The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 184: The Might Of TheProtagonist

Chapter 184:The Might Of TheProtagonist

Chapter 184:The Might Of TheProtagonist

Meanwhile at Late Night inside the training room.



A thunderous voice echoed across the room which shook the entire floor to an extent and a puppet flew in the air and crashed against the wall with a huge hole in its chest.

“Will this be enough to keep him down?”The figure muttered as he saw dozen broken and beaten dummies lying down there.

With somewhat rough breathing, he put the plain-looking metallic rod with a sharp blade at the tip, on the ground and wiped the accumulated sweat off his forehead.

“I didn’t think that we would meet in the final. I thought we would before the finals but reaching the final and a fight between us was truly befitting of the status.”

“It felt as if it was just days ago when I saw a meek-looking guy practising swordsmanship whom I feel quite attracted to.”

“A nervous guy who can’t even look straight into his eyes can now make anyone shiver with a mere a glance. What a turn of events?” He chuckled remembering that time.

“From the first day, I saw him. I felt quite threatened.”

“I have faced Rose, Charles. I have fought 4-Star rank monsters when I was at rank three. I have an A-ranked skill which can further increase with my level. I have many resources at my disposal.”

“But more than that I have years of battle experience that was poured into me by the spear.”

“Doom Piercer.”

“The Evil Destroyer.”

The Spear in his hand which was called by this name also goes by many names and according to it, it fought long many heroes and powerhouses and stored a part of their memory in it and passed to the future generation.

When Fredrick saw the vision after lifting the spear for the first time, he trembled.

Both with fear and excitement.

“9-Star are peak level powerhouse.”

“What a joke.”

“They would piss and wet their pant in front of those frightening existences.”

“But even after seeing those frightening images, it didn’t give me a sweat.”

But he gave him, every time he see Lucas, he felt a fear of the predator.

A hawk looking at him gave him a chill down the spine.

But what frightened him more was even the spear trembled in his sight.

He was an anomaly, a contradiction who contradicts even his won existence.

The spear told him that Lucas doesn’t have any talent or speciality but at the same time, his body gives him an aura of a monster, a slaughterer who killed millions of beings if not billions and the aura seemed to be blocked by something which the spear think as some kind of divine blessing but it needed more information to conclude.

And it was starting to get more prominent now.

With The Doom piercer’s help, Fredrick could see the mana signature of others.

Everyone had their signature colour mana.

Fredrick’s mana is blue, Rose was green, Charles brown, Parth black, and Roan had grey.

Everyone had their distinction when it comes to aura and mana which were decided by their birth

But Lucas had two.

One is golden and another is red.

One is filled with gentle and warmth while the other was soaked with blood and anger.

Every time he became angry, his mana signature would change into red.

And from spears’ view, it looked like a transition from a boy of similar age to him and experience to a monster with a bulk of strength who had the power to crush everything.

“Hey, Doom will we be alright?”Fredrick asked with a smile

[Don’t worry we aren’t going to die. Even if he gets serious or angry, he wouldn’t kill us. The only good thing was that his change didn’t mess with his rationality.]

[Moreover, don’t forget you are much more of a monster than him. I may be wrong about him but I am sure you are a monster and with generations of experience, you are not something ordinary people can contend it. The only thing I wanted to see was whether he had the ability to push you beyond the limit to fight him seriously or if we have overestimated him.]

“Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day,” Fredrick muttered with a smile


With the sun over the head, its shine was blazingly hot as the bright light of the sun enveloped the whole arena.

It had been only one day after the semi-final and the ground had been repaired and looked like new which was made only to be broken down by these two figures who stood staring at each other.

A bustling and boisterous atmosphere enshrouded the whole place as screams and cheers erupted

The entire community is divided into two halves. One was cheering for Frederick and another for Lucas.

But Lucas fans were a little less as compared to Fredrick.

Still, people already considered him a champion and a dragon among men.

His achievement was no less than Frederick’s in any sense on top of the disparity between major realms between the two.

Moreover, one thing that they were sure about was that the match will be not boring in any sense and it would not be one-sided.

The gambling houses and ratings on TV were at an all-time high.

Even the outside of the capital was in full anticipation of the match.

Lucas gulped his saliva looking at Fredrick’s serious expression.

