The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 31 – Witnessing Destruction

Chapter 31 – Witnessing Destruction

Sitting around I looked at the destruction and chaos before me as if a war has taken place in this small place.

The pain and screams of the injured people were quite hard to ignore.

It was my first time seeing the mass suffering with my own eyes.

Hundreds of people can be said to be affected in this place.

After some time Aaron came and explained everything that has taken place.

As I have asked Scotch to track me. My signal went off after I entered the house.

After waiting for a few hours Scotch decided to let others know of my disappearance. While Morgana and Aaron were on their way here, a huge explosion took place in one of the malls near here.

They called for the hero’s association and carried on the rescue. Many lives were lost in the explosion After helping them and seeing the situation stabilize they looked for my last location.

Sensing Aaron near their base many 4 stars attacked him. He fought with them while Morgana called for the hero association who were present nearby.

After clearing them they fought with B ranked demon disguised as a person.

After killing them and investigating this place it was found that they have created an artificial dungeon under our nose doing illegal experiments and trapping monsters.

What was their purpose nobody knows as all were killed here? The humans who were under demon committed suicide to not spill the beans.

The house I entered can say to be an artificial dungeon with doors and windows being the entry. Whether this was their only location or there was more only time will tell.

The atmosphere was quite solemn after the discussion.

While I was getting brief of the situation. A man walked out of the crowd wearing full battle armour

His face was full of wrinkles. He looked quite old.

Coming near us he scanned Lucas from head to toe. He had been already informed to search this boy by the skies when they called for backup.

Looking at him he asked, “Have you calmed down”.

I nodded my head.


” You did a good job kid”.

“You have foiled a huge conspiracy unknowingly that was going here and saved many lives that were going to be sacrificed if their plans were successful”.

I gave a brief nod not knowing what to say in this situation as even if I saved lives to be sacrificed in future but still many people affected here because me as I was the one who led them here.

Remembering something I took the snake man corpse out of my ring.

Everyone moved back a few steps seeing the appearance of the ugly corpse.

“Sir I have found this monster inside. I don’t know if this type of monster is found naturally or they are made from experiments”.

Their mood became heavy from my words. After looking at it for a few seconds he said” Leave this matter to the hero association to handle.”.


After reporting him everything, I finally returned to my room, it had been 18 hours since I went into the ghost manor.

The incident has been on the news. It was quite a big incident to turn blind after all.

[Heros association and hunter association along with the topmost security forces have been deployed to uncover the incident. 87 innocent lives have been lost due to the explosion in the mall along with many lives still in danger]

I watched for each headline fortunately there is no mention of me or any other students from the horizon.

The artificial dungeon and news id demons had been covered up by the agencies to avoid causing chaos.

There were some articles on skies but they didn’t go for any deeper details.

This incident was quite heavy for me to bear.

The past weeks were quite hectic for me still I preserved through it repeatedly telling myself that I did what I had to do but still I had nightmares where many blamed me for their deaths.



” Present”.


” Present “.

” Parth”.


” Lucas”.

“… “.

“Lucas”.Ami called Lucas’s name twice but she didn’t get any response.

” Lucas”.Miss Ami called me loudly snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Yesss.. Present”.I shuttered

Ignoring me she carried on the roll call.


I was lost in thought. Yesterday I got the call from the hunter association. They will be rewarding me with money after an inquiry about the incident.

“Whatever may be the reward, it must quite generous. It should be unwise for me to refuse the generous offer.” Lucas said and sighed.

” Lucas came with me after the class”.

Everyone ridiculed me looking at disdain as if I have committed a huge crime seeing me going to be punished. Even I was shocked just because I dozed off while attending the call I will be punished.

“Isn’t it too much. Isn’t Miss Ami bullying me?”I kept my thoughts to myself.

Ending class I walked behind Miss Ami along the corridor.


” Sit down”.

I sat on the couch in Miss Ami’s office.

