The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 68 – Royal Invitation

Chapter 68 – Royal Invitation

‘Haaaa.This was quite refreshing.’

Lucas cracked his neck as he went back to his room.

Crushing the pride of an egoistical bastard like him was quite refreshing and he honestly liked it.

Finally, he had taken his revenge.

Lucas took out his card to open his room but before he can swipe, his eyes fell on the letter which was in the message box at the side of the door.

Looking at the message, Lucas felt uneasy for some reason and felt a premonition of something bad was about to happen.

‘I have been already chatting with my parents, so they shouldn’t send me a letter now.’Lucas thought.

Despite the invention of smartphones, letters were still used by the nobles in case of invitation or for an important matter after all one cannot inform others just by calling him if his status is especially high in the society.

Lucas picked up the letter and blinked his eyes a couple of times on seeing the stamp on it.

He was stunned with his jaw wide open unable to process the image he saw.

His hand trembled to see the sender of the letter.

The side of the envelopes was etched in gold and the stamp placed on the letter was the royal insignia, the symbol used by the royals.

Holding the letter with his trembling hands, he went inside the room.

Placing the letter on the desk, Lucas was lost in thoughts thinking about the contains of the letter as he stared at it.

He looked at his memory thinking about if he had unknowingly offended someone belonging to the royal.

“Does the letter related to Brock?’I thought but shook away the thought after all there is no way a bug like him may be related to any royal member.”

Taking a deep breath, he tore the envelope open. Seeing the gold pattern design on the side, he hesitated to tear the envelope.

“These damn royals. Trying to show off in the useless things. Just a letter from them worth thousands. If anyone in my previous world see this letter, he would surely die of a heart attack.”Lucas took off the stamp and tore open the envelope.

Rolling his eyes, he read the letter consisting of usual lines of flattery but the more he read, the more sweat started trickling down from his forehead what shocked him was the last line.

The last line was an invitation for him of meeting with the princess along with the time and place where she had invited him to the tea ceremony.

Now if you ask what is the tea ceremony. You can think of it as a small gathering among the noble circle who gathered for discussion.

What surprised me was the sender of the letter was none other than the Princess. The Princess of this kingdom is seen as a goddess in the kingdom.

‘If anyone of her suitors knew about me having a meeting with the princess out of nowhere when they have been rubbing thier asses just to greet her, they would surely skin me alive.’

Lucas pinched his cheek to wake him up if this was a dream.

‘No, It can’t be happening. I am going to target jealousy of all the men in the kingdom.’Lucas muttered inwardly. He was frightened at the moment.

After all princess look is heaven-defying. Although Lucas was able to maintain his composure at the auditorium. he didn’t know if he can maintain his calmness seeing her standing before him.

Even if he was not someone who lust over girls. He can’t guarantee that he will be able to look at her with neutral eyes.

” But just why did she invite me?”

Lucas knew for to invite him there must be a big matter.

“Wait, did she think that I was with Villain society when she saw me at the scene?”

“Arghh.Let’s leave it, I will eventually know when I meet her.”

Sitting on the bed he racked his brains recalling everything he have read about her before dying.

The King of Cyrus has three wives. Julian is the daughter of the empress. She also had a brother who is 8-9 years older than her.

The king’s other two wives also had a son. There will be a war of succession between the first and second prince while the third prince will stay out of it.

Of all the princes, the third prince is the most amicable of all.

Juliana treats everybody coldly regardless of thier identity unless she knows someone. She can be said to be a ruthless type who shows no mercy towards her enemies.

She doesn’t like males due to an incident in his childhood. Due to her beauty everywhere she goes, she draws attention and gets the lecherous looks of the man and since then she had developed a hating personality towards men. That’s why, Lucas was shocked someone like her invited him to tea, even if he hadn’t known her.

The royal family’s bloodline ability is the manipulation of ice while the empress could manipulate water.

