The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 191: Princess SecretHideout[2]

Chapter 191:Princess SecretHideout[2]

Chapter 191:Princess SecretHideout[2]

Lucas looked at the screen of the white abyss before him and looked at Julian who stepped up and stood beside her.

From Lucas’s point of view, the opening of the shady underground passage looked quite mysterious still it looked quite welcoming and promising.

It was a short place that inspires the tales of legends and it felt as if he was on a trip to a wonderland.

He could see bright white shining light coming from the opening of the passage.

As Lucas stepped on and entered the white abyss screen before him, his eyeball widened with astonishment seeing the scene.

Blue…..Blue…Blue…Cold, crystalline, motionless.

The entire place was a tightly closed place and cold water passed through the ankles as he stepped inside.

Snow in cones under the shoot that slid down the ceiling, and icicles grew in the corner.

Lucas looked up at the ceiling to see it shining in oceanic blue light like a pale blue ocean.

And before him there wa a huge pond containing bluish water and they were many conifers trees beside it which stood tall carrying particles of snow which gave one expression of oncoming Christmas.

The entire place looked eternal and ephemeral and looked as if ice from millennial years ago had been stored here in this place.

The ground was entirely white with the gravel that held their stillness.

“Woahhhh!” Lucas exclaimed with a surprised expression.

“So, is the torture room to your liking?” Julian asked folding her arms.

“Hehehe…” Lucas gave a shy smile while scratching his cheek in embarrassment.

The place was quite out of the expectation and especially in summer, this place would be like heaven.

“Your Highness, what is this place?” Lucas asked with a curious expression.

“This place is my secret playground,” Julian spoke softly.

“Ohh!” Lucas exclaimed, trying to show that he understood but he didn’t get the point.

“Let me show you magic,” Julian spoke and started to walk forward.

Standing beside the lake, she raised both of her hands while closing her eyes and started to wave her hand in a circular rhythmic motion.

As soon as she waved her hand, the snow around them started to swirl and float around her like magic.

Lucas’s eyeball widened as he saw the mesmerizing and fascinating scene which urged him to take a video of the scene that he was witnessing and closed it in a safe for only him to see.

It looked as if Julian was a conductor of an orchestra while the snow and ice were the music players who were playing with their musical instruments and with each gesture of her fingers, snow swirled around and started to take a form a shape.

Lucas’s furrows borrowed as he tried to see what the snow was transforming into but he didn’t have to wait too long.

The snow and ice first melted and transformed into water then turned into flowers and as soon as the flower of water was formed, Princess waved her hand and the flower formed from water froze suddenly and transformed into a flower sculpture made of ice.

Lucas’s jaw dropped wide open and he noticed that suddenly many flowers of ice bloomed around Julian which were floating in the air while snowfall started to occur in the closed space.

Sometimes seeing scenes that can be like this, Lucas really wondered whether he was in a fantasy world or was watching a fantasy movie where CGI effects are used to create a scene like this.

Among the many blooming flowers, Julian looked like the Queen Of Ice who bloomed while radiating her elegance filling the entire place with her beautiful presence.

In fact, she looked like a Goddess who carries the power of snow with her.

Her figure was quite a sharp contrast to what was described in the novel where she was described as a lady who bloomed on the battlefield among the sea of blood and a lady who always had an expression of forlornness which asked others to stay away from her.

After her splendid performance, she looked at Lucas to get a glimpse of his expression and nodded in satisfaction seeing his expression of awe and amazement.

Still, with a soft embarrassing tone which was filled with anticipation she asked”Lucas, how was my little trick.”

“It was Gorgeous, Your Highness. I have never seen something as beautiful as this,” Lucas spoke while wanting to say that you also look quite gorgeous but fear that this place might be turned into a torture chamber.

Lucas walked forward and touched the flowers and felt a pleasant sensation jolting down his body, taking one of them, he looked at Julian and asked.

“Your Highness where is this place,” Lucas asked curiously as he observed the place from all around.

“This place where we now are under President’s office,” Julian answered.

“Your Highness did you make it. Is it your secret hideout?” Lucas asked with sparkling eyes.

“Yes, I made it. And stop calling it a secret hideout. It gives me a creepy feeling when you describe this place like that.”

“How can call so a beautiful place with those creep names,” Julian spoke with a spouting expression.

Lucas smiled bitterly and wanted to say that, the veil of beauty often leads to the rotten inside but he again had the same fear that the princess might turn this into a torture room if he speaks those words.

Still, he was quite surprised by the way Princess behaved around him.

Most of the time, it felt as if there was a wall between him and Princess.

Though they have gotten quite closer during the past months after working together it still didn’t make her lower her defence like now.

‘Maybe this is an illusion or she is just behaving like that to examine me or get me to lower my guard.’

‘Whatever! I need to be careful.’Lucas muttered inwardly.

“Don’t the ice melt here?” Lucas asked curiously.

“At first this was just an underground labyrinth where there was just this lake and stalagmites here when I found this place.”

“After that, I came here to play more often and practice my ability. It was quite fun and I played here mostly rather than training.”

“I shaped all these landscapes with my imagination. In the centre, there is a chilling artifact which keeps the place cool and frozen and on the top there is a luminescent artifact that brightens the place.”

“Let me show you another miracle,” Julian spoke with a warm smile and pointed her finger to the ceiling of the underground labyrinth.

A small drop of mana condensed on her fingertips and it shot upwards towards the roof.

As it reached the roof, it suddenly burst into countless small particles of dust that started to fall and looked as if there is a snowfall here.

But this wasn’t the end and as Lucas looked up, he was shocked to see a multicoloured layer of light forming over the top of his head.

Lucas looked at the luminescent display of light which looked much like Aurora Borealis which had added a certain charm to the place.

Lucas etched the scene of the landscape into his memory as it was one of the best scenes he had been in both of his life which made his heart flutter and started to throb.

Seeing Princess’s sweet gentle smile along with her fluttering hair, he wished that this moment may be stopped and he can look at it for eternity and he was sure that no matter how much he looked at it, he wouldn’t get bored watching the scene.

Lucas and Julian talked about some recent event and Julian noticed that Lucas’s sour mood had been brightening up and he behaved like himself rather than behaving awkwardly with a demon-like appearance.

After all, only those who have seen him like this knew how his gaze could be sent a chill down one spine.

“Your Highness, you came to look for the treatment but I think you looked perfectly alright,” Lucas asked.

“I was just being cautious about it. The second-year matches are almost going over and it will soon be time for us the third year to step up.”

“I don’t want to get the chill attack in the middle of the fight that’s why I asked you to treat me before, “Julian spoke.

Lucas nodded his head with an understanding look and spoke” Okay, your Highness let’s do it here.”

“Let’s go to that cave,” Julian spoke and pointed to a small cave at the side.

Lucas and Julian went inside the cave.

Unlike the frozen and snowy landscape outside, the cave was much like a small home from the inside.

There was a small chimney leading outside while the floor was made of insulating material along with some tables and chairs.

“Your Highness is this your second home.”

“Do you sneak out from home and hide here?” Lucas asked as he saw the place.

“You can say so. I have been coming to this place for a few years even before I enrolled in the academy.” Julian muttered as she looked at one of the corners.

There was even a small passage that lead to the castle from here but she didn’t tell about it Lucas right now.

“So, shall we start?” Lucas asked and rolled his sleeves up and rubbed his hand to generate some heat.

The inside of the cave was quite warm and cosy much to Lucas’s liking.

Julian nodded and sat down cross-legged while Lucas set behind her and rubbing his palms once again put his hands on her back and started the treatment.

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