The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 36 – Exams[2]

Chapter 36 – Exams[2]

Somehow I managed to get over the written exam. Now we only have combat assessment tests where there will be the measurement of our physical assessments and skills.

The test will be in rounds and the overall mark will decide whether you pass or fail in combat assessment though you can make up for the marks from the written exams.

This year there will be many tests in combat assessments to measure all-the round stat of the students starting from speed, strength, overall battle prowess and situation awareness.

In the first round, we will have to go through the realm measurement. In the second round, there will be a test in agility where we have to pass through the special course which will also be a test of battle awareness.

In the third round, we have to take on 10 mechanical puppets where each student power will be suppressed to 1 Star.

Miss Ami asked students to form a line and wait for their turn.” Once your name is called come forward”.

Previously an orb was used to measure the rank but some were able to cheat to increase their rank by emitting higher mana using items or other things as the orb used to measure the amount of mana to measure your rank.

Now with advanced technology, mana detection chambers are used which identify both your mana and your physique to measure rank.

One by one names of students were called. Now it was time for my turn.

I entered the chamber. A red line scanned my body giving a sound.

Beep. beep.

“2 Star warrior, “The instructor beside spoke as he entered the data into the tablet.

Measurements were done starting from bottom to top. When it was Frederick turn I was quite nervous as who knows due to certain changes knowingly or unknowingly created by me, had made him advance to 4-Star and due to his impact what future changes will happen.

But my so-called worry didn’t happen and Fredrick was still in 3-Star.

After all, a hundred students earned realm was measured it was time for the next round we’re about to display our capabilities.

Some were excited whereas some were tense. I belong to the first was filled with much anticipation the test has to offer.

After the students had stopped streaming in. Miss Ami stood up from her sitting position asking us to prepare ourselves for the next round.

Everyone focused on her as she started speaking.

“According to the badge number you obtained before the test, you will approach the static ground and display how much you have improved since you have joined the Horizon.”

” When your badge number is called approach the static ground. Remember your data assessment and your scores that will be displayed on the side screen based on hour performance”.

“Best of Luck”.

A suit has been specially made for us to aid us in reducing the damage we receive as well as ensuring the flow of movements is not restricted.

“Horizon is said to be the best academy in the kingdom not without a reason after all. Just look at the amount of money they spend on these suits as well as the equipment used in the test”.I thought.

Candidate with badge number 1, please enter.

The participant with badge number one moved forward.

He walked forward at the centre of the empty training field.


Like a mini earthquake, the ground started shaking and a large black wall extended from the floor started to rise.

” Whoa whoa”.

“What is that” the Student whispered to each other

“Now do everything within your capabilities to reach the other end of the floor”.

Immediately after Miss Ami words the floor ahead of the participants suddenly started reshaping.

Walls suddenly appeared about 100ft ahead in front of him. The entire course stretched about hundreds of meters.

Within the space and wall between them, mini cannons started appearing out of the edges of the wall.

About 50 of them appeared on both sides along with five metal puppets standing before him.

” The cannon will fire arrows with the force of 1 Star at a regular interval and the puppet before you are also 1 Star in rank. The moment you cross the finish line clearing passing the obstacle the test will end and the time is taken with your score will be displayed. Now begin”.

Immediately the cannons started firing arrows with puppets lunged towards him.

Swallowing his saliva the boy began, trying his best to dodge the arrows alongside engaging the puppets.

A battle began as he struggled to dodge the arrows and in just a few seconds he had been hit by five arrows but with the suit acting as armour, it deflected the arrow without the boy suffering much pain but still, it must have hurt.

Lucas standing at the back observed the battle before him carefully.

“Who is number 1 is surely unlucky as we don’t know much about the test but his sacrifice will allow others to formulate a plan.” Students at the side started to murmur.

Still, modern technology along with magic can create a marvel and the proof was before him.

Lucas badge number was 42. When he received his number he breathed in relief, as he is not among the first to take the test.

It’s totally on the participants to destroy the puppets and move forward or to dodge them saving time though it has been not told.

The first one to enter after struggling finally managed to reach the other end in 17 minutes. The monitor displayed his score which is 37. He barely passed it as scoring under 30 will be assumed to fail.

He was immediately taken to the infirmary for checking.


The next one was a girl she was quite famous in the classroom.

She quickly made her way forward while curving and digging the projectiles


Using her whip to swing forward slapping away the puppets reaching towards her while grabbing around the other ripping its head he move forward without anything to hold her.

The remaining puppets attacked back without holding back.

We watched the test as an audience enjoying the show before us. Some were mesmerized by her efficient battle prowess.

Still, it took 12 minutes to score 76.

“That kind of performance only got 76”.

” I don’t know if I will be able to clear the test”.

“How much time does one need to score a perfect score”.

A murmur could be heard everywhere seeing her performance.

I was honestly worried about Roan. Being in a different class from him I don’t know if he can pass through the test.

The test went on with Parth taking 9 minutes scoring 86.

Rose also gave an outstanding performance. Using her wind ability she did palm strikes to blow away the puppets in front of her away, as they approached her.

There is no use of her bow so using the full force of her palm strike along with her ability she finished it in 6 minutes with a score of 97.

Charles struggles compared to Rose and it took him 7.5 minutes with a score of 92.

“Candidate with badge number 42”.

The instructor called my number.

It’s finally time for me. I walked towards the test with mixed feelings of excitation and nervousness

Standing before this test floor. My excitation changed to nervousness. As the saying” Only the one who goes through the situation knows the pain”.

I was laughing at others’ poor performance but standing before it many thoughts crossed my mind.

I aimed to clear it in around 10 minutes with a score of 80 or near that.

Taking a deep breath of air I waited for the signal.



Arrows were fired towards me from all directions.

Tilting my head I ducked the arrow that was aimed at my head. With somersault, I moved forward. Ignoring the pain of an arrow that hit me in the legs.

After doing this I jumped towards the wall to dodge some of the arrows. Landing with both my legs on the walls I flipped back landing on the head of one of the mechanical puppets.

Using the puppet as a stepping stone I jumped in the direction of another puppet giving a hard punch.


Punching it hard I carried on until it was destroyed or unable to function. I didn’t care whether it remains functional or not as many have broken the puppets before me and the Academy must have a huge amount of stock of these puppets.

I could have used my sword to deflect the arrows and fight the puppets but that would just take extra time off my targeted time.

Going through the plan I made, lifting the broken puppet to use as a shield for blocking the arrows to buy me some time I have to waste on beating them.

After moving ahead I threw the puppet at the other.


With a heavy sound, it took down three at once.

Without wasting any time twisting my body along the way to duck some arrows I carried on.

As I got near the finish line I gave up on dodging and used my body to take on the arrows and activated flash steps to increase my speed.


With a swift movement, I crossed the line.

My leg gave in and I fell to the ground.. Though I have finally managed to become 2 Star it hurts when you take on too many hits.

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