The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 30 – Getting Into Trouble Is My Hobby[3]

Chapter 30 – Getting Into Trouble Is My Hobby[3]

Gripping my sword with both of my hands I descended slowly down the stairs. The time felt unusually longer than the time I descended from the upper floors.

The lighting here was slightly better than on the previous floors.

Lucas’s vision blackened with the sudden increase in light.

He cautiously climbed until he reached the last steps.

His eyes widened with horror at the scene he was seeing. The lower floor looked like a prison.

The room beside the floors looked empty.

Lowering his head Lucas stepped ahead. The inside of the bar looked empty from where he moved.

But he could hear faint noises of monsters before him.

Lucas looked inside one of the cells where a monster was locked. The monster seemed unconscious. The inside of the prison was completely dark.

He was quite curious seeing the odd monster. He decided to inspect it’s closer.

The cell was filled with darkness. Lucas took out his smartphone to use the flashlight to see inside the prison.

He held the smartphone in one hand while he gripped the sword with the other for any attacks. As the smartphone light fell on the monster.

“Ahhh”.Lucas was disgusted seeing the monster.

The monster looked like a piece of shit. Its skin was rotten having a human figure with a long tail like a snake.

He was quite shocked seeing the appearance of such a monster.

” Growllll”.



The sound of the barking hound disturbed his concentration making him drop the smartphone.


A long thread-like object brushed past him but due to his high perception, he was able to avoid it narrowly.

Putting back his smartphone Lucas became alerted.

The monster was fast and the figure flashed out of the darkness making Lucas frown.

The monster before him was somewhat similar to what was inside the cell. But it seems to be in good shape. The pressure he got from this monster was quite threatening.

It was at peak of F rank…


It had a humane figure but its tongue was thin and quite long. It looked like a hybrid of man and snake.

Looking at this completely disgusting creature Lucas frowned.

It arrived in front of him in the blink of an eye.

Taken by surprise Lucas swing the sword and tried to strike the head of the snake deciding to end it early.


To his horror, it defended the sword strike with its tail which is as hard as a metal.

Lucas’s eyes widened with surprise.

“Damn. The scale on his tail is quite hard”.

He succeeded in ducking the next sudden strike of the tongue.

” This is gonna be a tough fight “.

The monster before him is not fighting brainlessly as other monsters fight, it was quite good at using all parts of its body as if it had, quite a good fighting experience with humans.

Instead of retreating I pushed ahead using sword moves.

Clang. Clang… Swish…

The snake man must have been quite surprised by my counterattack because it didn’t try to follow my moves right away and simply glared at me distancing itself from trying to sneak attack on me with his tongue.

“That damn tongue”.If I had a gauntlet I would have just gripped it with my hand cutting it but I don’t know it contains any poison or not so I don’t want to take a risk catching its tongue with bare hands.

The snake man was incomparably faster and harder than any of the monsters Lucas has fought till now.

Lucas started to get nervous still, he cautiously studied the monsters. It felt like he was fighting the boss monster of the dungeon.

The fight continued for quite some time with neither one able to gain in upper hand resulting in deadlock.

The snake man hissed with its tongue trying to sneak again. Lucas sidestepped and let the attack past brush him. At the same, he wrapped his arms around the neck catching it in a headlock.

He squeezed the neck of the snake with his full strength. The snake unable to escape Lucas tight grip thrashed around on the walls. Lucas gritted his teeth as he crashed here and there still not wanting to lose its grip.

Slamm .. Slam!!


His bones in the shoulder and the ribs behind seemed to suffer minor cracks.

Struggling hard it coiled his tail around Lucas’s chest knocking him to the side.

Lucas got on his foot on the wall and activating flash steps he jumped on its backstabbing the sword at its back.

The snake man being out of breath was unable to react in time to the sudden attack.

He wriggled in pain. Not wanting to give it an opportunity to dig out his sword he stabbed again and again like a mad man until it was unable to sustain its life.

