The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 66 – Salus

Chapter 66 – Salus

Under James’s guidance, we entered the house.

From the entrance, the house looked simple like that of any ordinary house without any difference but as we went inside we noticed a gradual change in its structure and material used inside.

“I had to renovate the whole house and install some security measures after I brought this house. The things inside, are made of high tech material that I had previously which were laying waste.” James explained seeing the curious look of Lucas and the boy as they scanned the inside.

James clicked on the button and a laser beam scanned him and took his retina signature.

After completing the procedures, the door slid open with a flush sound

As Lucas and Jay stepped in, they saw everything in the room was white from the wall to ceilings.

The room was quite impressive and spacious.

The walls were reinforced with a metal sheet for extra protection so that they wouldn’t be damaged easily in case of an emergency. Thier design was sleek and futuristic with various techs attached to the side of the wall with blinking dotted lights hanging on the ceiling with a red dotted tinge.

Lucas looked around to find many small cameras that were attached to the corner of the room.

As he observed it, thinking about why James attached cameras here and asked him about it.

James answered looking at Lucas’s expression, “Those are not cameras, they are cannons which will fire if someone entered the room forcefully without identifying themselves.”

Both Lucas and Jay halted their steps on hearing James.

‘This man is quite shrewd, Using the camera to cover up the cannons to let down the thieves’ guard and take them down when they try to break them.’Lucas thought inwardly praising James for taking precautions

Lucas touched the wall and felt that it had the same type of texture as the walls used in Fredrick’s training room, the wall was insulated so that they would contain the sound and shockwaves of attack up to 6-Star.

“James, how much pressure does this wall can endure,” Lucas asked after looking at the wall.

“They can contain an attack up to 3-Star. I don’t have sufficient funds to build a stronger wall. Some of the materials used on the wall were left from my academy days and all the equipment that you can see are the ones I had when I was on a research project.” James’s expression turned solemn after explaining these remembering about his previous research.

Lucas noticed the pain in James’ eyes, if not for his research being stolen, he would have already made his name throughout the kingdom by now.

Lucas patted James’ shoulder to console him.

James gave him a self depressing smile after seeing a young kid consoling an older person like him, still, he didn’t mind it rather was happy as he has still someone who understand him.

While Lucas and James were engaged in thier talks. Jay was immersed in his adventure looking at the scientific equipment there.

Being brought up in the village without any sense of danger, he was still naive compared to the children of upper society who have to be mindful of thier figure and thier situation which forced them to mature early.

Although the hard times had made him mature enough, still it cannot shake away the curiosity after coming to this lab and seeing the many new things which children of his age have.

He went towards the metallic table where four mechanical hands were placed at the corner and in between the table, a small metallic sphere was placed which looked like a ball.

Jay wanted to touch the ball remembering his days when he used to play with the ball throwing them at the others. Those were the happiest days of his life which will never come again.

After chatting for a quiet time, both of them noticed Jay looking at the object with curiosity.

Looking at the thing, Lucas guessed what the object was, still, he asked James pointing his finger.

James gave a brief nod and spoke”Yes, this is the fruit of my hard work.”

James went towards the table and grabbed the ball under Jay’s curious eyes and raised it in the air and spoke”This is the thing, I have been researching. The battle suit which is compressed in this small metal ball.”

Lucas was feeling many emotions at the moment of seeing the ball.

If his venture is successful then the return he will get is enough for him to last in this life unless he spends money like a prodigal here and there.

Seeing the sphere Lucas asked, “James how sure are you that others may have not caught the wind about your research.”

James smiled faintly and spoke, “Many have already known about this thing and maybe trying to build similar things but their chances of succeeding are very slim compared to mine.”

“This thing can be created with science and technology only. One needs to have a thorough knowledge of compressing elemental magic and many other things along with other technological knowledge.”

“Using magic to compress the suitable material and using technology to mix the materials without causing any violent reactions. With a click, it will expand and cover the whole body of the wearer. This is just a prototype and may have several problems but still, it is useable. Here, give it a try.” James threw the ball into Lucas’s hand and asked to use him.

