The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 182: The Reign OfDarkness Would Begin

Chapter 182:The Reign OfDarkness Would Begin

Chapter 182:The Reign OfDarkness Would Begin

Though Lucas tried to act tough, his inside was screaming.

The last attack by Fredrick was just too horrific. Even a 5-Star would run away tugging his tails in between the legs seeing the mighty lightning dragon.

With the Fredrick breakthrough, the attack is becoming stronger and stronger and is enough to sweep down everything in front of it.

Moreover, one should give Rose a credit for putting a resistance and facing Fredrick’s attack head-on.

Lucas wasn’t sure whether he could even defeat Rose and about Fredrick, it would be wise if he don’t talk about it.

The only positive thing till now was that there is no anomaly or butterfly effect.

Frederick and Rose’s match proceeded the way it should have.

According to the novel instead of him, it was Roman who would have fought with Charles and Charles would have advanced to the finale where he would be defeated by Fredrick and become his stepping stone.

Losing the match, Charles thought that he had lost every shred of his dignity and would finally purge into evilness, looking for ways to get back at Fredrick by trying every means possible to drag him down and defeat him.

This would also set him on the path of no return and finally set his character as the Villain.

But, he didn’t think that would be the case now.

Instead of worrying about others, he should think of himself and how to put a decent fight without getting his ass kicked and becoming a laughing stock in front of everyone.

The last thing people wanted to see was a one-side match in the finale.

‘May the people in the world show at least some decency.’Lucas muttered as he remembered the crowd throwing eggs and shoes at the players who were defeated badly in the sports and Lucas didn’t want to end up like that.

As Lucas and Charles talked about some things.


The door of the infirmary room opened quickly and Fredrick appeared along with Parth.

“Supp! What’s up bros?” Parth spoke with a relaxed and calm expression.

Fredrick looked for a spot and sat down and sighed after taking a deep breath.

“That was a good match.” Both Lucas and Charles spoke and praised him.

“Thank you!” Fredrick nodded and stretched a little, as he was feeling quite tired after the match.

“Yes, Fredrick nice going. With this, you have shown her who is the dominant one. Now, you don’t need to chase skirts…I mean chase after her. She will come running for you now.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised to hear an announcement of your engagement with certain someon|e,” Parth spoke with a large grin on his face.

Both Charles and Lucas facepalmed. But didn’t sigh hard because of Parth’s bullshit but rather at the odd expression Frederick was giving after listening to Charles’s words.

If it was any other time, Fredrick would have chased Parth and beat him down but when it comes to the matter of Rose, he would just behave like a shy little couple who has fallen for love for the first time.

Seeing, his meek expression Lucas thought, he may really do something bad if this goes on.

‘Should, I give him some advice and tips from the domineering CEO’s story. I think with this, he can just finish everything quickly like those dominating CEOs.’Alex thought but then shook his head.

Rose is much like an fl of a story focused on heroines and she was quite a hard nut to crack.

Rather than advising him, he should worry about his upcoming match with this monster.

‘Wait! Should I give him a tiny dose of poison and knock him out.’

‘No…No.Clam yourself. You are not the villain. After countless efforts, your status had been upgraded from a mob to a third or fourth male lead. You can’t waste your promotion like this.’Lucas muttered inwardly as all types of crazy thoughts ran through his mind.

While Parth kept on giving odd and bullshit ideas, Fredrick noted each of them in his head leaving Lucas and Charles to hit their head on the wall

They even thought of Roan as a lucky guy who is busy preparing for a breakthrough rather than sitting here destroying his brain cells.


Inside a deep forst at an unknown location.

The place was covered with darkness all around. All the trees of the forest were dried like a twig and emitted a blackish fume.

The trees were certainly not dead but rather had been changed into a living monster.

In the middle of the forest, a sanctuary or more like a temple was present where a group of people keeled and prayed.

Their body was covered with dark coloured clothes which were in sharp contrast to the white coloured dress worn by the priest of the church.

A person stood up and squared down bowing his head before a dark statue which was covered in armour and spoke.

“One day the bright sun will be extinguished.

The stars twinkling in the sky would perish.

The reign of Darkness would soon begin.

And Lord of Darkness will reign supreme.

Nothing can shake away the darkness of the Lord

Cause darkness is eternal and absolute.

And we, your devotee followers thrive in darkness and we lurk in the darkness and hunt your enemies in darkness.”

As soon as the man’s word was fell, two dark coloured orbs appeared in front of the statue which emitted darkish fumes.

“Thank you, Lord, for your blessing. We are your devoted and loyal followers and will prepare for your ascension.”

“Once again darkness will reign supreme.”

The man threw one of the orbs into the air which burst into a tiny ball and fell on the group of people who were kneeling.

“Accept the power of the Lord.”

The people raised their hands and a small ball flew into their hands.

They took the ball and swallowed it.

Their bodies started to emit dark fumes and black lightning started to crackle down from their body any shrill cry of pain and anguish was heard and they rolled on the floor and thrashed around.

Their bodies started to convulse and their skin became dark in colour.

“Fear not, this is the test to give power to those who are worthy, To accept the darkness, you have to shun away the light, you have to cast away your emotions, you have to cast away your very presence.”

After a long screaming and deadly pain, most of the people passed out from the pain and their bodies turned into black misty liquid and while those who were able to survive the pain, their body became dark and covered with a dark aura and their existence seemed to be changed into something inhuman and obscure existence.

They seemed to cover by a veil of darkness that masked their presence from any living being.

“Finally, we have a new batch of shadow soldiers to supplement our strength.” The man spoke and raised his hand.

All the black fluid started to pull by him and float up as if it is controlled by a mystic force.

He waved his figures and all the liquid converted into a huge spherical shape that condensed into a small black sphere and with a flick of his hands, it came near him and rested on the tip of his finger.

He opened his mouth and swallowed it whole.

Like a bolt, a chilling sensation spread through his body and his body started to emit a strong pressure with black strikes of lightning.

“Tsk…Tsk..”As the man was enjoying basking in the glory of his increase in power, someone clicked his tongue much to his disliking.

“If you are jealous of me getting stronger why don’t you do all the work and get the rewards.” The man spoke.

“I am not jealous of that rather than bloodline ability. I wanted that telekinesis but you just handed me a piece of shit. A baby bloodline that hadn’t even evolved and just for a bastard like you, I have to train as a newborn calf.”A man with a handsome face spoke.

He had big fangs and claws that make him look like a vampire though he wasn’t.

It was just the mixing of a bloodline that made him look like this.

” Stop, the nonsense. You know more than anyone else that unlike mine your power has the potential to grow stronger while mine is stagnated.”

“Tsk…Whatever!” The man with sharp fangs spoke and grunted.

“Did you manage to kill them?”The other man asked.

The man with fangs nodded and took out vessels and as he opened them” Three different colours of orbs floated in front of him.”

“Here you go, I have killed them and extracted their bloodline.”

The man pulled the three orbs and looked at them carefully.

There was three bloodline power.

One was to control water, one was to change shape and another one has the power to harden a part of your body.

He took the one which enable him to change shape and threw it to one of the shadow soldiers to engulf.

While the shadow soldier engulfed and tried to assimilate the power.

The man looked at him and asked”Did you find any sign of the dragon corpse?”

The man with fangs shook his head and spoke”I didn’t. It is as if it had been wiped off from its existence. I can’t even find it in Cyprus.”

The man frowned on hearing Cyprus.

“Keep a lookout on Cyprus. I had a bad premonition about it and with all those recent prophecies flying around, it wouldn’t hurt to keep a tab on the things around.”

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