The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 212: Sorting Things Out[2]

Chapter 212: Sorting Things Out[2]

Lucas stared at Layla’s figure for a moment.

After cleaning up and wearing neat clothes her figure looked quite enchanting.

Her thin lips with gentle eyebrows and the shyness on her face make her look like a natural seducer.

‘Did she also use honey traps on them?’Alex muttered inwardly while thinking about her stunning figure after a few years.

Seeing her current naive appearance Lucas found it hard to digest that she was going to be a huge pain in the ass in the future.

She looks like an innocent lamb that can’t even kill a fly let alone commit the heinous deed of killing the humans.

“Take a seat,” Lucas spoke.

Layla thought that this was his order and immediately sat on the floor.

Lucas blinked a couple of times and finally opened his mouth”Why are you sitting on the floor?”

Layla thought that his action might have displeased Lucas and she stood up immediately and bowed her head and spoke frantically”I made a mistake so please don’t hit me.”

Listening to her words, Lucas covered his face.

Currently, she is a 5-Star warrior who could even wreak havoc if she wanted. The source of this content is Freeᴡebnᴏvel.cᴏm.

Just how much torture did she go through to turn into such a fragile girl?

Because of uncivilized bastards, many people are going to lose their lives.

“Layla, calm down.”

“I meant to say don’t sit on the floor and sit on the couch,” Lucas muttered while pointing at the cough that was beside the window.

She nodded and without a single word sat on the couch hurriedly as if her life was on the line.

“Listen, you don’t need to fear. I will not abuse you in any way. I swear.”

“Really!” Layla lifted her head and spoke in a soft voice with twinkling eyes filled with expectations but as she remembered the people who hit her with whips with a smile on their faces, she didn’t dare to believe Lucas.

Lucas noticed the subtle change in her expression and got that she didn’t believe him in the end.


Layla was frightened by the sudden voice and stood up from the couch while looking around her cautiously.

But as soon as she stood up, the slave collar fell to the ground with a loud thud.

Her eyes widened seeing her neck free from the collar and she stroked her neck while the grievous wound had already formed a scar that started to burn a little.

Countless emotions flashed in her eyes and her eyes became teary.

Lucas nodded in satisfaction seeing her reaction and spoke, “Listen, Layla, I will not keep you as a slave.”

“Freeing the slave collar was my way to keep my word.”

“I will give you two choices from now on.”

“I am a student at Horizon. It is one of the most prestigious academies in the world. You might have heard about it.”

“I need a servant. You can work as my maid. I will make sure to compensate you and pay you well. You can do anything you want in your free time.”

“And don’t misunderstand the work of a maid as a bed warmer,” Lucas spoke and explained to her carefully in case she misunderstood him while especially since he was neither a molester nor an abuser.

“Now, about the second choice.”

“If you don’t want to be my maid, you can leave this place.”

“You can have your freedom back and you can go anywhere you want.”

“But in that case, you will owe me a favor. You have to swear a mana oath for that.” Lucas spoke, surprising her.

Lucas stood up and placed a dimensional ring on the table.

“There is some money, daily necessities, and potions in it. If you want to leave, take this leave at midnight.”

“I have to go back tomorrow, so think about your choices carefully. You have time until the morning.” Lucas spoke and decided to head back to take a stroll leaving Layla behind who looked at the ring with an inexplicable emotion and grabbed it tightly while thinking about the man’s words carefully.

Lucas had already said what he wanted to say to change her mind.

Any more persuasion and flowery words may backfire on him.

The ring that he had given had a tracker in it.

If she leaves, Lucas will observe her action for a few days and if things go out of hand, he will give his all to kill her.

But fortunately, the thing Lucas feared didn’t happen but he was struck with another misfortune.


The soft wind blew over the flowers which swayed gently under the faint rays of the sun giving one a moment of peace.

But the atmosphere was anything but peaceful

After Layla agreed to Lucas’s condition, Lucas brought her directly to Princess not wanting to anger her.

After all, she was brought with her money.

Sweat started to trickle from his back while he stood silently bowing his head as he felt the intense glare which was enough to drill a hole in him.

He just lifted his head slightly and felt the cold menacing gaze of the tigress and he put his head down like a good boy.

Seeing Julian’s expression, he felt as if Julian was accusing him of cheating on her back.

While Lucas stood there like a docile obedient boy, Layla seemed to freeze seeing Julian’s stunning allure figure but more than that she could hate in her eyes for her.

The princess observed Layla. From Lucas, she came to know that Layla was the same age as her.

Even though Layla was 19 years old she looked quite childish and looked as if she was someone in her 15.

Her innocent childish expression was enough to draw enough sympathy and pity towards.

But even after that there were people who would enslave such a sweet girl who disgusted her.

She shook her head to stop the distracting thoughts and clapper her hand.

“Take her inside and dress her properly.From now on you are going to learn maid etiquette.”

As Layla exited, Julian turned her gaze towards Lucas.

Trying to calm down the situation, Lucas muttered”Princess, you shouldn’t be angry. It’s bad for your skin.”

“Who told you I was angry? Why are you assuming prperly.

“And why do I need to be angry when you bringing a slave had nothing to do with me?”

‘Tsundere .’Lucas could only use one word to describe her.

Julian coughed a little and spoke while tilting her head” I am just angry ’cause you went to the black market and brought a slave auction. If people knew about it, what would be left of my image?”

“Seeing you doing shady things behind my back would make people question my servant’s integrity.”

“Didn’t you say you aren’t angry?”

“What did you say? I didn’t hear you, can you please repeat?” Julian asked while giving a chilling gaze.

“I was saying that the weather is quite beautiful today but not as beautiful as Her Highness itself”

“It’s good that you know,” Julian spoke and her anger calmed down a little.

“Tell me, why did you buy her?” Julian asked with a serious expression.

“I think she has great potential. She is already a 5-Star even though she isn’t from a great academy. I think she will be a great asset for us in the future.” Lucas explained.

“Are you sure you haven’t been coveted by her beauty?”

“No, this butler of yours is as straight as a mountain , I am an upright and honest individual.”

‘Scoundrel.’Julian muttered seeing Lucas boasting.

She didn’t know why bringing a slave aggravated her and somehow thinking about Layla being closer to him always made her angry.

Lucas saw Julian calming down and her face again became cold with the same indifferent expression and he heaved an air of relief.

He was not a dense individual and can perceive what was going on.

But he didn’t dare to take a step forward for now. Until he can prove himself and gain a status befitting of standing beside her, Lucas didn’t dare to step up and destroy the current status quo.

He had sufficient time in his hand.

‘Haa…The journey is long and arduous. Let’s just take baby steps and see when we reach there or even can I reach there.’Lucas spoke with a saddened expression.

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