Lucas held the ball and stared at it for a moment. His heart was beating faster holding.

Holding the ball, he clicked on the button on top of it.

As soon as Lucas clicked the button, the ball expanded and a sticky substance started to expand from it.

The black sticky material started to cover Lucas’s body from hands to chest and then went towards his toes.

Lucas was stunned seeing the suit covering him. It looked similar to the nano technologies suit used in the movies where with a click your whole body is covered with a suit.

Jay at the side was shocked with his jaw wide opened seeing the fibres like material emerging out from the small sphere and devouring Lucas. He was seeing something like this for the first time, so he panicked thinking if this thing will hurt Lucas.

It covered Lucas’s whole body leaving only his face. He looked at the suit, he found it quite identical to the ones he wore in the exam while going through the agility test course.

After wearing it, Lucas tried to move his body. The suit was too tight and he was having a hard time moving with it. His movements were quite stiff and if he used this in any fight, he will surely be on the losing end.

“James the suit is too tight,” Lucas spoke while walking to and fro.

“The suit is not set for your body. So it doesn’t fit you. I will take your measurement and make the fitting suit for you.” James spoke like a tailor who makes clothes.

“By the way, what is the level of the suit,” Lucas asked.

“The suit development is in the intermediate stage and it can take on the attack around 2-Star strength,” James spoke as he took measurements of Lucas’s body.

“I find it very similar to the ones used in the academy,” Lucas asked.

” Yeah, the suits are made of fibres and the same material used in the suits you wear in the academy. Till now with my research, I can produce a suite of 3-Star grades. To made suits of upper grade, I need to use metal that can take on the strike but the problem is that I cannot compress the metals into small balls. Unless I found a technique or a flexible metal that can be folded into a small shape. I don’t think we can make higher grade suits until then.”James explains.

Lucas pondered about it and tried to remember the information about James. There isn’t mentioned anything specifically about the grade of the suits, he sold in the market in the novel.

The reason why his suits must be popular is cause it was easy to wear without wasting any time like the armour.

Think about a situation, when you are attacked while you are in a residential area or near civilians. Though you can put the battle armour or suits in the storage ring when your life is online, you can’t waste your time taking out and wearing it which will take time unless you have higher grade magical suits like the ones used by knights under the king where the ring they wear become metal suits and instantly cover them.

On the other hand, if you have a compressed suit like this, you can wear it quickly as the suit itself wrap around your body which is also very cheap compared to billion R suits.

The only problem is higher grades suites cannot be made with this technology, for now, still, there will be high demand for these low ranked suits.

“Good job James for completing your invention, By the way, how will I take it out., Lucas asked not knowing what to do now.

“Click on the button on your chest and it will shrink down,” James answered.

“Have you thought of any name for the company?” James asked.

“We will name it Salus,” Lucas said casually.

Jay hearing the name asked, “Big Brother what does Salus mean?”

Looking at Jay’s curious eyes, Lucas spoke”Salus is the name of the goddess of safety and welfare in ancient times.”

“Ohh!” Both Jay and James exclaimed at the same time.

After taking out the suit, they chatted for a few moments before leaving Lucas’s eyes fell on the rock which was at the corner near the table.

Pointing at it Lucas asked about it.

“That rock is mineral gregorite. I brought it to do some experiments for the suits but I failed. So it had been rusting in the corner.”James answered.

“What is the grade of the metal,” Lucas asked.

“It’s B grade. I got it from my friend.”James spoke as he looked at the mineral.

Lucas furrowed his brows hearing about the grade. A B grade metallic mineral is quite costly.

“If you have no use, Can I take it?” Lucas asked

Seeing Lucas glowing eyes, James found it hard to refuse. B grade minerals are quite costly still compared to Lucas’s favour, it wasn’t a big thing to give it to Lucas.

“Okay. You can.”James agreed.

“Don’t worry. I will pay 5 million for it..”Lucas immediately transferred the money.

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