The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 26 – Attributes

Chapter 26 – Attributes

Mana Systematic

Professor Alfred was looking quite annoyed as he started his class.

He was the type of person who doesn’t like when others interfered with his class teachings.

One of the students has managed to lay his hand across an ice skill and thought he had got ice ability but was unable to use ice ability, so he pissed Miss Ami by asking all sorts of stupid answers.

So Miss Ami has asked Professor Alfred to clear all the misconceptions about the skills to the students.

“I am going to explain it once. It’s not in my course to teach you this so just shut your lips and listen”.

“There have been some idiots that are trying to overcomplicate things. That’s why I was asked to teach you about some basic”.

” Attributes, ability and skill. What are the difference between these”.

“One of you dumbhead who have ice skills have thought he had got ice ability and went around messing trying to figure out”.

I rolled my corner to a certain boy who was two rows in front of me on the left.

” Just think one has the skill of earth where he can form an earth wall while other has earth ability. The one who has earth ability can do anything, as long as he is creative enough such as a spear or sword made of earth. A shield to defend but a person having skill can only manipulate the thing the skill allows”.

Pausing for a moment he continued”One can’t have random skills. Everyone was born with specific nature affinities or attributes. Generally a person can have two or three attributes. Some may five but generally they are rare. “.

” Wind, fire, earth, water, lightning, dark and healing these are the attributes we have known since history. Some may have variations like ice from water. Healing said to become from the combination of four basic attributes “.

” Elves are considered superior because they have very strong affinities with nature and they can use four basic attributes “.

“You may know the attributes you have by going through a test in the academy. Most of here may already know it, as one can easily find it using mana sphere which is available in the market “.

“Those who have bloodline ability also limits their attributes. If you are born with a bloodline having fire ability then you can’t use water skills. After all, every power comes with a price. Heaven is fair in all aspects if we gain somewhere we were bound to lose something else”.

While the class was focused Lucas was yawning heavily. His eyes were dead. He looked like he was about to drop any minute now.

Everything was basic, so it was boring for me. But listening to the last line of the speech my mouth twitched. As the line can somehow relate to the situation I am in.

Telekinesis may be one of the strongest abilities but the mana it consumed is no joke.

It has been two days since I have awakened it and experimented with it in every possible way.

The conclusion I came to is I can use it on objects which is in a radius of 5 m from me.

I can only lift objects less than 1kg. Second I have to practice frequently, as it was hard to have precise control and fine movements. I can lift my smartphone but if I try to rotate it in a circle I can only draw a small arc. If I try complex movement it will fail.

My dream of lifting a huge building using the flick of my fingers is going to remain a dream.

Rubbing my temples a sigh escaped my mouth.

Today’s class was too boring.

Slapping my cheek I tried to concentrate who knows if something can be helpful to me in his lectures.

After getting over the class I decided to look for Miss Ami. I wanted to know about my natural attributes.

Back then I have selected fire skills without much thought. But I should check my attributes if I don’t want to waste my experience on a skill I can’t use.

Every professor has their own private office. Miss Ami’s office was in the first-year block.

Standing before her office I thought.

“Should I visit another time. If she is busy will she get annoyed”.

Clearing my thoughts I knocked.

Knock… Knock.

” Come in”.

Entering I looked at Miss Ami. She seems to be quite tired. Her hairs were dishevelled with black eyes.

She was doing some paper works, while piles of paper were laid on her tables.

Just how much she has to work to not get some rest.

“Where are you looking. What do you want, just get over it”.

” Oh”.

“Miss Ami I want to want to know about my attributes”.

Looking at me for a second she said”Okay come with me. I can take a small break”.

Following her through the corridor we entered a room that looked like a lab.

The room was quite big filled with different types of equipment and machines.

I marvelled at seeing all the things there. A rank measuring machine.

A machine to measure your strength.

“Don’t touch anything”.

A grumpy voice snapped me out of my thoughts as a woman wearing a lab coat came toward us.

“He wants to test his attributes,” Miss Ami asked her.

She went into the room and after some time took out the sphere ball.

“Input your mana into the ball it will identify your suitable element”.

The elements affinity you have will be shown here.

Placing my hands on the sphere I poured my mana.

The ball started to shine first showing an orange colour which represents the fire element then it change to ice, wind, lightning, earth, black colours and then it went blank.

“Huh, what happened”.Seeing that the ball was in white I was shocked thinking that I broke it.

” Did I put too much mana?”I muttered inwardly.

I glanced at Miss Ami and the coat woman. Both of them were stupefied.

“Is something wrong”?Sweat started trickling from my forehead.

” Nothing is wrong. We are just astonished. Let’s do it with another to confirm my suspicion “.

The woman went back and placed another ball before me.

I repeated the same way and the results remain the same.

Miss Ami stared at me with pity before saying” The colour went off because you have all four basic attributes of elements along with ice and lightning and darkness”.

“What that means I have every attributes”.

” No, you don’t have a healing attribute.”The stern voice of the woman cut me off.

“Still you are quite lucky as well as unlucky.”Miss Ami shook her head.

” Why”.

“Person with attributes like you are quite rare maybe there just thousands but you are unlucky because you have a bronze bloodline. If you have at least a golden bloodline. No one could stop you from rising in future. Even people with platinum bloodline will look you in envy”.

” All those are admitted to Horizon have at least three elements where within 1000 ranks have all basic elements”

Shaking my head I tried my best to look sad while inside I was jumping happily.

Leaving the lab I walked around. Stopping at the park I looked at the sky gripping my fist.

“My day to rise gonna be earlier than expected”.

I should have taken the hint from the shop which provided ice and fire skill as after looking in the shop I found the system only provide skill according to your compatibility.


In a room decorated lavishly.

A serious meeting was held.

The table was filled with people in black suits. The pressure they emitted was enough to send shivers to A ranked monster.

At the centre, a man who looked quite young of his age was reading the reports.

“Chairman the dungeon is showing anomalies in many areas”.

A young man in his 40’s stated his opinion.

” The probability of dungeon break happening has increased quite a lot in recent years”.

“We should inform the king”.

” Hmm”.Nodding his head without saying anything he looked out of the window staring at the beautiful sunset.

“The peace has been quite long since we suffered any chaos. It seemed like calm before a storm arrives”.

” We have to increase our guard. Report the king and call the hero association asking for

assistance “.The chairman said with a solemn expression.

” Dismissed ”

After everyone was out.

The man leaned on the window looking outside. He may look young but his age is already near 120. He was one of the young prodigies who were able to achieve 9 stars before the 50’S.

One may be able to reach 8-Star before 30’sbut to pass the wall above it takes 30-40 years even for a genius. You can’t reach 9-Star because of the bloodline. Some don’t have a stable foundation and are rushed to 8-Star and may not be able to reach this level even in their whole life.

Hero association, Hunter Association, Public Safety Management bureau along nobles are the four pillars of the Kingdom in modern times except the King’s army who are responsible for maintaining internal peace.

Humans have achieved peace after the countless sacrifices of lives.

But the recent peace has changed their aim and everyone want to profit on their work.

Noble influence has spread to the other three departments. If not for the king to be strong someone may have already taken over the king.

While there is an internal struggle going inside the kingdom to achieve higher authority, Demons are planning something quite secretly. If we were not able to do something to prevent them no one knows what calamity will befall us.


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