‘Isn’t he taking the fight too seriously?’Lucas muttered as he saw Fredrick’s spear.

He was using a doom piercer against him.

He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry about this as the doom piercer might really be his doom.

Lucas looked at his stick…his sword and looked at Fredrick’s spear and gently caressed the sword.

“Sorry, mate today may be your final day. I will make sure to remember your sacrifice and burn incense near your grave. You were really brave a stick. I mean sword.”

The referee raised his hand into the air.

Silence descended in the whole arena on seeing Refree’s gesture.

Turning towards Lucas and Fredrick and asking for confirmation, the referee shouted.


The referee’s voice boomed like thunder which spread like a wave throughout the arena.

All the cheers and shouts stopped immediately after the referee’s shout except for the two youth who started to make their move.

The tip of Fredrick’s spearhead shined as it reflected the rays of the sun as he pointed to Lucas.

His spear started to glow with a blue austere which enveloped his entire spear.

Slowly layer upon layer of bluish hue enveloped Fredrick and a burst of pressure started to emit from his body.

An indomitable and unfathomable aura unleashed from his body which gave Lucas a chill down the spine.

Lucas almost rubbed his eyes as he saw a delusion of a hundred people standing behind Frederick in many different positions and each of them gazed at him.

Lucas’s hands trembled as he felt like an ant in front of those group of people who looked at him with disdain.

Lucas felt as if he had lost the match even before it started.

‘What the hell! What is that.’ Lucas muttered as he felt a sense of crisis as each one of them seemed to look at him and even before Lucas could lift his sword.

He saw a huge hole in his chest from which blood dropped but in fact, it was an illusion but at the same time, it felt quite surreal.

And in an instant, Lucas’s figure was shot back but he spun his body in the air and landed on his feet.

He looked at his chest and contrary to his illusion, he just had a small hole on it as the spear tip had pierced a little into his chest.

Lucas’s eyeball widened with horror as he knew what happened. It was Fredrick’s warning, to take him seriously.

Originally the match would have been over and Lucas would have died with a bloody hole if Fredrick executed his move to the end but he stopped in the middle.

Lucas shook his head and laughed.

He was caught unguarded, for a moment seeing the legendary figures who had wielded the spear and seemed to reside in Fredrick and for a moment their image seemed to manifest behind Frederick’s.

Seeing their might, Lucas lost his attention dropping his guard but even after all this Lucas wasn’t able to calm down his trembling hands.

Lucas just stood on his feet and coughed a few drops of blood but Fredrick didn’t give him time to recover.

Lucas cursed and started to run at full speed as he saw Fredrick falling from the sky.


A golden lightning flash fell from above and fiercely struck the ground where Lucas stood for a brief moment.

The sound of an explosion travelled for several meters and a golden illumination of the flickering lightning illuminated the space like a mini sun.

A pained expression was shown on Lucas’s face for a moment as Lucas was almost blown away by the explosion and his back was hit by the lightning and burnt his back a little.

Fredrick appeared near the crater, golden bluish lightning appeared on his palm and he pulled the spear from the ground. He swung the spear first to the front and then behind his body before firmly gripping the shaft with both hands as the swing completed at the front.

He leaned forward slightly and the spear was ignited with a spark of bright light and it seemed to cover by his aura.

The ground beneath him acting as his supporting door slowly cracked under the pressure as he said coldly”Lucas playtime is over. Did you have enough warm-up? Now show me what you have got.”

Lucas’s lips slowly curved upwards and he sighed”I don’t know why you want to piss me off today and something seems to be odd about you.”

“At first I was nervous about this and as the match begins when you took your stand for a moment I thought I had no chance.”

“But you don’t know until you try and if you planned to test me by making me angry then…”

Lucas closed his eyes for a moment.

” I am really pissed off.”

As soon as the words fell, Lucas’s golden aura changed replaced by a crimson aura which enveloped Lucas’s body.

The sword in his hand trembled and glowed gleefully as if it had found his long lost companion.

Fredrick saw Lucas open his eyes but his golden pupil have been tainted by reddish outer shine which gave him a look of a demon.

Fredrick felt a chill down his spine as his eyes met Lucas’s demonic eyes and raising his spear he thrust at Lucas.

Lucas’s body disappeared followed by a loud explosion that occurred in the middle of the huge stadium.


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