The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 50 – Vision

Chapter 50 – Vision

On a large majestic throne, a man sat wearing a majestic robe. On the throne words, one who fights Evil was engraved, symbolising the man who sits on this throne controls and gives judgement on evils.

The man who sat on the throne claimed himself as the Devil Sovereign. Just a single stare of his was able to discern one’s every thought that lie deep in one’s heart.

The scene changed around and the man who sat on the throne was now standing on the pile of corpses. His hair was dyed in blood as they fluttered in the wind. Blood was filled everywhere, even the sky was dyed in red as the intense killing intent from the man covered the whole sky.

Just like a song singing about his valour, the eerie screams and shrieks rang loudly all over the place.

All those present on the battlefield looked at him in despair. People of every race were present from demons to humans, from elves to dwarves and many more who were covered in the cloak of darkness which symbolises that their souls have been tainted by the evilness.

With his chilling gaze, he looked around and spoke

“You all, whose souls have been touched by the evilness, can’t revert as the evilness had been etched into your very bones. The evil deed that you have committed will remain behind and affect the innocents if you all are left alive.”

” I am the Devil Sovereign, The Devil will punish all evil, I the Sovereign of all Evils, will be the judge of your atrocities and will free your tainted souls from the sufferings.”

With that, the man slashed his sword that emitted a huge red arc that can even tear the sky. The strike of his swords seemed to be challenging heaven and hell itself condemning them for letting these evil beings survive this long.

In a small cottage made of wood that looked rustic and plain without any decorations.

“Ahhhhhhhh,” an old man woke up screaming on the top of his lungs. His body was soaked in sweats from head to toe. Even the clothes he wore had become damp from his sweats.

“Master…Master…What happened?,” A young man shouting frantically opened the door and came running towards the old man and asked him what happened, pouring a glass of water.

His master had always been calm and composed but seeing him screaming, he knew something bad must have happened.

” Master, please drink the water.”

The old man snapped out of his thoughts and looked at the young man before him who was his disciple.

Seeing his disciple before him, he tried to remember the look of the man in the dream who slew evils without batting an eye but he was unable to remember his look.

The young man wanted to ask what his master saw in the dream but decided to wait for his master to speak.

The man with trembling hands took the glass of water and spoke”I had a dream.”

The words rang like thunder on the man’s ears.

When his master talked about dreams, he is not talking of any ordinary dream rather a dream of the future or event-related to prophecies.

” The future stage had already been set.”

“A world-shattering war is soon going to break out in a few years.”

The young man frowned on listening to his master words and spoke” Master you have already predicted about it before.”

“Yes, but the future has changed slightly. I saw another man in my vision. I can’t remember his face but his aura was overwhelming”.

” The war will be drawn closer before we expected”

” Someone like that man, I don’t know whose side will he fight for. Even with my power I can not certain of anything about the future. I only hope the situation doesn’t get worse than it already had.”

The young man expression turned ugly listening to his master words.

Nothing is certain about the future. If what his master said happened to be true they have to notify elders and have to move ahead with thier preparation.

” I think we should also notify about it to other kingdoms, “The young man spoke pondering about this matter.

“Hmmm. You can go now. I want to take some rest now.” The old man asked his disciple to go out of the room.

After his disciple left he coughed a few drops of blood.

Wiping the blood from his lips he thought about the future. He doesn’t know if he would be able to live up to the point when the war will start.

Seers are usually short-lived because their life force is consumed when they see certain events of the future or visions. This is the price they have to pay for being able to see the future. After all, their intervention can change many things. So how can there be power without any price.

He sighed thinking about the future ahead.


In the headquarters of Skies.

Aaron was having headaches after Lucas asked him to meet.

‘Seriously this kid is a harbinger of trouble and every time he does something, the skies will become a scapegoat.’

The two previous incidents had already put Skies in a tough spot. Though Skies have explained that it was merely a coincidence that they were able to get hands-on this information

But who in the right mind will believe all that nonsense. He doesn’t know what trouble Lucas will cause now.

Lucas came into the room and sat before him without any worry while Aaron had a solemn expression on his face.

