The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 231:Orc Invasion

Chapter 231:Orc Invasion

A village somewhere in the Northern region.

Dark clouds covered the entire sky casting a shadow on the underground.

The ground had been ravaged, houses had been burnt and broken.

The scene of destruction around the place which used to be a village for some folks had now become a destroyed ruin

In the middle of the village, twelve bulky creatures stood having a greenish appearance resembling goblins

Most of them have their upper half naked except for a shoulder blade on the left and a sling tied to the weapon.

Their lower part was covered with a small layer of cloth masking their groans. Two huge canines protrude from their lower jaw while their eyes were filled with viciousness and glowed with a reddish glow.

The Orc stood proudly on the sea of corpses and a river of blood while beating their puffed chests though they were drums of war.

The Orcs had killed all men who tried to fight them while leaving the women alive.

“Kue Kekekekkk!!!”

An orc laughed viciously as he held the hair of the lady who was sobbing while begging them to kill her.

“Shut up! We will use you to the fullest before throwing you away.”


“We will ravage all of you.” Another one spoke while licking his lips.

Other women were forcefully held by Orcs who seemed to be faithful to their primal desires.

The Orc took out his tongue and started to lick the woman’s face while holding her high above the group by gripping her hands and feet.

“Nooo!” The woman screamed trying to struggle free from the grasp of these nasty creatures.

The Orc licked her all over the face and the woman who was screaming loud suddenly heard the sound of bursting something and she fell to the ground with a large thud.

Rains of greenish liquid fell on her face and she raised her face and looked up to see the Orc had his head missing and blood gushed out from his neck like watermelon and the lifeless body fell to the ground.

She was horrified by the scene and words struck her throat, unable to come out.

The scene happened too quickly for everyone to react and the following scene was repeated in quick succession on the Orcs who held the women in their arms.


One of the women woke up from the stupor and shouted.

The other quickly followed.

The Orc who was unable to react for a moment thought that these ladies played a prank on them by making them look weak and lowering their guard and killing them.

The remaining of the Orcs roared and started to give chase.


A small explosion occurred which drew a fire line separating the Orc and the women.

“Kue Kkk!”

The Orc stepped back as felt scorching heat due to the small explosion and stared at the scene to find five red hot daggers pinned on the ground.

One of the Orcs raised his head and pointed at the sky.

Everyone looked up to see a shining armored man appear with a huge axe in his hand while floating in the air.

Lucas was maintaining his position using telekinesis, looked down and spoke.

“Ladies, please evacuate quickly.

The women bowed to Lucas and started to run away.

One of the Orcs snorted and looked up and threw a spear straight at Lucas.

Lucas just waved his axe deflecting the blow easily.

Lucas killed five Orc previously who were at 1-Star rank.

Four 1-Star, two 2-Star and a 3-Star seemed to lead this small group.

“Small fries!” Lucas grumbled and raised his free hand.

Hundreds of fireballs appeared in the sky which turned into fire bullets in an instant.

“Die!” Lucas roared and closed his fist, following which the fireball shot towards the Orcs.


Small explosions started to ring followed by a cloud of dust.

Lucas still wasn’t done with them and summoned many sharp pointed spikes and threw at them.





Painful wails echoed throughout the place as the Orcs suffered heavy damage due to Lucas’s attack while the weaker ones were directly killed as the ice spikes directly went past them, making countless holes in their body.

With countless wounds drenching his body with greenish fluid and pale face, an Orc appeared out of the rain of attacks and coughed violently.

He suddenly heard a faint noise cutting off air and jumped back.


The ground cracked as Lucas landed on his feet.

The Orc wasn’t able to stabilize its huge body when it saw Lucas rushing towards it.

With the right step forward, it swung its huge mace with all its strength.


Metallic sparks flew as the mace collided with the axe.

The Orc who seemed to be confident in its strength was horrified as he was struck by a strong force and was forced to step back.

Lucas raised the axe and didn’t give it any leeway and raised the axe and swung it vertically.

The Orc raised its axe to defend but with a plunging sound, the mace was split into two parts and Lucas kicked the Orc’s chest, sending it flying.

The Orc body slammed into one of the brick houses and passed through the house, destroying it while sliding on the ground.

It was unable to breathe as it felt its sternum had been broken and pressed onto its lungs due to a previous kick. Still he tried to get up and before he could he saw Lucas appearing above and like an executioner, swung his axe sending him to eternal rest.

Blood sprayed on his face which stained his metallic helmet.

Lucas took a deep and heavy breath as he felt slight exhaustion.

Due to the rough terrain, Lucas used telekinesis to fly in the air to reach places quickly.

Lucas with a feeling of restlessness stared at the combined exp.

[Exp: 2,213,045]

Lucas bit his lips while closing his eyes with slight hesitation. He wanted to use it only after 4 years but seeing the situation he needed strength quickly as he might not be lucky encountering a weak Orc like these.

Before the full-fledged appearance of the Orc army, their max level should be 5-Star with a hoard of 4-Star and with his current strength, he might die and he couldn’t even run as there had been a battle going near the Northern guarding pass which was the only way to move toward central plains.

With a heavy heart, he brought the diamond-grade potion from the shop while watching the change in the huge number of exp with a saddened heart.

“My hard-earned exp!” He cried bitterly as he saw the two million exs disappear and the diamond-colored sparkling bottle appeared in his hand.

Opening the lid of the bottle, Lucas hesitated a little and then closed his eyes to harden himself and chugged down the entire potion quickly.

Lucas shook his head while waiting for the aftermath. His eyes became red and he felt a slight pain in his stomach which churned a little.

“Is this it?”

“I thought it would be worse.”

Lucas sighed in relief and was about to move forward suddenly felt his muscles twitching a little and before he could say any more words, his veins bulged all over his body and he felt a splitting pain in his head as if someone was tearing him apart as he fell on the ground and gritted his teeth to suppress the pain.

Editor: Sam0207

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