The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 28 – Getting In Trouble Is My Hobby

Chapter 28 – Getting In Trouble Is My Hobby

Lucas was quite happy. The problem of money that had been haunting him since he came to this world has been solved for now.

With the intermediate and low-level potions, he has given for sale he would earn at least millions in the coming week.

He has managed to bring Scotch to his side.

Tomorrow he will go to the dungeon again and if everything remains right, he will be able to earn a few thousand in the coming days and the gate is also F ranked only.

Aaron is squeezing as much as he can before clearing the E ranked gate, we went to previously.

Lucas walked on the road admiring his surroundings whistling on his way.

“Hey, bastard are you blind”.

” Can’t you see people ahead?”

Lucas turned left on the road and saw a man running hurriedly crashed to the person before him and the man he stumbled grabbed his collar.

“Sorry I am in hurry please let me go”.The man who crashed was looking odd and he looked sick.

The man whom he bumped held his collar and raised his hand to hit him with three people standing beside him.

” Seems like the poor going to be beaten. Should I interfere “.

” No, I should mind my own business let’s just watch the show”.

There were not more people in this narrow passway.

The man was going to hit him but before he could hit something unbelievable happened and they all were knocked unconscious.

Lucas was stunned and took a few steps back.

The man who looked ordinary knocked them unconscious without touching them. I felt slight mana from him at the moment.

“I should take cover and observe him”.

I hide behind the trash can and the man didn’t glance at the fallen and started to run.

I decided to follow him behind.

With nimble movement, I followed him closely. I don’t have any clear idea of his strength so I decided to take precautions early.

I decided to call Skies and asked Scotch to keep track of my location and if I don’t return by tomorrow, I told him to inform Aaron.

The man seemed not to notice me walking on the road and turned towards the left at the corner.

He entered the small alley behind a shop and stood before a shabby house.

I followed him closely. The house looked like some horror house used in the shooting. Just who is living here.

“Something is fishy”.

Knocking the door he went inside.

” What should I do.I don’t know how strong they are should I leave”.

I was confused about what to do. Whether to look or return. But if something shady is happening here and because I ignored it today and in the future, lives would be sacrificed. I will not be able to overcome the guilt.

I looked at the house. Lowering my back I moved quickly towards the house.

Bending down on my knees I raised my head and tried to hear any noise coming from the window but there was no sound coming from it.

I decided to go to the back of the house and try from there.

Turning back I went to the back of the house. There was no window on the down floor at the back.

Looking up I found a metal pipe coming from the top. At the start of the pipe, there is a window beside it.

Placing my hands around on pipe coiling my legs around it I started to climb to the top.

My hands felt as if the skin has been peeled as I started climbing.

Reaching the window. I tried to open it.

Stretching my hands I lift the glass of the window. The inside was dark and as just I peeped inside a strong suction force pulled me inside.


I fell from certain heights but I was able to land on my feet safely.

Scanning the surrounding. I started getting anxious.


The place I am in looked like a dungeon.

The house looked like a horror house for a reason. There is a dungeon gate in the house.

“Calm down. Let’s think if the dungeon is high level the hunter association must have surely detected it. It must be low level from G to F and I don’t think it even has a monster and must use as a hiding place by the person I saw”.

“As they can’t hide high-level dungeon right in the capital”

” Yes this must be it, they are surely hiding in the dungeon. But how can there be a dungeon in this house. That person may not be simple. He must be from some criminal organization “.

I tried to comfort myself but soon my thoughts proved wrong.

Taking out my sword I raise my guard before observing the surrounding. I have already informed Scotch, they will surely come to find me. I have to believe in them.

I just have to keep myself alive.

” I am sure there will be no problem if I just take a quick peek inside”.

Sorting out my mind I marched cautiously.

Lucas was stunned as he looked in front of him. He found the interior of the house has transformed into mini jungles with stone walls as its boundary.

Thick stone wall with large vines with moss covering the fall along with the rotten smell of corpses. The atmosphere was humid contrary to the dungeon he have gone with team teammates, it looked like hell, a place where one can expect to find monsters and beasts.

I swallowed my saliva and surveyed but I couldn’t sense anything particular. However, I know it’s wrong to underestimate the situation no matter how low-level dungeon you are in.

After hunting with skies they have taught me many monsters knew how to hide their presence very well and it usually requires high perception to identify them. Maybe because they have weak strength that they need to attack from the shadows.

In these closed surroundings, there is a high chance that they are waiting for a sneak attack.

He went past some rooms which were in complete disarray and looked like some ancient ruins. The rooms were covered with moss and small bushes.

There were small oil lamps on the wall which looked to be placed by humans or maybe the organization that have stayed here.

Lucas carefully stepped forward passing through the room that was present before surveying them with his perception. After making sure there are no monsters inside it he cut the weeds grown on the floor that was making it difficult for him to move. He could smell traces of blood.

He didn’t know whose this trace of blood belongs to but as he moved ahead he could be the feel the gaze, of a predator, along with the rotten odour of carcass.

However, he couldn’t find the source in this type of surrounding. The predator must have wanted to observe him before bearing his fangs.

Lucas leaned on the wall sitting down he put down his guard closing his eyes.

It may seem like he is resting but he was concentrating his sense to the max waiting for any movement.

Seeing that his prey has put down his guard without wanting it, to allow escape it tried to pounce on Lucas.


Breaking through the door of one of the rooms the monster jumped out with high speed and soon as it landed on the ground it leapt to gobble up Lucas head in one go not wasting any time.


Lucas waiting for this chance using dashed steps

met it head-on immediately swing the sword on it.

It was a perfectly clean cut slicing the monster into two. Blood sprayed on his whole body.

The sharp blade passed through the monster body like that of a monster.

After killing the monster he examined it to see. It was F ranked hound.

So it must be F ranked dungeon at most. The hound was an adult.

It looked as big as a wolf with having orange and black skin coat.

While he’s was engrossed in surveying the dead hound.


Another one came running towards him. Lucas ducked give a kick on his skull. The hound wriggled around and threw its sharp paw to tear Lucas.

” There is no moment to rest.”.

Lucas knew it was the perfect opportunity as it was wounded and its skull seemed to be cracked still it won’t lay there for long.

Lucas kicked it again ran towards it fast and chopped down his head with his sword separating his head from the body.

The hound roared in pain and finally stopped its breathing.

I looked at the notifications. I have got 16,000 experience points for both the kills.

“Nice. It looked like I am on a shopping trip. This dungeon can be said to be fat sheep for me”.

However, my smug smile didn’t last for long.

As more hounds started filling the long path that seemed like the hall in the house.

” Damn it hound are types of dog so they must be in the pack. That means I have to fight the whole pack now”.

One of them jumped on him. He ducked to the side. It flew past him and its fang stabbed on the hard stone wall.

“If I didn’t have D ranked sword it would have chewed my sword into pieces’.

While the hound was trying to free its fang from the wall Lucas didn’t give it an opportunity and chopped his head.

From the beginning when Lucas held the sword he liked to chop the head when the monster are weaker than him.

One may call him a chopping expert. But he didn’t have free time to admire his skill as more were on their way roaring through the dungeon.

I should buy stamina portions. I don’t know how many days I have to fight here.

Lucas swung his sword but it was caught in the jaw of the hound. Another one jumped on top of the other.


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