodded his head agreeing with her point.

” Though the quality may be good this year with both Duke household present this year”.

Glancing at the blue-haired boy for a second Ami replied”The Vice-Principal has high hopes for him”.

“But do you think he can cross the barrier though it may not be impossible. I remembered in the kingdom of Ralph there used to be someone with a golden bloodline to become 9-star”.Harris

” Yes, only time will tell, how high will this boy rise”.

Let’s help him now thought Harris.

With that Harris began his way toward the boy in the training hall.

“You are doing quite well for your age Fredrick.”

Listening to the voice Fredrick stopped its track glancing at the source of the voice.

“Thank you, sir”

“Your style of using spear is quite resolute. ”

“Still you are having many unnecessary movements”.

” First while thrusting you are not transferring your weight correctly. Your arc is too large taking time to get back in position. ”

Nodding his head he tried to follow the instructions.

“Don’t raise your left leg while shifting weight, don’t shift your centre of position, use your hand to move the spears”.

Shifting his weight to his right leg keeping its left leg on the ground he thrust the spear with full force.


The spear penetrated 2cm further than before.

Seeing the improvement his lips curved upwards with a smile.

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