The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 195: What Ls The Name OfThis World

Chapter 195:What Ls The Name OfThis World

Chapter 195:What Ls The Name OfThis World

Lucas after handing over the sword looked for his gang members which consist of a nerd, a protagonist candidate, a clown and a mister serious with a frowning face.

Lucas stood before the door to calm himself a little and taking a turbid fill of air, opened the door.


Inside it, Fredrick, Roan and Parth were present who were looking at the ongoing match quite intently.

Lucas wondered why Charles was missing.

The sound of the opening of the door woke them up from their stupor and they looked back to see Lucas entering the place.

Lucas finally found the weird group filled with all types of psychos and walked toward them and said”Yo, it’s felt like I haven’t seen you for many years. So, how are you doing.”

Lucas spoke and greeted everyone.

Frederick and Roan looked at Parth who coughed a little and walked towards Lucas and put his hand on the shoulder like a loving neighbourhood uncle who try to pry into other neighbours’ children’s business and provide them with unnecessary tips.

Parth spoke with a joyful tone”Lucas, you did your best. I am mesmerized by the way you danced…Cough…I mean, by the way, you fought. Such elegance, such brightness is really noteworthy. Sadly, you lose the match but you shouldn’t drown in sorrow from such a small defeat and hole up inside your room.”

“You should spend your youth chasing after beautiful innocent girls…Cough…I mean to do something fruitful.”

Fredeick and Roam facepalmed with the way Parth conveyed his words and thought it would have been better if they would have spoke about it.

Lucas blinked a couple of times, trying to digest Parth’s words while trying to protect his brain from short-circuiting.

Lucas shook away Parth’s head while glaring at Parth and spoke”Tell me the truth Parth. Did you hit your head your head by falling or some one-hit your head when you are a child?”

Parth almost choked on his swords hearing Lucas’s words.

Lucas ignored him and spoke, “I was just recuperating a little bit and taking some rest.”

“By the way, Fredrick, I wanted to ask you about something,” Lucas spoke with a solemn voice.

Seeing, Lucas’s gaze Fredrick nodded.

“When do you want to talk about it?” Fredrick asked.

“The sooner, the better,” Lucas spoke.

“Okay, let’s go after watching the finale,” Fredrick spoke and all of them turned their gaze to the battlefield.


In Arena.

Two young warriors were fighting each other quite fiercely.

One of them was rank 1 of 2nd Year Issac while the other was rank 3 of 2nd Year Douce.

Both of them were at the early stage of 5-Star and engaged in a fierce battle.

Their clashes shook the arena.

Both of them were sword users and were quite good matches for each other.


The ground shook and a powerful energy blast spread out throughout the whole arena.

Gales of strong winds swept across the arena which resulted because of the clash between the two individuals who exchanged blows after blows

Skidding back, Issac’s feet came to halt near the edge of the arena grounds as he looked at Douce with a solemn expression.

With long golden hair cascading down from his back and a haughty look to match his presence, Issac glared in Douce’s direction.

“Is this really the best you can do?” Isaac smirked as he looked at the rank number 3 of his year.

“Hahahah…I don’t know how you managed to reach till here but sorry to say, your journey is over now. This is the end Douce.”

“Accept your fate.”

Despite his haughty look and arrogant look, he didn’t look down on Douce rather he was trying to mess up his mind cause he knew that Douce was more dangerous than he looked.

The fight had already been going on around for ten minutes while Issac seemed to be in better shape still he knew that the battle was in stalemate and neither of them had got the upper hand.

Raising his hand, Issac looked at Douce who was covering his sword with aura.

The mana in the surrounding converged in his hands.

He raised both of his hands and twirled his finger and mana started to twist around him into small sharp funnels that levitated around him forming a vortex of winds that swirled around him.

“Compression!” Isaac shouted.

His bloodline ability allows them to compress magical energies into a mini spot and use it as a bomb to make a huge blast but there was a problem with their bloodline power.

One needs to have higher control over mana and a good understanding of his powers to perform the task after all doing this was not a laughing matter.