“First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your first achievement”.

” Hein what achievement, whose achievement “.I frowned.

” You don’t have to feign ignorance. Your deed in foiling the plans of the demon”.

How did she know? I looked at her wearily. I thought they covered up the incident.

Miss Ami knew about this matter means many teachers in Horizon must have known about it

Miss Ami noticed Lucas’s train of thought.

“Not everybody knows of it. I am also a member of the hero association so along with me some higher-ups in the academies also know about this.”

I breathed the air of relief. This also means most nobles can take out my information. Some may also know about my relationship with Skies.

” I should get Scotch on work to block my info as much as possible “.

” Miss Ami did you call me here only to congratulate me”


” I called you here to inform you that I will tag along with you to hunter association.”


” This is gonna troublesome” I rubbed my forehead.

“What did you say”

“How nice of you Miss Ami”.

Miss Ami’s lip twitched as if she knew how I turned my words.

” Okay get ready by the afternoon. You don’t have to attend classes today. I have already taken a half-day leave for you”.

“Okay”.Nodding my head I walked back.


After Lucas exited Miss Ami looked at his back with complexion emotion pity, pride and sadness and thought ‘Although Lucas has contributed significantly, what he has gone through it shouldn’t be experienced by him now. How many of the students present here can keep calm after being trapped in an unknown dungeon. Still, he was able to get back alive.’

We went to the Hunter association with Miss Ami. The car was quite luxurious and the seats were much comfortable.

Reaching the hunter association, I looked at the skyscraper before me.

I was awed at the grand sight before me. The height of the hunter association building seems to pierce the sky.

“Just how high this.”

Lucas’s body trembled and he almost fainted looking at the grand sight before him.

Even the Burj khalifa seems insignificant in front of it which was the grandest building he has seen in his past life.

Miss Ami was quite amused looking at Lucas’s expression.

” Haven’t you seen it on tv or some pic’s”?

“How can be it compared to the real thing before me,” I told a white lie after all this my first time seeing it.

Reaching inside the place was decorated with all kinds of luxury. Its mere sight made me tremble.

“Is it hunter association or houses of rich hunters?”

The windows looked like huge cathedral gates from the mediaeval period. With the entrance like entry to king chambers.

” Where does all the money come from”.If not for the modern look of the building it could have been a palace.

“Quite a huge sum of money must be poured to make this infrastructure.”

This construction was sponsored by Eckart’s.

“What” My jaw dropped listening to the name. I thought I heard something wrong but looking at the serious face of Miss Ami I couldn’t think of it as a lie.

The name doesn’t belong to any king or nobles. The Eckart’s could be said to be the God of wealth in this world.

They don’t have any official title but they can be said as unofficial kings as with all wealth they have. They could even buy a kingdom.

The daughter of the Eckart’s could be said to be the princess of the three kingdoms.

I wouldn’t find it odd if their enter house is made of gold.

I didn’t dwell much on it after all I don’t think I could meet until the end of the year.

Miss Ami took a note of my emotions and giggled.

“She is feeling quite good seeing my shocking reactions” I cursed inwardly.

We took an elevator to the upper floor.

Floor 250 where we had an appointment to meet.

Lucas stepped out of the elevator and walked into the dim-lit hallway. Relics and artefacts were displayed in various cases. There were swords, shields, necklaces with skulls of some monster used as decore along with unknown stones that glowed strangely.

The weapons looked so cool that it still seemed like it is fantasy.

The weapons Lucas have seen till now seems quite ordinary before these. He was surprised to see it in person rather than reading the description.

The description in the novel doesn’t do justice when one see it in life.

“You are quite interested in artefacts”.

A voice from behind echoed suddenly awakening me from my thoughts. I looked at the man and saw a face like a sculpture. He was quite handsome.

Patting my shoulder he said, ” Hello,I am Vice head Lee.. Nice to meet you”.

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