The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 192: Death Ls The OnlyThing That Can Bring Us Solace

Chapter 192:Death Ls The OnlyThing That Can Bring Us Solace

Chapter 192:Death Ls The OnlyThing That Can Bring Us Solace

Even with the clothes on, Lucas could feel her soft and silky skin.

Lucas remembered the moment when he was asked to do the treatment for the second time.

Miss Ami used to look at Lucas as if he had tainted Julian’s body with his dirty hands. Even Lucas was scared out of his wits when he was asked again.

At first, just by placing his hands, Julian’s face would become red like a ripened tomato and Lucas would notice her ear lobes turning red while she would blush like a shy maiden making his heart flutter.

But with the passage of time and repeated treatment, Julian was able to get accustomed to Lucas touching her and would always maintain the same stoic expression.

‘She is really something.’Lucas muttered as his lips curled upwards.

‘As expected Tsundere are the best type of girls’

Even in his other Lucas like the girls with these types of characters.

They may look aloof and cold but they care for you the most and when the mc would fall in trouble, they would be the first one to act and they can even offend the whole world for the Mc.

Though he was not the type to run around after girls still being able to share such a moment with Julian was already a prize in itself.

And about touching her, it’s better not to speak about it.

If her countless admirers knew about it, they would spew litres of blood and some even buy a coffin for themselves and go to eternal sleep thinking that when they woke up, they will come to know that this was just a nightmare.

Lucas shook his head to get rid of all those distracting thoughts and started to focus on treating Julian.

After all, this was not a child’s play. A random wrong move may cause a mana rampage which might be quite painful.

People use to torture others by forcibly injecting their mana into others and letting it run amok in the body.

If not for the troubled situation at that time, he would have never taken the chance and done this after all his original plan was to directly hand over the almost ready treatment method.

Lucas slowly circulated his mana first and channelized all his mana onto his palms.

After gathering and channelizing his mana for quite some time, he let the mana condense into his palms and gently went over Julian’s body.

Julian’s body jolted for a moment as she felt a warm pleasant sensation coursing through her body giving her a warm and pleasant sensation.

A warm current passed through her body that started to mix with her highly frozen mana.

Her lips which had become slightly pale started to gain their austere and her lips became as red as a cherry and her face started to heat up.

Even Julian herself doesn’t know whether it was because of embarrassment due to Lucas’s treatment or due to a sudden feeling of warmness but the only thing she can say was that she didn’t dislike this kind of feeling rather she felt oddly comfortable.

With Lucas around, she felt that she can lower her guard for a moment and be her true self relinquishing some of her burdens.

Unaware of Julian’s thoughts, Lucas who was concentrating on Julian suddenly felt his vision becoming white and his heartbeat started to hasten and an inexplicable feeling started to well inside up.

Lucas felt drowsiness hitting him and suddenly he felt a sharp pain near his heart and a groan of pain escaped from his lips.

Julian heard Lucas’s pained tone and shouted “Lucas!”

But before she could turn, her mind was assaulted by an onslaught of pain and felt as if her head was splitting up and as if someone was pulling her head trying to break it.

She clutched her hair and with a muffled cry while her vision turned blind and her mind seemed to be shrouded by external darkness.


In the sky, there was a huge widened crack that seemed to lead into the void.

The sky was entirely dark with no hint of sunshine, except the few shining rays coming from the huge crack, there was no tint of sunshine, no tint of warm.

Only eternal darkness lingered all around.

Under the abyss of the starless sky lies the parched barren ground filled with cracks.

In the cities, all the houses and buildings seemed to be destroyed and no one knew how much time had passed since the world had collapsed.

Many people sat on the ground with hollow sunken eyes while the children were laying down with their hungry growling stomachs.

The only relief for the people was that currently, the heaven shattering war had stopped which had devasted the whole world.

Though their state was worse than death at least most of them were still alive.

Most of the powerhouse of the world had either died after fighting on the battlefield or had been engulfed in darkness.

No one knew about the remaining ones who were able to survive the fall of the world and many thought they had hidden themselves from the dangers wanting to lead a peaceful life with the time remains until the world is engulfed by darkness.

