The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 198: Julian Vs will

Chapter 198: Julian Vs will

Fredrick frowned on hearing Lucas’s words while his pupil contracted and his back was already drenched in sweat as he looked at Lucas who didn’t seem to be joking around.

Fredrick didn’t even want to think of that possibility.No he feared even thinking about it.

Although he didn’t tell Lucas that he had seen some images of the battles and seeing those otherworldly invaders fight, he knew better than anyone just how fierce they were.

Even one of them was enough to purge the entire world into chaos.

“Lucas, I don’t think anyone is pulling the string cause humans and other species are already weak and even dozens of invaders were enough to wipe us out without leaving anything. So, for now, it’s better to overlook it after all even if there is something like that, we are too weak to take it on.” Fredrick replied.

“Moreover, do you know about the reasons appearance of dungeons?”Fredrick ask while Lucas nodded his trying to say it’s obvious he doesn’t know about it.

” As you might already know dungeons are alternate dimensions and small worlds that are linked to the place. But there were no dungeons in that era. It’s only after the world laws weakened dungeons popped out here and there.”

“Moreover, the increased rate of dungeons spawning is an alarming sign about the world laws becoming further weaker and weaker.”

“I see, so is there a way to fix this?” Lucas asked curiously.

“I don’t know and it’s of no use in wasting time while dwelling on that,” Frederick spoke.

“Yeah, you are right about it.”

“Then the person, we refer to Marcus, Martial God, his tale is true or false?”Lucas asked curiously.

” I don’t know about it. Maybe he was someone who was able to get over the curse.”Fredrick replied.


Lucas thought that Fredeick spear might have come from the era when other-worldly had invaded the world and even after countless years no one had taken over the ownership of the powers of the spear.

Lucas can already infer that Fredrick’s spear might be made by a False God Dwarf.

“By the way thanks for answering all the queries, Fredrick.”

“Nah! It’s okay. If you reach the top, you are bound to know about it anyway. So, it’s okay to know about it before the required time unless it messes up your mind.” Fredrick spoke.


In the following days, matches of the third year began.

Each of these matches was packed with extreme action, and every one of the participants showed their superior fighting skills without holding back.

Advancing to the final, only two contenders were left.

Both of them were a foe to contend with.

The first one to reach the final was Kingdom’s most lovable person Julian Von Stan who froze everyone on the way to the finals.

While the second one who ascended was The Vice President of the Student Council, Will Reeves, belonging to the Marquise house.

Will Reeves was one of the most sought males of the Kingdom because of his handsome looks and dominating presence.

What was worth noting was that Reeves’s house had fire bloodline ability which was in stark contrast to Princess Julian.

Both of them were quite the opposite of each other.

Everyone was excited about the upcoming match, which was bound to be a blockbuster.

It was the battle of Fire against Ice.


The sun’s rays of penetrating clouds fall on the arena while two people walk toward each other.

“It’s been long since we met President, “Will spoke with a calm domineering voice.

Julian looked at Will and didn’t respond and just nodded her head.

If one asked what was Julian’s expression of Will Reeves.

She can only say that she doesn’t like to be around him.

Though she didn’t hate him, she always had a weary feeling around Will.

She can tell that Will is a master at putting on a facade and can make his expression hide quite well.

No one could know what he was thinking, and he was quite a sly fox.

More than that, she doesn’t like to be around him.

Most of the nobles announced their engagement when they reached 18.

And when Julian reached that age and celebrated the coming age of ceremony, she had received an engagement request from Will Reeves.

Until now, she had received many engagement requests, but what had surprised her the most was that House Reeves offered half of the territory to the Imperial jurisdiction if they were engaged, which was quite surprising.

After all, there was no way a noble house could sacrifice that much even for her.

At first, many thought that Will Reeves may be crazy for her and wanted her irrespective of the cost, Julian tried to test Wil, and she was sure about one thing, which was that Will was not one of those who goes mad while mesmerized by others’ beauty.

He looked quite domineering, and his eyes always seemed to look down on others, including her.

He always looked at her as if she was just a worthless toy or stepping stone for him.

Even his father had told him to keep weary for him and Reeves’s house which was full of sly foxes.


While Julian and Will were scanning each other, waiting for the match, in the spectator’s stand, Lucas was looking at Will with a hawk a gaze as if he wanted to cut Will into pieces.

Looking at Will, he gets that edgy vibes of a maniac villain.

While killing Azeroth and getting information from him, he discovered that house Reeves had been in contact with Villian Society.

Moreover, they also have a hand in illegal slavery, gambling dens, and many other illegal things.

And Lucas also thinks that someway or the other, they had a hand in the slaughter of Jay’s village and helped to hide the slave traders under their wing.

Lucas wished to take off their mask, but he was helpless in that matter.

So, he can slowly bid his time for grasping any opportunity that may appear before him in the future.

For now, he had to see how much strength Reeves had compared to Julian.

Julian was at the peak of 6-Star while Will Reeves seemed to bet at mid of 5-Star, so the disparity was quite huge.

In the novel, the match wasn’t worthwhile as Julian defeated Reeves quite easily.

But it was only in the novel, not in the real world where things go downside when you have expected the list.


The referee gave then signalled for the match to begin.

Both Julian and Reeves jumped back to a distance instead of going to each throat from the beginning.

It was clear that both of them were gonna engaged in a long-range attack while exchanging a fight with their bloodline abilities.

Will clenched his fist tightly, and a fire started to condense, and his fist started to sparkle brightly.

Raising his left foot forward, he punched the air before him, aiming straight at Julian.

Following his fist, a condensed mass of pressure emerged from his fist that moved towards Julian with an astonishing speed.

The space around the pressure started to heat up, and as it passed through, it left behind a trail of fire on the ground emitting a crackling sound.

Julian looked blankly at the mass of pressure which condensed into a beam of fire which was moving towards her.

She just stood in her position, and with a flick of her fingers, she waved her hand towards the attack.

The mana around her rippled, and the pressure moving towards Julian was cut apart, and the ground froze with just a simple gesture of her hands.

Will, as if accepted the fact, lunged forward, his image blurred and the ground beneath the place stood he stood cracked.

Will appeared directly over their head of Julian and, taking a mouth full of air and inhaling it, he exhaled while raising both of his fists.


With a crackling sound, a beam of fire was shot toward Julian, who was on the ground.

She looked up to see a massive fire covering her entire vision, and the vast cloud emitted a blinding flash.

The entire stadium was lit up by Will’s attack, and a mass of hot air seemed to expand following his attack, which descended on Julian like a falling meteorite.

Will didn’t hold back thinking about the beauty on the ground, which would be burned by the attack, cause he knew if he showed a hint of mercy, Julian would crush him like an ant.

The power gap was quite huge between them. The only advantage he had was his fire ability.

Unlike others, he was sure that he wouldn’t be frozen by Julian and get disqualified.

Hardly anyone had forced Julian to use her full strength.

From the first year until now, Julian had won the championship quite easily.

Most people worry about exhausting their mana during the fight, but in Julian’s case, it was the opposite.

Unlike others, she suffers mostly due to having an enormous amount of mana.

Even with the rank of the peak of 6-Star, she can rival a mid-7-Star or above in terms of mana, and because of her high mana, she suffers heavily.

This was a known fact throughout the kingdoms, and that’s what Will planned to do.

He wanted to force Julian to use all her strength, and once she used the mana, he was sure that she wouldn’t be able to control the enormous amount of mana, and her disease would relapse in the mid of the match.

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