” So Lucas what did you do now?”Aaron asked getting straight to the point without wasting any time.

Lucas looked at him calmly which was in contrast to the time when he first met him, when he was nervous and found it difficult to look straight into his eyes.

Listening to Aaron question Lucas thought of a way to answer him without giving him too much shock.

“I just save a kid and I want Skies to hire him for now. Once I rise in ranks. The academy will allow me to bring escorts with me.”

Aaron’s face softened a bit hearing him.

‘ It doesn’t look like trouble.’He thought

But his expression was about to change after a few moments.

“Lucas where did you find the kid”.

“I saved him”.Lucas spoke indifferently.

‘Saved him,’ Arron frowned and asked him raising his brows “From where did you save him.”

” Slave traders”.Lucas spoke.

“What, Don’t tell me you brought a slave from the slave-trading auction.” Aaron got up from his seat hearing the term slave traders.

Lucas was going to nod but he was surprised hearing the term slave trader from him” Aaron by any chance do you know about the slave trader.”

“What there is to know there many auction houses from where you can buy slaves. I am talking about authorised not the ones in the black markets which sell slaves illegally.” Aaron spoke like a child trying to give an excuse after seeing Lucas stern look.

‘He must be talking about the prisoners who had been. behind the bar due to their rebellion or other things.’Lucas muttered inwardly.

” Don’t divert my question. Speak from where you brought the slaves.”Aaron looked straight into Lucas’s eyes.

“I didn’t buy it rather you can say I snatched it from someone.”

Aaron suddenly had a bad premonition hearing Lucas statement.

Seeing Aaron weary eyes Lucas said,” I and my friends destroyed one of the slave traders bases.”

Aaron’s face palmed hearing this. He knew something is fishy from the moment Lucas asked him to meet.

“Lucas, do you know you can be in trouble because of your actions.” Aaron felt a huge headache was on his way.

” Haaa.You don’t have to think much about this my friends will take care of it there is no need to worry. You just have to help me by giving Jay a job. You can use him as an errand boy and help him to use the training room.”

“He has a lot of potentials. He surely became a good asset for us in the future. So don’t you think we should nurture him?” Lucas pleaded with Aaron with teary eyes and explained all the things that happened yesterday.

Aaron knew Lucas trying to shoot an arrow placing the bow on his shoulder.

Though he was satisfied with Lucas deed and wanted to give him thumbs up for his doing acted all If he was in place of Lucas, he would have surely done the same thing. If not because of him being a trouble maker, and using skies as his base of operation for his plans. He didn’t want to praise him directly so he can only praise him secretly from his heart.

Oblivious to his thoughts Lucas knew that there is no way Aaron will deny helping the poor kid.

With Fredrick at the front, all the investigations will be done with him by the Public security bureau. Being a son of Duke he will surely get preferential treatment and no one will question his doing rather they will support him and Fredrick recent deeds would soon be highlighted.

I don’t think anyone has time to look for me when his name will be mentioned, I think.

Fredrick will ask them to send these kids to an orphanage. While I will keep Jay with me.

Jay had already agreed to become my servant.

Soon after the exam result, I can move up my rank. Even if I can’t jump my rank now, I can do it in the academy battle.

Before leaving, I arranged everything for Jay.

Jay looked at me with teary eyes and thanked me with all his heart. Jay is just 12 years now so leaving alone may be difficult still he has the while skies to back him up.

I gave some guidance to Jay and transferred some money as salary after he signed the working contract with me.

In the noble house, the servant kids who show exceptional talent are trained to accompany their Lord from childhood.

Walking under the dim lights, I was in deep thoughts

‘Everything is settled. Yesterday I was in an intense battle and now I am here. This world is unpredictable and the story feels different from what I have read.’

I decide to stay low key but I failed miserably in that aspect. I laughed bitterly as I walked on the streets.

‘I think I should just do, what I feel, what I want, instead of suppressing myself and behaving timidly.’

But that doesn’t mean I can act arrogantly before the people who have strong backing.. I just have to care about what I do.

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