The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 49 – Burn It Down

Chapter 49 – Burn It Down

The fire had already spread to the entire mansion.

Though Lucas and the man were able to fight despite the temperature rise, it was starting to get uncomfortable even for them to carry on the fight.

In the beginning, Lucas was having trouble fighting, using the long sword in the narrow space. But now he had got used to it and he can feel his proficiency of swordsmanship rising and he may able breakthroughs to the next level.

If he uses skill now, he can surely break the man’s defence but he will lose this golden opportunity to get stronger in his swordsmanship.

The man had entirely given upon moves and is using bare strength and speed to overwhelm him.

Oblivious to Lucas thoughts, the man on the other side was starting to despair. He never imagined in his wildest dream that his era of prosperity will be brought down by these small brats who hadn’t even reached adolescence and what was making him more frustrated is that the kid before him is just 2-Star, a whole level below him, still, he was unable to defeat him.

Contrary to his expectation, rather than gaining an advantage over the fight, the boy is getting better as the fight rages on. He is already feeling that there is no way, he will be getting out of this place alive.

Even if he can defeat this kid, there is another one standing out there who is merely observing the battle from the sides but he will surely make a move if something goes wrong.

He decided to separate them and sneak attack on this boy. Even if he dies, he will surely take this kid with him who had angered him to death and had ruined his business. The man forcefully raised his strength to some extent and started burning his life force.

Lucas and Fredrick frowned as they noticed the anomaly in mana fluctuations on the man. His whole aura has changed.

Lucas expression turned stiff as he continued to parry the opponent’s attacks. Although was distracted for a moment, thinking about the man forcefully raising his strength, still he continued to swing his sword. He was using his whole body to deflect the force used by the man.

Lucas has started by practising basic swordsmanship Under Harris guidance and training his basic swings had already nearly reached a more perfect form.

Harris words constantly rang in his ears, as he advised him that strength is not the only aspect one has to consider. If you are skilful enough you can use the opponent strength against him. For that you need to have a solid foundation and basic, If you can achieve that then the simple basic swing of your sword can destroy all those countless moves.

Everyone whose goal is to achieve perfection in swordsmanship aimed to covert even the complex sword movement into a simple form.After all simplest is the best.

Lucas started to gain enlightenment as he was engrossed in the fight. The voices from the surrounding have ceased to exist, except swinging his sword at the opponent he seemed to have forgotten about everything.

Every strike he let out could parry the man swords and be able to block his strongest attack.

Although Lucas was engrossed in the fight, he could feel that the bundle of mana that was stored in his body was slowly being broken apart and depleted with each strike. Swing, stab and slash he unleashed all the sword move he knew, to parry the incoming burst of attacks.

It seems like receiving the enemy attacks has made his hand numb still he didn’t let go of his swords instead his grip around the sword become harder.

Finally, Lucas swordsmanship broke through to the intermediate level. He can now use drifting sword strikes to the fullest.

He moved back to gain some distance and use the drifting sword style but before he can use it the ring on the man’s hand glowed and Lucas was frozen unable to move his body.

“Damn it, “Lucas knew about the ring. It can stun your opponent for a second even Fredrick barely made it when the ring was used, using his ability to slow downtime.

Lucas tried to squeeze all his strength to move but he was unable to move an inch. His whole body had frozen like a statue with no control of his muscles, he was even able to unable to use his skills.

Fredrick realized something was wrong seeing Lucas standing without any movement with his sword raised.

He dashed forward to save Lucas but the man reached Lucas quicker. Fredrick’s eyes widened in horror and he activated his bloodline ability to slow down the time and barely made it in time to block the attack from the man.

As the man and Fredrick sword collided a huge shockwave spread across the surroundings and the floor underneath that was already been weakened by the fire collapsed the area we were standing in, cracked and we fell.


” Arghhh”.

We fell to the ground floor along with all the debris falling on us.

We were unable to react to the sudden collapse of the floor.

As the dust settled, Fredrick emerged from the debris panting heavily.

“Lucas…..Lucas, “Fredrick shouted frantically as he was scared.

” Don’t scream. My eardrum will burst from your scream, “I emerged clearing the block and debris on me.

Honestly, we were lucky that the entire floor had not collapsed or we would have been seriously injured along with a few broken bones.

I was disheartened by the sudden development. I was finally able to overcome the wall in my swordsmanship and as I was about to get enlightenment over the mana but that bastard has used the trick and stopped my enlightenment.

I cursed him along with his ancestors in my heart. ‘Haven’t his parents taught him not to stop someone when he gonna do something cool.’


Fredrick breathed air relief seeing Lucas safe and his cold eyes had gone back to their normal dazzling eyes.

As Fredrick looked at him, suddenly Lucas gripped his sword and attacked Fredrick which stunned him and he shouted in panic” Lucas what are you doing..?”

But he didn’t stop rather as he swung his sword, blades of air passed across him without leaving a cut and it bombarded the man at my back who was trying to sneak attack on him.

Lucas ran past Fredrick without glancing at him and used the ring he was wearing. A light flashed out of the ring and as the man saw it, his vision went dark.

Lucas took the opportunity and cast ice spikes. The ice spikes stabbed his hand and pinned him on the ground that was burning.

Lucas without any shred of mercy struck all 10 ice spikes all over his body using it to seal his movements and stick him on the floor.

” Aaahhhhhh”.


The man screamed in pain as his hand’s legs thighs, the stomach was pierced by the ice. He used his strength to break the ice pinning him down but Lucas didn’t give him any time and kicked him on his back and broke his spine.

The man swivelled in pain unable to utter any words.

Today Fredrick had seen a new side of Lucas and he was even stunned to see him use the skill. A commoner using the skill. If anyone knows about it there is gonna be a huge mess.

Lucas didn’t care about Fredrick since he had already decided to stop staying low unless required. In front of Fredrick, he does not need to hide all his cards and can show him a portion of his abilities.

” Why don’t you kill him now,” Fredrick asked Lucas who staring at the man with his sharp eyes.

“I am gonna give him a gruesome death. Hey, man, you like playing with others so much. Now you will feel the joy of being played with.” Lucas gave a sadistic smile.

Fredrick shivered hearing Lucas words along with the man who wanted to cry for mercy.

“Just what will he do know,” Fredrick thought. Although he was starting to feel fear seeing Lucas in a new light, still he wanted to know how will Lucas kill him.

Lucas took out a small metal ball from his ring.

“What is that.” Fredrick

” Bomb,” Lucas said with an indifferent expression.

Lucas clicked on it set time and forcefully fed it to the man.

The man tried hard not to swallow but Lucas forcefully shoved it down his throat.

“Let’s run we have 15 seconds before it went off,” speaking this Lucas ran as fast as possible followed by Fredrick.

As they moved out, they could see the entire mansion along with the outer perimeter starting to catch fire.

As they moved out both of them know this horrendous place will be gonna history and it will be also alert the other slave traders but they couldn’t care less.

As the duo came out they could see the kids crying along with Parth and the old man. Lucas expression softened seeing the kids but soon he was embarrassed as he was shirtless.


A loud sound spread across the surroundings as the building was blasted, all the floor of the mansion fell and a gust of dust spread from the blasted mansion.

The whole scene looked like a firework festival symbolic of the death of evils.

“I think we should do this more often,” Parth said as he admired the firework.

Both Lucas and Fredrick beat him on listening to his words.

As they were rejoicing enjoying the scene Roan came back along with the public safety bureau.

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