The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 187: The Defeat Of TodayWill Be The Reason Of My VictoryTomorrow

Chapter 187:The Defeat Of TodayWill Be The Reason Of My VictoryTomorrow

Chapter 187:The Defeat Of TodayWill Be The Reason Of My VictoryTomorrow

Lucas panted heavily trying to recover his strength within the short instant of time.

Lucas used the mana breathing technique and inhaled a huge surge of mana which helped to get a bit of sanity while he tried to contain the pain from the deep wound on his chest while blood was gushing out from the deep cut.

If the wound wasn’t treated early, Lucas was sure to lose a huge amount of blood.

Fredrick also didn’t attack as the last move had also taken quite a toll on him and tried to recover some of his mana while panting heavily.

Both of them knew that the next attack will be the last one which will decide the winner of the match.

Lucas taking deep and heavy breaths stood still but his legs trembled a little.

Blood was still dripping from his chest and the wound started to give him an itching sensation.

Lucas gritted his teeth to suppress the pain.

As both Fredrick and Lucas’s eyes met, both of them felt the unspoken words which their eyes conveyed.

“Let’s finish this.”

Fredrick swung his spear around him and waves of lightning started to burst forth from his body.

His entire spear started to glow in a golden shower and with a crackling sound, his spear glowed gleefully with a golden bluish aura and lightning started to condense on the tip.

Lucas looked at the scene and felt the threat from Fredrick’s aura and pour out every bit of mana which he held in his body.

The sword started to tremble and vibrate vigorously as if it had become alive.

The sword started to heat up with crimson colour and on top, the flames enveloped it while, and lightning started to crackle on his sword.

The sword was soon covered with crimson coloured lightning and the mana was running amok along with the crimson coloured glow which heat the surrounding temperature by a few degrees.

A deep crimson fire rose like a torrent on his sword and the rust on the sword started to disperse and the sword sparkled with brilliant radiance showing a deep reddish sharp edge which emitted a blood-thirsty aura as if asking for blood.

Sacrifice, Lucas felt that the sword wanted to sacrifice and wanted to bath in blood.

Lucas felt as if the sword was jumping out of happiness and felt that an unknown connection had been forged with the sword and through it, the sword conveyed his feelings to Lucas.

Lucas’s aura also skyrocketed and burst from his body producing a huge surge of wind and his hair stood up in an upright manner for a moment Lucas felt that he had been revitalized.

Frederick felt a sense of crisis when heard the voice of doom piercer in his head which spoke him to be careful with the sword.

Fredrick’s aura also burst forth and huge bolts of lightning crackled from his body like snakes wanting to devour everything.

A huge silhouette of the dragon appeared behind Fredrick that emerged from the spear.

It looked as if a real dragon had manifested behind Fredrick which looked more like summon that was heeding its master’s call rather than just an illusion.

“Ohhh!Dragon.” Lucas’s lips curled upwards and a cloud of crimson coloured aura released from his body.

A bloody mist burst from Lucas’s body and his eyes become bloodshot.

The blood that was flowing from Lucas’s wound stopped and the wound closed up a little while Lucas’s eyes with golden pupils were now completely covered with deep reddish circles.

Fredrick felt that Lucas was giving him a pressure of 4-Star, no it might even surpass the 4-Star.

But it only made him more exciting as he finally had met a worthy opponent who can contend with him and where he can go all out with his doom piercer without any worry.

Lucas and Fredrick both looked at each for a moment as if a prior agreement had been made and signed from before and both of them nodded after gazing at each other eyes and both of their silhouettes moved forward at the same time to give chase to one another.

Both of their images blurred for a split second. The ground beneath their feet was strangely good and remain stood despite the power they had used to move forward but it was only because the speed at which they moves was far greater than the speed at which the ground started to crack.

In the eyes of the audience, they only saw two silhouettes disappear from their spot and leaving behind afterimages dashed at one another.

But soon the images of the silhouettes faded away and they only saw a flash of crimson light and a flash of bluish blacklight passing each other and the entire ground was illuminated by bluish crimson that spread across the whole arena in a straight line.

