The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 65 – Big Brother Lucas

Chapter 65 – Big Brother Lucas

After staying shocked for a few moments both of the men started to sing praises of Morgana.

“Sis Morgana, you are the best when it comes to providing support.”Lucas praised her from bottom of his heart.

“Yeah, Morgana. The last attack was quite amazing.” Angus said as he scratched his cheek.

Morgana blushed a little on listening to the praises and flattery after all no woman who dislikes praises.

“Hmm.Enough of your flattery. Now let’s get out of here. I am too much tired. I want to take a sweet nap after we get out.” Morgana spoke tilting her head a little to the side.

Lucas chuckled seeing Morgana trying to act cute.

‘Yeah, let’s leave. I also have some plans.”Lucas spoke as he gazed at the corpses as Agnus went near the ones which he killed with his sword.

“Agnus, Why are you staring at the corpse-like that? Just put the corpse in the ring and let’s leave.” Morgana gazed at Agnus who was looking weirdly at the 3-Star panther corpse.

“Morgannnnnnnna”. Agnus shouted on top of its lung as he squatted down and pulled something out of the corpse.

” What happened?”Both Morgana and Lucas blurted out at the same time and ran towards him.

As they reached near him, they were shocked to see Agnus holding a small red jewel that looked like a ruby sparkling in the sunlight.

“Ohhh!” Both Lucas and Morgana shouted at the same time.

An E rank monster core will fetch a good amount of money. The group exclaimed happily as they found the core.

“I can’t believe this,” Morgana spoke as she pinched her cheek, to wake herself up if it’s a dream.

But seeing it was real, she couldn’t stop herself from dancing due to joy.

After taking care of all the things, they left.

Leaving the dungeon, Lucas went into an inn and took a shower to get rid of the dirt and sweat.

‘Haaaaa.’ Lucas groaned as took a shower to rid the dust and dirt.

‘Having a shower after hard work is quite refreshing.’

After taking some rest and refreshing himself, he gave a call and headed out of the inn.


In a small cafe.

Lucas and Jay were sitting as Lucas ordered some food for Jay and himself.

Lucas chuckled seeing Jay’s curious look as his eyes were observing the cafe gleefully, after all, it was his first time being in a cafe.

Looking at his innocent eyes I thought ‘Did I also behave like this when Miss Ami took me took me to the mall.’

Thinking about those things, he felt a tinge of warmth in my heart. Although he hadn’t been in this world for many years, he was slowly starting to adapt to this world.

He felt his heart is becoming more and more indifferent and cold as he started to live his life here.

”Jay did you like it? How is the food?”Lucas asked.

Taking a ship of his expresso, Lucas glanced at Jay who was sitting opposite to him and saliva was drooling from his mouth seeing the shake and sandwiches, Lucas ordered.

Wiping his saliva, he took a small bite

“Oohhh,” Jay exclaimed happily.


After taking the first bite, he pounced on the sandwiches, like he hadn’t eaten for days.

“Hey. Take it slow. No one gonna take it from you.” Lucas moved his hand and rubbed Jay’s head seeing him eating.

Lucas felt as if he saw his previous self in Jay. Though he isn’t much better now and sometimes still acts childish after all the fantasies had been etched in his mind, reading all the novel and manga stuff in his previous world but he was starting to mature now.

“Do you like your new life here in the skies?” Lucas asked Jay.

” Yes, Master thanks for taking me in and caring for me. Jay is comfortable with the way, things are now.”Jay spoke happily.

“I am not your master. You can call me Big Brother.”Lucas spoke.

“Now call me Brother.” Lucas looked at Jay. He didn’t have any siblings in his previous world but now seeing Jay, he couldn’t help but wanted to be his big brother.

“Big…Brother…Brother Lucas.” Jay was somewhat embarrassed calling Lucas brother still he was very happy meeting him.

After losing his family, he had thought everything will be over and his life will be shrouded in darkness but Lucas entered his life as a guiding light who shines brightly clearing the darkness in his life.

Lucas’s expression softened listening to Jay calling him brother. He felt satisfaction in his heart.

Though he can’t rule out the possibility of looking for Jay to pull him under his wing but still his affection for Jay is not false.