Now they have only themselves to survive. There was no law and order and everything was in disarray.

Most people have lost their minds and partake in endless slaughtering and killing.

Still, no one saw them as bad people after all with the scarcity of food and resources, one has to give his all to get the things needed for survival otherwise one will surely die in this cruel world.

On the ragged and broke down the street, an obscure man covered in a cloak walked around, though his face was covered, it wasn’t able to hide the sharpness that lay in his eyes.

Anyone whose eye met with the cloaked figure felt a sense of crisis and their body subconsciously trembled in fear.

Some of them even hide in their old and broken house waiting for the figure to pass.

The figure looked around and observed the scene around him.

Within three years, the nation which had been filled with countless people who were bustling on the street had now become a desolate and dreary place as if this place was in the midst of the desert.

Shaking his head and reminiscing the past years, he walked toward the huge building which used to be a place to nurture the future powerhouse of the next generation.

But right now the new place looked like an ancient ruin where all types of trees had grown and many beasts had taken shelter, the place looked more like a forest.


With a loud blast, the entire path before him was opened and with just a single punch he was able to clear away everything that was in his path.


Loud explosions shook the entire place as the cloaked figure made his way by blasting away the huge trees and canopy along with some beast that tried to attack him.

Clearing the path, he reached near the square in the mid of the entire place and his eyes fell on the huge dome-shaped oval structure.

Seeing it, countless memories of past and present flashed before his eyes.

This was the place where many rose and basked in glory. It was also the place where countless people fell.

But whatever may be, the place which was of great significance to the Kingdom was now in tatters and had become a place where small beasts use as a hideout.

The obscure figure shook his head and started to walk to the place where he was supposed to go.

After the collapse of the world, he used this place as a hideout as there were many facilities hidden here which still can be used to train and for other purposes.

He didn’t know about others but currently, he was one of the awakened remaining who lived after the brutal collapse of that behemoth figure.

His cowardly nature and cautiousness had helped him to survive till now but he knew that he cannot remain, a coward, for his entire life.

After all, how can he stay alive when the world is going to be destroyed.

He was too weak to fight in the war which happened years ago but now he can at least provide some resistance but that didn’t mean, he can overcome the crisis alone.

That’s why he was hiding and waiting for a suitable opportunity to strike.

Entering inside the corridor, he walked into the place which used to be a beautiful garden but now was full of unscripted big trees and weeds.

Clearing the big tree, he stood before the wall and put down his palm on it, he injected some mana into it.

The entire place shook and lead into an underground place of unknown mysteries.

Entering it, he nodded in satisfaction as this place remained the same as a few years ago and in sharp contrast to the outside, it was quite peaceful.

Looking around, he walked toward the cave entrance at the side and entered it.

Inside it was a bed at the side where lay a beautiful charming figure who looked quite pale and sickly.

In her current state, one can even call her a sickly beauty.

Hearing the footsteps, the lady who was cuddling in the blanket, turned her head to hear a tapping sound of footsteps.

Mustering all her strength, she gave a warm and loving smile and spoke in a sweet voice” Lucas, you are back.”

“Yes, Your Highness,” Lucas spoke with a smile.

“Stop calling me Highness, you already know that I am not the princess anymore and there is nothing left for me and in a few days I will be finally freed from this hell,” Julian spoke with a self-deprecating laugh.

Lucas’s heart pained a little and sitting beside her, he held her hands and spoke in a sorrowful tone” Julian, please don’t say those words. Don’t leave me alone. I am afraid of being living alone.”

“You are the only one who had remained and if you leave me, I don’t know how will I survive…”

“I have neither friends nor parents or relatives. You are the only one who makes me feel alive, you are the one who makes me feel that this worthless existence of mine has some worth remaining.”

“I know I am selfish and if not for me, you would have already killed your self after all who can a prideful girl like you who can make her enemies tremble in fear live like a cripple who can’t even walk..”

“Still, just stay will me until I finish the things and can die peacefully with now after all death is the only thing that can bring us solace.”

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