The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 181: Rose Vs Fredrick[2]

Chapter 181 :Rose Vs Fredrick[2]

Chapter 181 :Rose Vs Fredrick[2]

Rose stared at Fredrick with a solemn expression as Fredrick decided to go all out on her.

She didn’t like him to go easy on her and treat her like flowers but the pressure that was emanating from her body was giving her chills and making her feel that she was helpless to fight with him.

Rose felt that Fredrick can even take on the ordinary 5-Stat warrior and wouldn’t shed a single drop of sweat.

The more Rose looked at Fredrick, the more solemn her expression became.

Lightening started to envelop Fredrick and a terrifying burst of pressure emerged from his body which made everyone look at him with a daze and disbelief.

The winds swirled around him and the ground on which he stood started to crack and began to rumble as lightning started to sparkle out from his body unable to hold out any more and like snakes surrounded him wanting to devour anything that came in touch with him.

Anyone seeing the scene got a single feeling that told them to take caution and there is danger ahead of them

Rose closed her eyes trying to calm herself and she also released her pressure which was accompanied by a gale of winds that emerged from her body which tried to fight against Fredrick.

A storm started to emerge from the spot she stood and high-speed winds started to emerge from her forming a mini hurricane that swirled and hovered around her.

Her body was enveloped with a greenish hue and her hairs broke free from the tied bun and danced crazily and fluttered in the air.

From afar Rose looked like a fairy amid a storm.

No, she looked like the goddess of a storm whose command can set the winds in motion and cause a natural disaster of hurricanes and tornados.

She put back the dagger which joined to form a bow once again. The weapon she was using was an A-ranked artifact which can be used both as a bow and chained draggers giving one an extensive advantage in fighting long-range and short-range.

Moreover, the shots fired from the current bow were quite stronger and more fierce compared to other ones.

She took out an arrow and loaded it on the bow and pulled the strings stretching it to the max, the arrow started to be covered in a greenish hue which was quite similar to her body.

She took a step forward and pulled the string to its maximum limit and shifted her weight to the back by tilting her waist and transferring it to her shoulders, she contracted her muscles to the max which made her shoulders tremble for a moment but her hands were as steady as silent water whereas her gaze was sharp as a hawk staring at the prey.

But instead of the prey, Fredrick was the target who was already drenched in sweat seeing Rose’s stand as he thought about the aftermath of both of their attacks.

Her eyes were sharp that glowed fiercely.

From afar Fredrick felt as if a demoness was staring at him and wanted to kill him.

He wiped off the sweat from his forehead and maintaining a serious expression raised his spear.

Even though Rose wanted to win, it was nothing before Fredrick’s resolution.

Before coming out of his home, he had promised himself one thing.

Before his spear, every enemy’s head will be severed.

Fredrick took his stance and a blue hue covered him and his spear which was emitting fierce lightning turned to golden, the zaps of lightning that were emitted from the spear when touched the ground broke it apart and evaporated a part of it.

An illusory silhouette of a dragon started to appear behind Fredrick.

As both Fredrick and Rose’s aura clashed with each other, the ground slowly started to tremble.

On one side lightning condensed on Fredrick’s spear and on another side wind condensed on Rose’s arrow.

It looked as if the fight was between wind vs lightning to decide which element would hold the supremacy and which element will be defeated and grounded to dust.

Fredrick took a step forward and his figure blurred within an instant and he appeared in the sky, a few metres above the ground.

A loud boom was heard as the place where Fredrick stood was crushed and a small crater appeared.

Fredrick’s was so fast that the ground cracked only after a few moments as his figure disappear.

Appearing on top of Rose, Fredrick pointed his spear downwards aiming at Rose and with all his might, he thrust his spear towards Rose.

The air before Fredrick was sliced and with many sonic booms, a highly condensed pressure was shot downwards which carried the power of lightning.

As the lightning descended downwards, a dragon started to manifest from the lightning slowly and the condensed lightning dragon gave a fierce roar which shook the whole stadium in fear.

The entire stadium seems to be illuminated by lightning flash for a moment with the appearance of the dragon and its roar seemed to rupture everyone’s eardrum.

In front of the huge descended dragon, Rose looked like a small cute rabbit but she didn’t lose her composure and pulled out all the wind around her and a mini-tornado appeared before her which condensed to form a highly violent surge of winds which spun with a great speed.

Rose aimed at the incoming lightning which manifested dragon and raised her arrow and aiming towards it fired her Air Piercer.


The ground beneath her shook and rippled creating waves which broke the ground due to the brittle structure of the rocks which wa unable to transfer the shockwave fluidly.

Rose lost her balance, as the ground on which she stood had sunken into a mini pit and the rocks and small pieces of stones were crushed by the violent reaction of the arrow shot by Rose.

The mini dust and rocks around her we’re crushed into pieces and we’re blown away by the violent surge of wind.

If one looked at from Lucas’s perspective, the scene was similar to the modern warfare machines and looked as if artillery or tank had shot a missile shooking the whole ground.

With a loud sonic explosion, the arrow shot toward the dragon. The speed of thr arrow broke the barrier of sound and reached near the mach speed and small crackling sonic explosions of shattering of glasses were heard at the tip of the arrow as it moved upwards tearing the air around it and blowing them away creating a vacuum, which rippled and expanded and soon contracted as it passed through the place.

With a speed invisible to the naked eye and within a short instance which cannot be calculated by the watch two enormous forces carrying strength of mass destruction collided.

It didn’t look like an attack of two 4-Star rank warriors and the attack surpassing the threshold of 4-Star finally met.


A sizzling and crackling sound was heard which made everyone in the arena shudder in fear as they saw a blinding flash of light twinkling in the sky

Both of the attacks collided and shot upwards into the sky where they finally exploded.

The whole area was lit up and illuminated which turned the normal folks blind for a second.

The people who were watching the scene live on TV trembled and lost their eyesight as white light flashed from the television wanting to gobble out of the TV screen.

After the large thundering and ringing of the explosion, the light finally dispersed and they saw a silhouette appearing in the middle of the stadium who supported his body with a spear and stood with an expressionless face on the ground while the other figure seemed to pass out due to large explosion.

Since the explosion took place in the sky, the ground was still good without huge craters or holes except for some cracks and stones being crushed into powder, everything else was alright except for the common people who were rubbing their eyes to see what was going on as there vision still seemed to blinded by such a brilliant flash.

For a moment, they thought that it was a show of fireworks that took place for the victory of the winner.

While everyone had a look of awe and admiration mixed with fear seeing the monster with their eyes, Lucas and Charles looked at the TV screen in disbelief.

Charles’s jaw was wide open but was a surprise to see Lucas had a stoic expression with no hint of fear or admiration as if he was bored from the match.

Lucas maintained his emotionless face and switched off the TV.

“Why did you close it?” Charles protested.

“Why? Do you want to see their public display of affection where Fredrick will run towards Rose and will carry her like a princess?” Lucas mocked as he knew what was going to be next.

Charles sighed and spoke”I can’t believe how much stronger he had become. Before we were more or less similar but now I am nowhere near him.”

“Still, I am surprised to see that you are still fine after witnessing such a scene,” Charles spoke and scoffed himself”If I was in your place, I would have seriously had trouble thinking about whether to forfeit the match or face such a monster only to get beaten.”

“Still, I am sure, you have a chance. If it’s you, I am sure you have a chance to defeat him.”


“You are right I still have a chance,” Lucas spoke and laugh loudly while from inside he was trying hard to suppress his tears which was trying to forcefully come out from his eyes.

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