The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 35 – Exams

Chapter 35 – Exams

After releasing my pent up frustrations that have been buried inside I was feeling quite light so without any further ado, I focus wholeheartedly on my studies.

I had also not visited skies in recent weeks nor have gone to any dungeons.

Roan much to my expectations accepted my way of thinking. He has finally realised that he can’t go on like this in this academy. He has to get stronger.

He has a shy and fearful personality making him an easy target to pick by others. He has been fed up living like this where anyone comes and makes him do as they, please.

But this will be history from now. He will work hard to change himself so that he may not be trampled by others like an ant.

In the following weeks, Roan helped me in my studies teaching me the things that were outside my scope of knowledge while I helped him in his training to change himself but it’s easier said than done.

I even brought him to instructor Harris asking him for his help to give pointers to Roan which he compiled happily.

Mr Harris is always ready to help his students. He can be said as a nice guy which every novel has but still, he hasn’t been mentioned in the novel too often.

“Roan your constitution is quite weak compared to others. Either you have to work hard to improve it or you have to choose another battle style”.

” From your talent, I think you can become quite a capable mage. It also overlaps with your fearful personality. As mages fight keeping distance. With your good mind, you can learn spells and if you improve you can make your spells and even sell them as skill earning quite good”.

Lucas looked at Roan with his jaw dropped. He had struck gold. Roan already has a silver bloodline. If he comes under his wing somehow and proves his talent as a genius mage, I can upgrade his bloodline and use him as my underlying.

This is much more than a coincidence. I was overwhelmed with happiness thinking about Roan being a strong mage who will stand by my side but this will be true only if he has excellent talent and become a strong mage.

Roan was surprised at the sudden praise from the instructor. It was still difficult for him to believe but he want to bet his chances on becoming a mage then living as a failure.

“Hey, can’t you remember this simple equation”?

” For god’s sake how much time did you put in studying. Even a 12-year kid will be better at studying than you”.

Due to my training, I have neglected my studies which has now come biting me. I was overconfident in thinking I can pass easily as I knew many things but my overconfidence has drowned me.

First thing, I have been out of touch as it has been a while since I studied and second thing everything looked new to me.

“I can’t understand one thing where were you when our teachers were explaining all these”. Roan seems to enjoy seeing me in agony.

‘ Does this guy has a dual personality when you ask him to fight or train he behaves like a mouse but while teaching his confidence can be said to be another level ‘ I thought.

Roan who was unable to utter a thing before now is criticizing me on my face.

” I don’t whose influence was this and by the way why do your eyes look like a fox”.I asked Roan who glared at me without answering me.

But I have to give him credit, he teaches quite well. If I can pass the exam then he will be the only one to whom this credit will go.

Only after I stayed with him did I come to know that he is a top scholar from childhood and he can memorize things with a glance.

In my opinion, it must have something to do with his bloodline ability. I have also inquired Roan about it but he just shrugged his shoulder saying his family doesn’t know what bloodline ability they have as it has been lost for ages.

For a mage or you can say a magician the capacity to memorize the spell determines his talent.

Just think of a situation where you forget the spell amid chanting, what will happen to you one can surely imagine.


We have to take the exam on five subjects.

Mathematics, history, literature, mana systematics, computer informatics.

As I walked towards the exam hall, many were tensed and some seemed to shake in fear as they entered the classroom.

I glanced at Fredrick and Rose, they seemed to be worry-free. They may not be a top scholar but they surely are good in the written.

After all, the main leads are always good in everything they do. Even the author keeps on making them overpowered without knowing the trouble a reincarnation guy has to face if by chance they enter this world even by coincidence.

But who can believe fantasy become reality?

Even after reading countless reincarnation stories, I have never thought I would reincarnate in this world.

Let’s leave it slapping my cheeks to clear unnecessary thoughts I closed my eyes to remember all the things I have been taught by Roan.

An unknown instructor entered the classroom handing us the sheet of paper along with the question.

The first exam was history which I didn’t care about it so much as I was sure I can nail it, the problem is aside from history everything else goes over my head and probably they will nail me to fail.

The sound of scribbling pens rang out in the classroom. As soon as the students got the sheets they pounced on them without wasting any time.

It hasn’t been 20 minutes since someone raised his hand asking for extra sheets.

“What the hell, can’t they just take it slow”. As a trend others also started asking for sheets.

I tried to focus on my writing ignoring them.

My history paper went on quite smoothly.

As the exam progressed to its final stages I was already on a tight rope.

I walked around with black bags under my eyes. I looked like a dead fish. I have to stay all night and put on extra effort. I have been deprived of sleep for a week since the exam started.

During the exam Roan kept on pestering me to do that, remember that blah blah.

Finally, today is the last day of the exam but there is no shred of happiness in my heart.

The reason…

Cause today we have computer informatics.

Computer informatics is my nemesis. There is a 40% chance of me failing in this subject. If not for Roan’s help, the chances of me failing in this paper were quite high.

“Damn why do we have to study all this shit which has no practical application in life except wasting our time and energy”.

Of course, some can pursue careers in this path but most of them belong to the hero support course.

” Who in his right mind would focus on studying instead of improving himself in heroes course”.

Students were whispering to each other about today’s exam. Some also didn’t let go of the chance of showing that they had learned everything.

In every university, you can find these types of dumbass who like to brag and flaunt their skills.

“Yeah yeah you are not like us who had to struggle to remember a single page”.

Here come ass lickers. Though I was getting annoyed I flipped the pages of my notes taking look at each page quickly taking a sneak peek.

These made me remind of my high school exams where students pull an all-nighter before their exam to memorize as much as they can

Some of them started to sneak at other papers where some tried to cheat but they were caught red-handed.

“If I find another one wanting to cheat, I will make sure you fail in the exam”.

Being reprimanded the students that wanted to pass through cheating could only grumble themselves going back to write their paper.

In the end, they just vent their frustrations by scribbling on the paper writing anything that they can remember.

I turned a blind eye towards them however as soon as I looked at the question I couldn’t help but complain like them

The questions were on another level compared to the ones we were taught in the class.

[How many internal circuits are required to make a Lang processor ]

[What is the processing speed chip used for information output for the ASCII code program]

[What are high-level programming languages. Define them and give examples]

Seeing the question I wanted to tear the question paper and throw it into the dustbin, but I can’t.

There was a difference between heaven and hell between what I have studied and expected and what has come in the exam.

Rubbing temples taking a deep breath I calmed myself.

“I can do it. I don’t need to ace the exam . I just have to pass it”.

Repeating the words without wasting any time taking my pen I wrote down everything I know

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