As the illuminating phenomenon disappeared, Lucas and Frederick’s silhouettes appeared who were standing in the opposite direction to each other showing their back.

The soft blowing wind that was smoothly blowing over suddenly started to blow like a forthcoming storm and huge gales of wind started to blow and cracks finally started to appear on the ground of several meters long and several metres wide.

A huge shockwave spread across the area along with a loud thundering boom forming a huge explosion cloud of fire and lighting over the head which started to condense due to the creation of a vacuum by the heated clash of Lucas and Fredrick.

The earth started to shake as if an earthquake had happened and the space between Lucas and Fredrick started to crack and separate forming huge crevices or rifts that started to enlarge with huge rumbling and thundering sounds.

Lucas and Fredrick still had their backs to each other and didn’t move for several seconds.

Neither of them moved an inch which made the audience anxious and some even bite their teeth and grind their nails out of immense nervousness and anticipation of the winner of the match.

After all many had even sold their house to gamble and just to gain fortunes, many have taken huge risks.

But the battle was already over.

The cloud in the sky continued to burst forth and erupt like a firestorm and a huge line of fore and lightning appeared over the head which started to explode into several mini-explosions and the small particles of fire started to fall on the earth as if it was a snowfall of fire.

Fredrick tried to straighten his posture but the small movement caused by him set forth an untold agony and he felt a deep pain in the shoulder and it extended downwards.

The leather armour that Fredrick wore was torn apart and from his shoulder to the upper left of the chest and down to his gut, a bloody wound appeared on his body.

His shoulder seemed to be exploding with pain and the armour finally split open resulting in a pouring of blood from his wound that gushed like a fountain.

The sound of something slowly breaking was heard amidst the deadly silence then the steady and unwavering back of Fredrick slowly started to collapse and his straight posture broke and he opened his mouth to speak something.


Instead of words, droplets of red blood started to come out of his mouth. The red coloured blood contained the fragments of internal organs and the legs of a man who was hailed as a genius and a monster among his age slowly started to stagger until he finally fell onto his knees.

But even while falling, he didn’t look pathetic as he dug his spear into the ground and used one of his hands while leaning on the knees.

The audience put both of thier hands-on in their mouth and looked at the scene with sheer shock and disbelief as they saw Fredrick’s body crumbling due to pain and he was already on his knees while Lucas was still standing.

Fredrick wiped off the blood on his lips and smiled with his lips curled upwards.

He spoke with a pained expression, uttering each word slowly as if he was going to die.

“Sorry, Lucas you lost.”

“Better luck next time.”

Hearing his words Lucas laughed and spoke”You may be impressive still this will be the last time you are going to win.”

“This defeat of today will be the reason for my victory tomorrow.”

Lucas spoke as he staggered in his steps and bluish lightning started to crackle from his body.

From the earlier clash, Lucas hadn’t got any apparent wound but in fact, his condition was more severe than Fredrick’s.

Unlike Frederick’s outer wound, Lucas’s whole body had been burnt from the inside and it was already a miracle that he was standing on his feet.

Fredrick’s lightning and mana had entered his body and were going on a rampage and causing destruction as they passed through each cell of his body.

Lucas standing silently, tried hard, really hard to suppress the aftereffects and gritted his teeth to contain the pain.

If he could suppress the aftereffects just for a few moments, he might have won but alas his body was devoid of mana and with nothing to keep the lightning in check his internals was destroyed by the lightning and even an intermediate potion might not be able to heal him now.

Lucas felt darkness descending before his eyes and finally fell to the ground with a small thud, much to the audience’s surprise while sparks of lightning still emerged from his body.

Even in his unconscious state, he still had an eternal smile lingering on his face and there was no sign of pain expression rather it looked as if he just taking a small nap and was already having sweet dreams seeing which many audiences stood up and clapped for the mighty fallen warrior.

[End Of Volume 2]

Thanks to all the readers for the heartful support and for reading the story despite the story full of flaws along with the poor grammar]

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