The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 186: The Might Of TheProtagonist[3]

Chapter 186: The Might Of TheProtagonist[3]

Fredrick raised his spear and charged at Lucas again.

Lucas didn’t charge at Fredrick rather he started to gather the mana around his sword and without wasting a second, he stomped on the ground which formed a loud crack, he moved forward.

Lucas tightened the grip on the hilt of the sword and raised it straight up into the sky and with a roar, he slashed downward fiercely with all his strength as if he wanted to cut everything that was before him.

The muscles in his arm bulged and as it contracted to the maximum to squeeze out all the strength in his arms.

The atmosphere rumbled and the ground was split apart by Lucas’s slash and a huge blood-red crimson arc of the sword was shot at Fredrick with a frightening might.

But despite the pressure emitted by Lucas’s slash, Fredeick didn’t retreat but rather harnessed the might of his momentum and thrust his spear at the incoming attack.

Frederick thrust his spear with all his strength as if knowing the results and repercussions of the clash, he retreated quickly with lightning speed, after the attack.


A huge crater of around 30 meters was formed and as it appeared, the layers of the ground beneath the earth seemed to disappear for an instant. No, rather it seemed to evaporate by the loud explosion leaving behind scorching hot earth.

From the spot of the explosion, a flickering light flashed which spread everywhere and emitted a crackling sound all over the place and flashes of lightning emitted from the spot of the clash of two strong forces.

The result of the shock wave hit Fredrick’s body as he felt a suffocating feeling as a sudden burst of hot air assaulted him along with the shock waves.

He coughed up a few mouths filled of blood along with a few chunks of internal pieces emitted from his cough and he felt his stomach churn up.

If he hadn’t retreated and pressed forward, he was sure that his hands would be in bad shape and might have burnt.

Following the clash, a bloody wound appeared on Lucas’s shoulder as if it had been struck by an arrow and a piece of flesh seemed to cut from his shoulder and making the white bones on his left shoulder visible.

Lucas felt that he was lucky that he was quite far from the impact and for future safety he also retreated seeing Fredrick retreat otherwise he didn’t know whether the shield of substitution magic can appear before he died.

The substitution tool had a huge flaw. It can only prevent attacks which had been imbued with mana. It measures thr intensity of the attack by measuring the mana and if the power of the attack is beyond the threshold, only then the device will act.

If it is normal to fight and if your opponent made a sneak attack from behind you and silt your throat, it wouldn’t activate at all.

But since Lucas and Fredrick were trading power moves filled with mana and pitying everything at each other as if both of them were fatal enemies, Lucas was sure at least none of the two will die no matter how worse their condition became.

Lucas ignored the pain on his shoulder and lighted a small fire which he pressed on the wound and burnt the flesh sealing the wound as a temporary measure as the explosion resided, he slashed with his sword crosswise to the right.

The shockwave and pressure from the previous attack were still lingering on him and even though his body was pushed to lean onto the side, he gritted his teeth and just relied on his senses trying to find Fredrick through the huge cloud of dust, he slashed again.

Fredrick’s eyes widened with shock as he hadn’t imagined Lucas would ignore the pain and attack outright after the previous attack.

Fredeick jumped back and shouted.

“Lightening Showering.”

The sky which hadn’t stopped rumbling from the previous attack started to rumble again when another explosion shook the stadium.

Clouds started to gather in the skies along with a huge magical circle over a couple of metres and thunder and lightning started to rumble over Lucas’s head and it started to fall on Lucas and his attacks.


Lucas’s crimson attack meets with lightning showers in the mid sky cancelling each other at the same after booming out in an explosion that shook the air vigorously creating loud gales of wind which spread out like shockwaves.

The people felt a gentle gust of air brush past them followed by high gales of hot wind hitting their faces.

Lucas who was standing on the ground simply raised his sword above his bead and knelt his head down while covering huge ice over his head to protect himself from the shockwave and burst of pressure.

But he didn’t wait too long and putting all his strength into his legs, jumped towards the sky using the legs as a string.

He covered his body with ice as he passes through flames that had been in the air due to the violent clash of both of their attacks previously.

Fredrick who was in mid-flight saw a shadow passing through the cloud of flames and felt a strong hit as if a comet passed through him as he flew down.

But before he could fall to the ground, Lucas’s figure that was in the sky suddenly disappeared and Fredrick was hit again with a strong force.


Fredrick slammed onto the ground fiercely and felt his whole body writhe in pain. However as if the pain was something that he was simply used to, it didn’t take her a brief amount of time to crawl back to his feet.

When he looked ahead, his eyes widened at the sight of countless spikes floating in the sky on Lucas’s command and they started to descend on him.

Fredrick looked at the sea of spikes surrounding him and knew that he was in trouble.

If all the spikes fell on him he had to pay a great price to get out of here so there was only one way to do it.

Frederick looked with a piercing gaze which made Lucas sure that Fredrick was going for a kill.

The air surrounding Lucas started to condense and Lucas’s pupil trembled with horror and he heard a faint sound.

“Time Stop.”

Fredrick was pushed into the corner and finally used his bloodline ability to slow down the time.

Many people believe that this ability comes from a God, specifically from the God of Time.

Maybe the Frost ancestor are descended from God or carries the blood of God.

An ability for which Frost’s household ability is feared throughout the world.

An ability that can change the outcome of the battle in an instant.

At a higher level of mastery, slowing down time is on par with Time stop which can freeze the time entirely.

This was one of the reasons why the Frost household and their children always suffer countless assassination attempts.

Till now, no one was able to overcome the ability.

People didn’t know what was happening but seeing Frederick’s image disappearing and appearing before Lucas anyone can guess what was going on now and going to happen next.

Except, the outcome didn’t happen in the way most people concluded.

Fredrick slowing down the time, gritting his teeth appeared before Lucas and swung his spear.

Blood splattered on his face and as he stopped his ability his eyeballs widened with horror as he found Lucas had vanished out of thin air.

He looked around with shock and disbelief only to find Lucas was behind him at distance and was now kneeling on thr ground with one hand leaning on the sword.

A huge deep horizontal cut appeared on Lucas’s chest and the bones of the rib were visible and blood gushed out from it like a fountain.

Lucas coughed blood and gritted his teeth trying to maintain his consciousness.

Right now he was feeling a heart-wrenching pain and a stinging sensation as air blew softy past the wounded spot.

Lucas’s face was pale similar to Fredrick showing that both of them have used an extraordinary amount of mana in the previous moves.

Now going back to how Lucas survived the blow.

There was one thing that was the same in Fredrick’s and Lucas’s abilities which was, that the core of their abilities lies in mana.

Frost’s ability was not to slow or stop time in the true sense rather it was to manipulate the mana and slow down the movement along with the person.

They can create a domain where mana became condensed and became highly heavy and a huge pressure bore down on the attacker which increases the gravitation field of the area which result interferes with the flow of time by a certain margin.

But Lucas’s ability allowed him to control mana. It wasn’t wrong to say, he was the ruler of mana.

And without his permission, no one can even breathe and take mana into their body but since Lucas’s control hadn’t reached such an exquisite level, he just interfered with Fredrick’s ability and decreased the condensation of mana around him allowing him to get rid of the restrictions imposed on him by Fredrick bloodline and then he used shadow steps to escape.

Alas it was still not enough and Lucas was just a second late resulting in the fatal wound and if it was just another second late, Lucas would now lie on a stretcher and be carried to the infirmary.

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