The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 204: The Cure[2]

Chapter 204: The Cure[2]

Hearing Julian’s question, Lucas turned around and leaned on the wall beside the window and looked at Julian with a simple gentle smile.

“To tell you the truth even I don’t know?” Lucas spoke while his lips curled upwards with a smile which looked as if he was mocking Julian.

Julian glared at Lucas as he saw him feigning ignorance.

As if Lucas understood Julian’s thoughts, he spoke”I am telling the truth. I don’t know how I knew it or when I came to know about it. It’s just I knew about it from the moment, I came here.”

Lucas didn’t mince his words and sugar coated it saying, he had searched for it crazily and just spoke what he felt like which was actually the truth.

He even wondered whether the treatment was truly found by Fredrick and Princess of Ralph or if it was found by someone else who wrote it for him to know about it and use it in the future.

Knowing that special person who like to play the role of someone else, Lucas was sure that the guy sure loves to take a roundabout away rather than showing the facts at once.

“To put it bluntly, I knew about it a while ago and already wondered whether to give it to you or not but I decided to save it for negotiation at the time you called me, after all, you were having thoughts of getting rid of me isn’t it.” Lucas grinned trying to tease Julian.

Julian felt embarrassed on hearing Lucas’s words and thought to bury herself in a hole.

She can feel that Lucas was becoming quite daring, day by day and now even started to tease her.

‘I will surely get back at you, You scoundrel,’ Julian thought while curling her lips and was about to say something when Lucas turned to back to leave.

“Hey, where are you going?”

“Lucas, wait a moment.”

“Your Highness, we have enough time to chit chat so you should take some rest and relax, after all, I am not running away from here.”

Lucas might have wait and exchanged few words, if not for Julian’s coquettish behaviour which could even melt one heart made of stone.

He was sure that if he stayed here at the place for another moment, he may lose himself and fall hard seeing Julian.

Before Julian could even respond to Lucas’s words, he had clearly opened the door and walked out without giving her time to say anything else.

Julian was stunned as she heard the sounds of footsteps moving further and further away from the place and reached to the point where she couldn’t hear the voice any further other than the chirping of some birds and the sound of bustling leaves coming from outside the window.

Lucas’s words still rang in her ears and she looked at the dairy while standing up to hold it.

As soon as she stood up, she felt quite odd and sticky and looked down to see her dress was completely soaked in her own sweat, which consequently made her silvery material stick and embraces her every portion of her curve which was outlining her seductive figure in a special tempting way.

While looking at her own clothes pressed to her body, her slender legs and pretty thigh glistening due to her own body’s sweat made Julian was stunned for a moment.

If Lucas was still present here, Julian could kick him out calling him a pervert but Lucas had left quickly as soon as she woke giving her a sense of relief.

And as she finally reacted, she raised her head and looked at the closed wooden door.

A small sigh escaped from her pink rosy lips at the same time a complicated look appeared on her face.

She finally picked up the dairy and opened it.

She went through the contents of the diary carefully and flipped the pages while skimming through the pages.

Her expression changed and the more she looked at the contents, the more stupified she became.

By the time she skimmed through the entire contents, she was momentarily at loss for her words and it made her speechless.

Inside it was 8 tier magic circle drawn carefully while explaining every bit of it carefully so that no mistake was made while drawing it.

And there was a list of materials which will be used to make the medium of drawing the magic circle wrote neatly in one section.

Each of those items was quite costly and rare which even took her by surprise.

After making the medium, the magic circle would be drawn on her back which could always operate on her body giving her warmth. The circle would also enable her to channelize her mana properly enabling better flow of mana in her body.

And if one was worried about the magic circle staying on the back like a hideous tattoo then he or she needn’t to be worried cause the circle would turn transparent and become invisible after it’s drawn completely.

The circle looked quite advanced compared to the magic circles that were used now.

Julian looked at the dairy and felt an unfound emotion and pressed it to her chest as if it was one of the most precious things she had in her life.

She felt a little bit embarrassed about the way she behaved and if one looked at her now, they may mistaken her for a naive little girl.

She didn’t knew how to repay Lucas as the thing meant a lot to her.

“I never knew, my precious doll had such a girlish and cute side to her.”

Julian’s eyebrows narrowed when she heard the voice and looked towards the window where the voice came from.

Quickly jumping from the bed, he opened the window pan to see a man lurking down there who waved his hand and smiled innocently.

“Father, why are you hiding down there?”

“Can’t you behave like a civilised person and come through the door,” Julian grumbled with an angered tone.

“What do you mean civilized. I am the most civilised person in this Kingdom?”

“And whom are you calling a thief. I am king as well as your father. I can come from anywhere I want .Who the hell can stop me from entering.” Alexander spoke while entering through the window.

“At least respect others’ privacy. You can’t just come and hide here while listening to our talks.” Julian shouted while her chest rose and fell.

“What do you mean? Do you think I am lazing around in the castle? Let me tell you I was so busy that I wasn’t able to put a foot out of the office. If not for your mother snaking my… I mean informing me about your condition. I wouldn’t have appeared here.”

“Liar,” Julian muttered while rolling her eyes and spoke.

“By the way, how much did you hear?” Julian asked in a stern voice.

“Almost everything,” Alexander spoke and sat on the bed while making a stretching motion.

“I have been here since yesterday. And it was quite marvellous to see that gentleman watching over you for a whole day without moving an inch and would treat you every time you felt cold.” Alexander spoke with a serious expression while his playful smile disappeared.

“I see,” Julian muttered while putting her head down.

Alexander looked at Julian’s expression and knew what Julian was feeling.

After all in his youth, he chased and hit several girls hiding his identity, though most of the time he would be chased by girls with a shoe in their hands until his friend would make an appearance to save him.

Moreover, he felt quite surprised that he didn’t feel angry after all if it was anyone body except him, their family would have got a visit by a gangster till now.

As Alexander sat down, Julian sat down beside her while Alexander asked her to give them the dairy.

Alexander looked at the dairy quite carefully after all it can be a matter of life and death for her daughter.

So, he doesn’t want something bad to happen in the mid of the process which may harm her precious daughter.

He wouldn’t able to forgive himself for his whole life if something bad happened under his watchful eyes.

“Father, what do you think?” Julian asked.

“Hmmm…Seeing the process and analysing it, I can say that it might work but I am not hundred percent sure about it” Alexander spoke.

Rubbing his chin a little, he said”Julian wait for a few days. I will try to inform that old fogie about it so that he may come and take a look at it.”

“Are you talking about grandpa? Do you know where he is?”

Alexander shaped his head and spoke”I don’t know but he gave me something to contact him in case of emergency. And the current situation is similar to an emergency.”

“If he knew that we have found a cure, he will come out running from his hiding shell.”

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