The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 41 – Emergency[3]

Chapter 41 – Emergency[3]

In the second year building where Lucas was trying to get through the man

Lucas tightened his grip on the sword, taking his stance.

The man eyes flashed coldly and he disappeared from the spot and appeared right before Lucas.


Slashing from the top, his sword tore the air in the way. Taking my stance I defended it but the strength caused me to bend my knees slightly.

The result was the same as that when I fought with Fredrick. So knowing the situation I rotated the sword, letting it brush against me sideways throwing a superkick to its jaw but the man was faster than he dodged and went backwards.

Stomping on the ground I moved back to make some distance. My back was already drenched in sweat from the first encounter where he had the upper hand.

“Tsk.”Even after so much training, I can only stall time here as he was too strong to take on in my current level.

” This can’t go on. Either I have to finish him or move his attention away from me .”

Clenching my sword I activated the flash step which increased my speed to early 3-Star.



We both collided with each other with the sword. I kept on attacking without wasting time to dodge.


We kept on going at each other. As the battle went on, small cuts started appearing on my body as his swords tore my body giving small cuts on my skin.

The more he attack the more difficult it became for me to defend. He looked like an iron fortress leaving me no opening to take advantage of.

After going a few rounds I realised, he is holding back and not taking it seriously.

‘Damn. He is just stalling time.’

” I can’t go on like this. I have to think of something else or he will keep playing with me and will kill me when I run out of mana.”

The moment they have entered the horizon they knew it was suicide so, he must be buying time for that technical geek to cause more chaos assisting the real assassins.

Having analysed the situation. I decided to keep moving and use this fight to draw myself near the toilet.

Using the flashed steps, I rolled under the arc of his swords and ran towards the stairs.

Climbing the steps I occasionally turned back to parry and duck his swords. He has underestimated me and even forget to look at the surrounding.

” Near. just a few meters ahead” I already climbed to the floor where the hacker was hiding.

The man was too grossed on fighting after looking down on me that he hasn’t even noticed, that we have already come near his partner.

For him, this must be child’s play.

“Hey what’s going on. Is someone coming here. Code 789 what is this sound”.

” This…This”His partner voice woke him up. As he looked, around he came to the senses that they were nearing code 456.

Code 456 just came out hearing the noises of the battle.

He cursed Code 789 seeing him fighting with a kid. He has already told him many times, to inform him if anyone comes near so that he can escape but this log head, once immersed in bullying others don’t listen to anyone and even forget what task he was given.

“You.Bastard” He wanted to escape as his part was most crucial to play. He can’t be killed now otherwise, the whole plan will be ruined.

“Shit” He was stunned and couldn’t understand. He was playing around as he was getting bored but his fight lead them here.

“This is too much of coincidence”

‘We are almost at the entry.’I thought as I parried his attack.

The man ceased his attacks for a second with a surprised expression.

Then I heard someone cursing behind my back, so as I turned back I found a man carrying his laptop was stammering to run and escape.

I looked at the watch.

“This should be the man whose location is being tracked by Scotch. I can’t miss the opportunity now”.

” Now or never”.As the man was dazed as if he don’t care about me or don’t see me as a threat.

Using a drifting sword I gathered the wind and rushed near him to strike him.

He defended even without glancing at me and as just our strick collided, I threw the fireball straight to his face.


“Aaahhhhh” He screamed as my sneak attack was successful as his face was engulfed by flames and started burning his whole upper area.

Activating dashed I used my full agility and appeared near the hacker that was running. Not more than five seconds, it has been until I saw the hacker but the time which passed felt like minutes.

Reaching his back I slashed with full force hoping for the attack to kill him, with no hesitation in my eyes even though I was going for a kill for the first time.

Just as my sword was about to connect his back he turned towards and a small protective shield formed around him and stopped my swords which were just a few inches from cutting his body.

To my horror, the plans went wrong the moment the shield activated and that was just the beginning as I felt a strike coming behind me.

I didn’t need to look, to know who was behind. The man’s sword was glowing as he slashed at me. I closed my eyes unable to stand the fear and I couldn’t react in time to defend but a warm sensation engulfed my body and a barrier of mana formed around me not allowing the sword strike to pass through me like the shield the hacker has.


With a loud boom, we were blasted in different directions.

” Haa…Haa.I am still alive”. I looked at the necklace that the Vice-head has given me, as it protected my life just now.

If not for the situation I would have kissed it, thanking it for saving my life.

I looked at the hacker who was still alright while the man was burnt along with the neck but still that bastard was hanging onto his life.

As our eyes met I shuddered with fear. His eyes were changed.

“He is going to be serious. Shit”

As I stood up I heard the sound of puppets coming towards me. The hacker-controlled the puppets.

“I am trapped” Taking on the puppets along with the man is impossible for the current me.

The man took his time and took out the potion while I engaged with the puppets.

As I was starting to lose my composure.


Two puppets that were coming towards me have blasted away.

A faint smile appeared on my lips seeing the blue hair boy appearing before me holding a spear. A protagonist always arrives late the moment, one needed saving.

“Talk about timing “.

Caught by the surprise both of them turned to look at the newcomer.

” Duke’s son what is he doing here. What happened to the person who was assigned kill him”.

“Can’t you understand now. He is killed obviously”.The hacker spoke.

Seeing Fredrick enter without being injured, they have lost their mind.

Changing the flow of the battle with a just entry that’s what the protagonist is blessed with.

I regained my composure which I was losing under the pressure.

‘I can’t go soft now.’I thought as I have already done my job.


With each swing of his spears, he took down one puppet with him. These 2 Star puppets were flattened by Fredrick as soon as they approached him.

“I can’t fall behind”Jumping at the puppets I sliced the ones left.

Only a few left and with no restraint, Lucas relaxed a little.

With Fredrick appearance, the man and the hacker frowned as both of us quickly took down the puppets.

The hacker ran without glancing back.

Seeing the hacker fleeing, I patted Fredrick’s shoulder and spoke” Fredrick catch the hacker. Leave this man to me.”

He nodded and started chasing him.

With no one left except me and the man who stared at me with cold eyes.

“Kid it time for round two. Be prepared cause this time I will be giving my all.”

“You can try, “I spoke.

The fear that it was my heart before has been replaced with excitement.

He sped his footsteps and gave a vertical slash. His strike was now becoming more sharp and heavy without leaving a single opening.

Raising my sword slightly I tried to deflect his attacks, as his attacks were too strong for me to block, still, his deflected sword grazed past my skin as large cuts appeared on my chest, shoulders. My clothes were drenched in blood as blood dripped from the cuts on the floor.

The man attacked and attacked without any rest like he is possessed. The fireball I struck on his face may have wounded his pride.

With his every attack, I moved back a few steps. If not for my high perception and agility I would have already been dealt with.

The more the man attacked, the more difficult the situation became. I was in pretty severe condition. can’t keep on like this.

Still, I was not feeling despair rather I was filled with anticipation. I don’t know what is this feeling but as the fight dragged on I can feel my sword skills were getting better and better.

The man frowned as he noticed the boy skills improving at a rapid rate. Previously with each strike, he moved 7-8 steps back but now it only forced him 3-4 steps back.

Lucas stared at him, as the man slashed and pierced his chest.

Lucas calculated the direction of the stab and protected his vitals and cast a fireball on his face.

As the man wanted to withdraw the sword he frowned as it didn’t bulge as Lucas hold the sword blade tightly with his left hand.

The man screamed but seeing the opening Lucas thrust the sword into his neck.

The sword pierces his neck and without any thought, he swings the swing again decapitating him.

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