A momentarily lapse in concentration can result in an explosion and killing yourselves with one your move that’s why unless confident he was forbidden to use bloodline powers but seeing the situation, he had to use the power otherwise he was sure that he would lose to Douce who seemed to have a trick of his own to defeat him.,c`o`m

A small compressed mass of ball appeared in his hand which was glowing brightly, it looked like a high-speed spinning around in the shape of a ball.

Clutching the glowing mass of highly compressed energy, he threw it at Douce with all his strength.

“Accept your Defeat.” Isaac roared.

Like a fast projectile fired from artillery, the mass of compressed energy flew at Douce with an unbelievable speed that only a few people could see.

Douce looked at the attack with a stern expression without blinking his eyes.

A deep yellowish hue ensued from his body along with his terrifying breath while his eyes locked down at Issac’s attack.

Raising his sword in the air which was covered with a yellowish aura, he slashed down with all his might.

His muscle contracted to the max while the veins on his arms bulged outward.

Following his slash, the atmosphere around him froze for a moment and with a loud sonic blast akin to the shattering of glass a beam of yellowish light shot from his sword.

Everyone gasped in shock as they saw Issac’s attack was split into two halves and diffused into the air.

At first, it may look like both of the stacks were equally matched but soon it proved wrong as Douce’s attack still persisted and the energy of Douce’s still lingered and hit Issac like waves and his body flew back and slammed against the wall with a loud bang knocking him down and ending the glorious fight.


After witnessing the fierce match, Fredrick took Lucas to his room.

Lucas slurped down on the soft couch which felt quite good. The things in the leader’s building were top-notch and his eyes glowed with anticipation thinking about his room.

‘Will my room be as good as Fredrick’s?’ Lucas muttered.

Fredrick went into the kitchen and came out with a pastry and a cup of coffee.

Lucas didn’t wait for courtesy and just took the pastry and started to eat it.

Fredrick chuckled seeing Lucas as he thought that Lucas surely had a soft spot for sweets.

Lucas folder his legs while his back laid on the sofa while taking a sip, he looked at Fredrick and asked in a serious tone”Fredrick, I wanted to ask you about something?”

“If it’s too much, you can choose not to answer it.”

Fredrick nodded his head on hearing Lucas’s words.

“Hmmm. Where do I start?”Lucas rubbed his chin and sorted out his thoughts, he spoke” Do you remember about our battle?”

“I don’t know if you have done it subconsciously or the thing happened on its own. I wanted to know more about it.”

“When you took the attacking stance for the first time, I saw countless warriors manifesting behind your back and each one of them looked quite awe-inspiring and had a fierce aura.”

“And when all of their aura, convergence into you at that time. I was scared out of my shit that time. Trust me, it felt as if four-year kid suddenly saw a ghost.”Lucas explained.

” So what was that?”

Fredrick heard each word, Lucas, carefully placed the coffee cup on the table and interlaced his fingers and brought them under his chin while thinking about it carefully.

“Lucas, how much do you know about the history of our world?” Fredrick asked with a severe tone.

Lucas thought about it carefully as if he tried to squeeze out all his memory and finally answered”Nothing.”

Fredrick almost fell from his seat when he heard Lucas’s words.

‘If you knew nothing then why were you acting as if you were thinking about something so important.’Fredrick murderer inwardly.


“Okay, I will tell you a part of the History of our world.”

Lucas nodded and leaned forward and raised his attention so that he didn’t miss any important things.

He looked like a student who was excited to study history which most people hate.

“Lucas, from your childhood, you must have heard of the name of many places. Like Cyprus, Ralph and Silverknight.”

“The territories of Elves were known as Paradise whereas the Demon Continent was known as Armageddon. Dwarves live in the territory of rocky volcanic mountains known as More.”

” But have you heard anyone telling you the name of this world? Or have you thought about what was the name of this world we live in?”

Lucas’s eyeball widened with shock and disbelief when he heard Fredrick’s words and his expression became solemn.

‘Now, that I think about it. What is the name of this world?”

The name of the world is mostly given in the description of novels but Dawn Of Legends started with an introduction like this.

In the fantasy world filled with magic and swords where countless mysteries and laws are hidden, there was a boy who aspired to change the current Status quo…

It was something like this as far as Lucas could remember.

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