[You have gained 27,036 experience]

Hushh. Panting heavily Lucas lay on the floor.

“Hahhahahha”.I laughed madly thinking back at my fight.

The fight was seriously tough. He has already run out of mana. His stamina was depleted but due to persistence stat, he was able to turn things around.

If he has not got the persistence skill he was gonna it’s food today.

” Looks like the system predicted the future”.

Just a single wrong step, I would have lost my life.

Though he won now he doesn’t know how many these are present here.

Leaning on his sword he stood up.

“What should I do with the carcass. I don’t want this disgusting thing”.

” Still I should take it back. This monster looked like part of some sort of experiment “.

Though he was quite reluctant he still decided to take this piece of shit.

He didn’t decide to move forward and went to the upper floor to recover his strength as he cleaned all the monsters there.

After all, he still didn’t know how many battles he had to do to get out of this place.

Once he calmed his nerves he decided to move again.

“It’s time for round two”.

This time instead of rushing ahead he scanned everything before taking his steps.

After surveying the path ahead and making sure there was no monster ahead he moved on.

Luckily he didn’t encounter any more monsters again and he finally reached the end of the prison door.

He placed his ear on the door slowly to hear any sound.

He would hear the sound of explosions coming from the door.

Sweat started flowing from his forehead.

“Just what is inside. Is it the lab where illegal experiments take place”.

Swallowing his saliva he mustered his courage to open the door.


Opening the door he could sense the presence of powerful auras of people nearby but what surprised him most was he was not in the room rather he seems to be outside in the same alley he came from with fire burning the house and smoke covering the sky.

The street looked deserted with no one in sight.

“It looked like fight involving high ranked warrior took place here”.

Walking out he looked back to find he was out of the house which he entered.

If not for the destruction he would be quite happy of escaping out of the ghost manor.

He surveyed the area to find the sound of the explosion were stopped but he has getting faint screams from some people.

He walked through looking at the debris around him. The houses were destroyed there were craters on the road with huge debris burning along the footpath.

This alleyway where many houses were present before were now flattened.

This neighbourhood has suffered destruction.

“Halt. Identify yourself”.

I subconsciously raised my sword on hearing the voice.

I looked at the source to find a man in glass wearing a black suit glaring at me. He was giving an aura of 4 Star.

” Who are you and what are you doing here”.

“I am Lucas Brightt. I was trapped here in this place”.

He looked at me suspiciously on listening to my words.

After all who would believe a random boy walking out of a destroyed area holding a sword.

I knew it was hard to believe so I unwrapped my smartwatch and threw it at him. As it can be used to identify students of Horizon.

The man flinched seeing me throwing the watch.

” You can use the watch to identify me”.

After checking my watch and confirming my identity, he signalled me to come still he didn’t let his guard down.

He informed someone and confirmed something.


Someone hugged me suddenly appearing out of thin air.

I hit his hand to release me as I was starting to feel suffocation but he didn’t notice it.

” Release him, you are gonna suffocate him”.

Hearing the familiar sound the huge man released


Taking my breath I looked to find it was Aaron who hugged me and the familiar voice belonged to Morgana.

“What was going on here and why is the place like this as if a war took place”.

” Come with me. Relax first we tell you afterwards”.Aaron patted my shoulder.

Aaron’s eyes softened seeing me safe and secure. I can feel the warmth from his eyes.

“They must be quite worried about me”.

Then he talked with the man I met before. After that, they took me towards the place where dozens of cars with armed vehicles and ambulances with many doctors treating people were there.

Aaron asked for doctors that were there to check me.

Except for minor bruises and cuts and being mentally exhausted after being in the dungeon for a long time everything else was fine. Also, I was feeling a little hungry as I have not eaten for a day.

Sitting at the side I looked around to find many injured people who are currently being treated.

Morgana sat beside me offering me a drink.

“Everything is alright. Don’t think too much.. Due to your cautiousness we were able to prevent a huge disaster”.

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