The first and second princes inherited the ice ability whereas the third prince doesn’t have a bloodline ability after all everyone can inherit bloodline with ability.

Throughout the generation of the passing of genes, although bloodline purity can be maintained still abilities may be lost.

Unlike others, Julian awakened her mana at the age of 9. She has an abnormal amount of mana. Even when she awakened as 1-Star, she already had mana comparable to a 2-Star. She had already reached 6-Star rank in 18 years. Her growth rate is even comparable to Fredrick’s.

Having too much mana did her more harm than benefiting her. Due to high mana along with her ice abilities she randomly gets chills attacks where the temperature of her body drops sharply followed by pain due to clotting of blood due to the chill attacks. She has been suffering like this from her childhood.

No one was able to provide any solution to her problem

But to minimise the effect , the Principal of Horizon suggested that she should train until she exhausts her mana to lower the probability of chills attacks.

Her problem was solved by Fredrick who with the help of Princess Ralph invented a special magical heat circuit that can supply her steady heat to deal with the chills taking some of her mana.

The circuit was not something special rather the ingredients and thier the right combination along with the right amount was required to do the trick for making this type of circuit.

There is also a temporary solution to this. Every time she got a chill attack, if someone tries to channelise thier mana in her which carried a tinge of the warmth of fire then it will temporally get rid of the effects of the chill attacks.

Moreover, though she is a heroine, Fredrick and the Princess hadn’t developed any feelings for each other till the chapter he read. At best they can be said to be best friends and he didn’t know about their future development.

The only ace, he has upon his sleeve is to help her in her troubling time by exchanging with her the information about the circuit for his life in case of emergency.

Lucas was not an expert in magic or circuits nor did he know to draw the circuit correctly.

The only thing, he can remember is the materials required and thier ratio.

‘I think, I should ask Roan for help. While Roan would be preparing the circuit, I should learn some fire-related spells so that I can help her in case of chill attacks to channelise her mana to unlock the coagulation in her blood flow.’

‘I should write it down before my memory dwindles.’Lucas pulled out his precious diary from the drawer and holding the pen pondered for a moment which looked like eternity.

“Hmmm. What were the things? Blood of a 9-Star warrior, firestone, two per cent orc blood, 5 per cent troll blood, 8 per cent firesnull blood, 12 per cent fire arcane bear blood, dried bone powder of rank B elphangasorus and the mixture should be heated up to 2000°C..No perhaps 3000°C.”Lucas wrote down everything as far as he can remember.

Lucas put down his pen at the side and was engrossed in deep thought.

He had already written everything as much as he remembers still he felt as though he is missing something important, something without which the whole thing will fail.

He knocked his head on the wall a few times, so that the thing may come up to his mind.

“Let’s go over the things once again. The firestone had to be in powdered form which along with the dried powder bones of elaphangosaurus will act as a binder for the mixture of the things. Other thinks are the medium that will conduct the mana contain warmth to be circulated when the circuit is activated.”

Scratching and writing the material a few times, just as he was about to put down his pen, he stared at the pen attentively.

“Damn. Now I remember.”Lucas muttered as he hit his head.

“‘How can I forget simple things like?”

To draw a magic circle of this capacity, one needs a circuit engraver. Magicians generally used spells to draw a complex magic circle in the air but the mixture once made would be too chaotic and a suitable engraver was required which will be dipped into the mixture and the engraver dipped ink would draw the circuit on her skin like the way tattoos are drawn.

Lucas shuddered thinking about the pain she has to go through the process. The drawing of a magic circle on her was an extremely painful process and she was able to bear the heat of the mixture due to her ice abilities.

He didn’t think he will be able to bear that kind of pain where you feel like your body had been pricked by thousands of needles when the circuit is drawn in your back.

‘She is quite formidable and had a strong will.’Lucas thought.

He should be careful while he visits her, a slight mistake on his part and who knows he may find his head rolling down on the ground.

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