Lucas would have taken Jay to the horizon but he hadn’t changed his dorm cause he don’t want to move twice. In a few months, there will be inter academy battle where one can shoot his ranks by a huge margin.

With Lucas’s strength, he was sure to get a place in the top hundred than Jay can live with him.

“How is your training going on. Can you feel any changes in your body?” Lucas asked.

“Hmmm. I can feel my strength increasing slightly. I am more fit now than before.”Jay spoke while chewing the sandwich.

“Uncle Aaron is guiding me and helping me to train,” Jay spoke drinking the strawberry shake.

Lucas was quite satisfied with Jay’s progress.

When he met Jay for the first time. One could even count the number of ribs on his body. His hands were quite slim with his collar bone visible.

But now he looked more healthy and had gained some weight.

After talking about some random things, Jay called”Brother Lucas. ”

“Yeah.”Lucas took a sip of his coffee and browsed through his smartphone.

“Are you engaged?”Jay asked with twinkling eyes.

“Pftt.”Lucas choked and spill the coffee he was drinking coughing a few times.

Wiping his lips with the handkerchief, he glared at Jay.

Jay shrink back a little as if he had done something wrong.

“What engagement …Whose engagement. Who told you that I am engaged?” Lucas asked curiously and pondered about the direction the conversation was heading.

“That day when you left an early big brother, my friends thought you were disgusted with our looks and can’t stand our sight.”

“So, Parth said brother Lucas was embarrassed as we can’t look at him in this state and only his finance has the right to look at him in this state. He also said you are a good player of hearts.” Jay spoke about the day when Lucas after burning the entire mansion, ran away without sparing a glance.

Lucas’s mouth twitched uncontrollably a few times and a thick vein bulged on his forehead. He felt as if his heart was pierced by the dagger.

‘Parth, you bastard, how can you attack at one’s weak point. That bastard. I wish I could kill him.No..No.I can’t give him an easy death. I should torture him. I should even do a special course and get a degree in torturing just for him.’Lucas clenched his fist after knowing how much mess Parth has created about him on his back.

Lucas’s demeanour crumbled as he couldn’t find any words to soothe his anger.

After fighting the slave traders, his upper clothes were burnt. As he had no spare clothes, instead of embarrassing himself, he left early but who knew Parth would cause rumour behind his back.

‘If I knew about this, I wouldn’t have left early even if I was embarrassed to stand thier half-naked.’Lucas muttered inwardly.

“Brother Lucas are you angry,” Jay asked cautiously seeing Lucas’s face turning red.

“No…No…I am not angry. I am just happy to know that Parth cleared the misunderstanding for me. How lucky, I am to have a friend like him which even made me shed some tears of happiness.”Lucas spoke clenching his fist to contain his anger.

Lucas sighed and took a deep breath to calm himself.

As both of them immersed themselves in enjoying chatting over the meal, Lucas’s phone rang.

Lucas picked it up and exchanged a few words and put it down.

” Jay, Do you want to accompany me to an interesting place.”Lucas looked at Jay for his answer.

Jay nodded his head a few times agreeing with Lucas on accompanying him.

Lucas chuckled and stood up, asking Jay to follow him.

Standing before a small building under the blazing sun Lucas and Jay waited for the door to open.

After reaching the place Lucas messaged the person asking him to open the door.

The door was a metallic sliding door that can only be opened with a pass or identity card, like that of dorms of Horizon.

As the door opened, a man walked out of the house wiring lab coat with a speck.

He was none other than the one Lucas had offered money as an investment for his startup.


After thinking around for a month after meeting Lucas, James finally agreed on his proposal.

Moreover, Lucas offered much more money than he offered previously and even have him a start-up amount of 10 million which was in no way a small amount. He was grateful to Lucas for offering help when no one wanted to invest in him.

With the funds he got, he researched crazily not to let down Lucas and proved to Lucas that he had invested in the right place.

With sufficient funds, he had found a good place for his laboratory to do the research.

After months of hard work and a steady supply of materials, he was finally able to create a prototype of his new invention. His hard work had finally bore fruits.. So, he invited Lucas to see the prototype.

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