The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 32 – [Bonus – Chapter] : Hunter Association

Chapter 32 – [Bonus Chapter] : Hunter Association

Seeing the person who was fourth in authority, to take out his precious time only for me surprised me.

The authority in Hunter association is presided by chairman followed by vice-chairman and then Head of the management bureau in Hunter association and then the person who was in front of me.

I was seriously getting goosebumps now. The matter seemed to be more severe than he can think of.

Staring at his eyes my body shuddered. The aura around Vice-head Lee was not ordinary.

I breathed deeply deciding to think positively. With Miss Ami here I didn’t have to be so tense.

Shaking my head I followed Vice-head Lee along with Miss Ami into the room which seems inaccessible to others.

It was a place where those with exclusive access were permitted to enter.

The Vice-head office was spacious. Rather than office space, I felt as if I was looking at the courtyard of a mansion. Looking out of the window was a magnificent city in full view. As I walked further inside the view of the city has turned into a scene from the top of a mountain.

Sitting on a large decorated sofa alongside Miss Ami. Vice-head Lee and Lucas looked at each other.

“You won’t even say hello to me.” Vice-head Lee smiled.

The casual word from this person sounded like mockery to me.

” Sorry. Hello, Vice head Lee it’s nice to meet you. Thank you for all the hard work that we were living in peace.”I spoke anything that came to my mind and bowed.

I wanted to create a good impression in front of this person cause I have no detail of this person’s character in my mind nor there was anything mentioned of him in the novel.

I sighed inwardly. I was still uncomfortable when it come to these kinds of meeting especially if the party before him belonged to high-class society.

“Take it easy”.Vice-Head Lee had already noticed Lucas being uncomfortable. He understood after all not everyone can enter or sit before him in their lifetime.

Giving a brief nod they talked about everything Lucas witnessed on that day.

How I found the suspicious-looking man who turned out to be a lackey of a demon. Scenes of inside the dungeon.

I told him everything I knew without holding back along with requesting to keep my information secret as much as possible.

Vice-head Lee was quite satisfied with Lucas’s attitude, he has done a good job for his nation.

He has gone through Lucas’s file before the meeting. Everything was ordinary about him but still seeing him in person he can say, Lucas have quite appealing nature.

His actions may seem hot-blooded but he seems quite rational weighing pros and cons. He was grateful to Lucas for uncovering the undergoing scheme though it was going to them a huge headache in the future.

“Lucas for your contribution to protecting the citizens of our country we will give you prize money of about 50 million along with a small life-saving treasure.”

Lucas’s eyes flashed with the sign of money on hearing the amount of money.

‘My sufferings have not been in vain. Please God don’t take away the blessings you have given.’

I prayed quite earnestly.

Throughout the whole conversation, Miss Ami sat there without uttering any words staring intently at Lucas.

His ability to adapt to his surrounding was quite good.

In the beginning, he stuttered for some time but as it went on he became quite adept and confident in his speech as if the previous way of speaking was just an illusion.

Lucas may try to behave maturely but he still showed his childish side on receiving the money for his contribution.

Nothing brings more joy to a teacher than her student growing before their eyes.

In just one and half months, Lucas has grown quite much.

Vice-head Lee gave Lucas a necklace that seems to be made of gold with a pendant on a chain.

“This necklace will form a shield that can protect you from an attack of 6-Star.But it can be used for three times”.

My eyes glittered at the sight of the necklace.

I examined the necklace like a kid who had been given a toffee for the first time and admired it.

I think I began to understand the mindset of the protagonist. They already knew the bigger risk they take the bigger the reward will be on their way for them.

“A selfless protagonist. Tsk. They are just misconceptions people get when they were indirectly saved by the protagonist action”.

Without wasting any time, I wore the necklace on my neck hiding it under my T-shirt.

Both Vice-head Lee and Miss Ami chuckled at my childish action.

‘This kid is weak in front of riches and gift’ Vice-head Lee thought inwardly.

“Ok, that’s all now. Have a good day and keep up doing your best. Our nation needs brave young fellows like you.”


I finally breathed the air of relief. Internally I was tense after all I had just been investigated by the Vice-head head not just any staff or secretary of an important person in the hunter association.


Starting the engine of the car Miss Ami drove. It was already past evening by the time we left.

I stared outside through the window. People were walking on the streets without any worries going through there day to day routine.

They may have their freedom but who knows when calamity will stick. They will just be left out to die when the war with demons broke out after all the society has corrupted and the nobles only care about themselves leaving the commoner to protect themselves while they hide with their warriors.

Lucas having witnessed the helplessness in these commoners’ eyes a few days ago can’t think of his situation any better than theirs.

If I am powerless like them I will be surely left out by others or become a stepping stone.

Miss Ami’s car stopped before a huge and magnificent mall which looked like to only for VIPs. This place was much famous as mentioned in the novel. You have to have a VIP card to enter this place. Still, there are many ways to obtain the cards.

This is the famous shopping area in the centre of the capital which has permission generally for nobles or if you are quite rich. The mall before us also belonged to the Eckart.

“Miss Ami, why are we here?”I asked.

” Let’s take a break today. I have been too engrossed in work”.

“But I can’t enter did you forget I am a commoner.”

” Don’t worry you can come with me “.

At the entrance, guards blocked our way. Miss Ami took out a black card with golden stripes and passed it to the guard.

Clack. …

With a beep, the machine verified Miss Ami. With the card, one can take 10 people.

” So that’s how it works. I have been quite busy past week with all types of things going. Maybe I can pent up some stress and free up my mind here”.I thought.

Inside the mall, there were giant fountains, fancy restaurants, shops for pawns, arcades, weapons shops, clothes, artefacts, arcades, games. Everything could be found here.

“Miss Ami, do you often visit this place?” I asked.

Miss Ami raised her chin pridefully and nodded”Yes I visit here often in my free time to do some shopping and enjoy myself with my friends”.

Walking through the busy mall we had some small conversations.

After touring it, Miss Ami glancing at me suggested.

“Let’s go to the arcade shop”.

I was excited as it was my first time visiting the arcade even in my previous life I didn’t get the chance to visit game shops or arcades.

We entered the [Joy of Life] arcade. We played some 3-D games. From Casually playing we went for competition ending with betting with each other.

As the result, Lucas lost miserably. It took some time to get used to the controls where Miss Ami played like a pro gamer.

Shrugging my shoulder I wanted to leave quickly after embarrassing myself but my eyes caught on a game like a baseball.

Which depend on your physical capabilities to hit the ball thrown at you. Placing my coins I went for baseball.

Like this, we went for games and after games.

Miss Ami gave me a treat after that.

Munch… Crunch.

I ate fiercely like someone who haven’t got a chance to eat for days.

The people around me looked at me with disdain.

Once I realised why others were staring at me. I tried to behave like a civilized kid.

Cough. Cough.

Clearing her throat Miss Ami asked. “Lucas did you enjoy”.

” Yes, Miss Ami thank you for taking me here. I don’t think I could have the opportunity to enter here in this lifetime if not for you”.

Miss Ami chuckled “Lucas I brought here so that you can clear your head. I have always kept note of you. You are trying to do so many things at a time” and keeping the burdens in your hearts”

” I just advise you to take things slow and take some time to release your burdens. You have a couple of years ahead to grow.”

I wanted to deny it but in my heart, I knew she was correct, so I simply gave a brief nod.

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