The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 20 – Skies

Chapter 20 – Skies

On entering I found a lady with blonde hair who seems to be working as a receptionist.

I gave her my card.

“Wait for a few minutes”.

I gave a brief nod and looked around. There weren’t many decorations. The security doesn’t seem to be too tight.

The lady with the blonde hair was both a receptionist and battle mage. She seems to be soft and weak but she was really strong in the fight against the monster.

Her name was Morgana. She was staring at me with a sharp gaze from the corner of her eye observing my every movement.

“Sir please go to that room”.she pointed to the left

In the room, three pillars of the sky were sitting at the desk. I was feeling the atmosphere of giving an interview. I was nearly nervous.

Aaron and my eyes met and we give a brief nod.

” You are 1st year in Horizon. Have you any experience in fighting monsters”.

I wanted to say about my death experience at the hand of the brown wolf but refrain from doing.

” Just fought some beast at dungeon test.I have no real-life battle experience”.

I came clean and decided to tell my thoughts of joining them.

“I understand your need for money but why skies”.

You might be surprised about being interviewed to join a mercenary but Aaron is a cautious person. He is the type of person who can go to any length for friends. With Scotch and Reynolds being here he doesn’t want any wolf in his team as he treats all his members as family.

“As you know it’s new and it will be not easier for 1 Star like me to get into any named one’s. Secondly I have information for someone inside your group that I want to give”.

Both Scotch and Reynolds frowned at my answer. I knew it would be difficult but for my future safety, I have to take a risk.

” What information and for whom”.

“Sorry I can tell only if you take me in”.

Weighing pros and cons he decided” Ok first we will hunt in the dungeon. Seeing your performance we will decide. Don’t worry even if we don’t take you in you will get compensation for the hunt”.

“We will be Hunting dungeon from F to E rank now. If you can be fit in our Skies you will have a monthly pay of 20,000 and as you are a new member. We will give you 5% profit from the monster part you hunt along with salary”

“Get ready tomorrow we will be going to E rank dungeon but don’t worry with us you will be free from any trouble”.

“Here is your contract with pay for the hunt tomorrow, there are other things in the contract please take a look”.

Reading everything properly I signed the contract. Everything looks fine and I am also placing my hope about the character portrait being true according to what I know.

” Now you can leave and prepare”.

Nodding my head I left.

“So how is it Scotch. What is your opinion”.

” I have monitored his heart rates and pulses through my device. He doesn’t seem to have any hidden agenda that will harm us”.

“But why did we choose him. We have dozens of applicants that are better than him”.Reynolds has been wondering it from the beginning.

Honestly, a business-minded person like him doesn’t want to accept and waste time with a newbie that hasn’t even taken his foot outside.

“How many years have been when you all been in this profession “.

” 10 or perhaps 20 years”.

“Have ever seen any students below 3 rd year joined any mercenary. Students from commoners generally join after graduating. Only students belonging to the upper hierarchy join before graduating. Moreover, they join their family mercenary or well known”.

Both thought about the life they have lived. The leader words rang in their ears. They have a fair share of experience but this is the first time they have seen a boy like him.

He was nervous when he entered but he was trying to get used to it and when he left he seem to control his emotions well. He is still learning for everything he lacks.

” Even if academy life is harsh and somewhat cruel it can’t be comparable to life in the dungeon where you don’t know even you can return after you enter. In academy even if you do wrong unless you cross the line there wouldn’t be any harsh punishment”.

“I mayn’t be an expert in judging but looking at him he wants to get stronger and only by living a life out of comfort will he be able to go up, even if he is bronze bloodline he is not willing to settle for less. I want to see how far he can go”.


Both of them shook their head. They know their leader may be strict from the outside but he is soft. If not be a person of good character, after all, they wouldn’t be there.

My first plan seems to go well till now. Now my second plan.

I have no confidence in my second plan. But if it goes well years from now I don’t have to worry about money.

I called for the person for an appointment and he has agreed to meet.

Ordering a strawberry milkshake which used to be my favourite I took my place at the table waiting for the person.

My nerves were quite tensed after meeting at skies. I am not good at these kinds of things such as negotiation but I have to learn. In this world, a member of any noble faction should have good social skills.

I have to hone this skill in the time I have, as I am 100% sure one day I will need it. If I don’t learn to present myself honourably I will surely regret it in future.

A man with a beard entered with his hair in disarray. He looked like a mad scientist. He is a graduate of the academy. He is researching in making small battle suits. The battle suits will look like small spheres that can be carried easily which will unfold to cover your body.

One of the brilliant inventions in the future that will lead mankind forward. Now he is in the prototype phase and looking for investment. With huge struggles, he will be successful in the future and will become one of the giants in the business.

Seeing one of the richest men of the future in these conditions my heartaches. I don’t have much money now but I have to take the gamble.

Joining skies will give me a steady supply of money and with almost everything free in the academy I can invest half on him even after saving some for myself.

With help of the system, I don’t require money for resources and with Skies, I will be able to procure exp.

I raised my hand to signal him to come.

Taking his seat before me he looked at me with curiosity. He must have expected some bigshot but the one before him was a teenage boy who shocked him.

“Lucas, a pleasure to meet you”.I extended my hand

“Nice to meet you too”

” You can call me James”.

Shaking his hand I said, “You can order anything you want. It will be on me”.

” Thanks then I will take an expresso”.

“What do you want to discuss with me”.

” I will get straight to the point. I am quite poor but due to an opportunity, I can now earn a decent amount. I have listened about your project from the academy. I want to invest and become your business partner”.

“How much can you invest in and where do you get confidence that I will succeed “.

” Think of it as a gut feeling. If your idea becomes true I can hit big.”.

“And about money, if you agree I can give 30,000R and every month I can provide a minimum 8000R.In the future I can provide you millions but it will take time”. Pressing his mind he asked me to give him some time to think and left.

After that, we discussed many other things and in the end, I told him not to think much and even if he failed, think of this as a loan.

Giving a brief nod he left. His eyes looked sad. He was talented but one of his ideas was stolen by a noble lackey. He has been depressed for the time.

I wanted to assure him of revenge but decided to leave after all I am myself not strong enough to do anything.” I shouldn’t raise his morals unnecessarily unless I can back him up”.

Looking at his back I drank my milkshake.

I have a 60℅ chance of success. When you talk about the investment you talk in millions but I don’t have that money still I offered him because at this stage as described in a novel he even finds it hard to eat food. Every time he earns he put everything into his invention.

Such is life.

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