The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 179: Lucas Vs Charles[4]

Chapter 179:Lucas Vs Charles[4]

Chapter 179:Lucas Vs Charles[4]

Moments before Charles’s huge rocky sword crashed over Lucas…..

Lucas saw the huge sword falling on him and made a huge ice wall in a dome shape.

Inside it, he tried to look for a shadow which was cast quite far away from Charles.

As he found one, he quickly used shadow steps and jumped from the shadow while using his telekinesis on himself and lifting his weight by himself he flew in the air and appear over Charles’s head silently.

As he reached over the top, he tried to maintain himself in the air while he summoned a huge ice sword and held it with his burnt hand and stop manipulating his body by telekinesis.

He felt a stinging pain when his peeled burnt skin touched the huge condensed ice sword and his hands started to freeze again in rush, he again lighted his hand with fire to keep his hands warm despite the risk and pain.

It was better to endure the pain rather than losing the hand due to frostbite.

But he wasn’t content with the power of the sword and used his lightning blast to charge his huge ice sword with lightning to make his attack stronger after all who knows Charles may form a huge rocky shield over him.

Since ice and water were great conductors of electricity. The huge great sword instantly charged up and started to emit a crackling sound.

The crackling sound was suppressed as Charles’s sword hit the ground.

The audience out already wide open seeing Lucas’s silhouette and just couldn’t understand what the hell was going on still they were feeling one thing for sure.

Charles will lose the fight, the battle which seemed to be won by Charles had tilted onto Lucas’s side.

Lucas knew that his great sword cannot hold for long and as soon as Charles’s sword collided with the ground and the figure was falling, Lucas raised his huge greatsword of approximately 15-2meterrs in length and swung it on descending Charles.

Charles was horrified by the scene as he looked up and tried to cover his body by making a shield of rocks but he frowned.

Charles’s ability allowed him to manipulate the earth not create it. Since he was mid-air there was no support from the earth and with his body descending towards the ground, he felt that he is going to die.

His eyeball widened with horror seeing the edge of the huge ice sword which made his entire existence tremble in fear.


Followed by Lucas slash, a huge flash of flickering light passed through the arena and the entire world descended into silence for a moment.

But following that sound, a huge booming sound thundered across the arena.


The air below Lucas was sliced apart and the huge greatsword broke into countless tiny particles which soon turned into droplets of water and vaporized along with the air and the ground started to rumble with cracking.

Lucas slashes with the huge great sword tearing apart the ground beneath him and dividing it into two halves a small shallow rift appeared on the ground and a huge pressure descended on the ground which shook thr earth.

A high-pressure gale started to blow and a barrier was shot out from the banks of the stadium that covered the whole arena.


A huge pressured shockwaves were created that carried crackling lightning with them which flicked at irregular intervals and the flicks of lightning intertwined among themselves creating a small explosion.

A huge pressure collided with the shield that appeared to block the shockwaves from reaching the audience and a heaven-defying sound thundered again and the ground near the banks seemed to be crushed by the pressure.

Lucas saw the scene with a pale face and thought that he overdid it and a sudden anxiousness struck him as he started to think about Charles.

Landing on the ground, he started to run with a limping leg and started to look for Charles.

As the dust and the thundering boom sounds dispersed one could hear Lucas’s shrieking voice as he shouted at Charles in panic.

The audience frowned and thought something bad might have happened to Charles.

The referee who was blown away by the clash impact, came out unscathed covered by a blue enveloping aura and patted Lucas who was looking at a crack.

The referee went down and came with Charles and said”You don’t need to be afraid. He is alright. The magic bracelet had protected him from the impact after you hit him with that monstrous sword. He just needs to recuperate now and he is simply exhausted and passed out in exhaustion.”

“By the way Lucas, your condition seemed to be worse than Charles’s.” The referee spoke as he saw Lucas’s burnt hands and swollen face and eyes while on one of his legs he was limping.


The audience woke up from a stupor after witnessing a fight befitting the semi-final.

It was an action-packed and roller roster fight where no one was able to predict thr winner until the last move.

None of the two seems to have the upper hand from the beginning and it was quite a close call till Lucas’s last resort.

While people were cheering without much thought, the upper echelon of nobles was stupefied unable to express their shock and disbelief.

Their jaws dropped to the ground seeing the fight.

They were not astonished by Lucas’s win but rather by the way he won.

Summoning a huge ice sword, ice spikes, ice gauntlets, and ice wall.

Everyone was wondering about one thing.

What the hell was that.

Cause they were sure there were no ice skills that can grant such exclusive control but little did they know that after summoning the manifestation of ice objects Lucas used telekinesis to manipulate the ice objects.

But since the nobles didn’t know it, they were racking their brain.

For god sake, it was on par with ice ability coming from the bloodline.panda novel

They subconsciously tilted their heads in the direction of the VIP seat where members of royal families were present.

After all, only the Royal Family have the ice bloodline ability and no one in the entire world had seen any other ice ability users.

There are many other bloodlines of the same elements but ice bloodline ability is a symbol of Stan’s family.

Most of them started to think that maybe, there is the slightest possibility that Lucas is an illegitimate child of the Royal Family and that may be the reason he was under The Princess’s Protection.


Julian who was watching the match had a solemn expression.

For the first time in years, her hand started to tremble.

Ami looked at Julian’s worried expression

“Julian, perhaps by any chance did you give Lucas a skill that can manipulate ice,” Ami asked with a stern voice.

Julian turned to look at Ami with a sharp gaze which made Ami flinch a little.

Julian closed her eyes to suppress her inner turmoil and spoke”No, I don’t have any hand in it.”

“As far as I remember he could only summon spikes with his skill. I don’t know anything about it.” Julian spoke with a stoic expression.

“Julian, is there any chance he is a member of the royal family,” Ami spoke with a soft voice and her heartbeat hastened as asking this question is equally slandering the royal family.

Julian looked at Ami and pondered for a moment.

Ami saw that there was no trace of anger in her eyes and sighed in relief as she thought that by asking this question maybe she had overstepped her boundary.

“I can’t say for sure.”

“I am certain that dad is not the type of man who would lose himself and do it with anyone.”

“I understand the people might a have misconception after all things like these ar quite common.”

“But if you see it logically there have been many predecessors of Stan. After all, each generation has many kids. So, there is a possibility that a child may have vanished or lost his identity and may start his own family tree.” Julian spoke and tried to look for a plausible explanation.

“Still, I am sure Lucas isn’t any of them. I don’t think that his bronze bloodline would allow him to use such ice on with such a feat. I know it may sound audacious but who knows if there is such a skill present out there.”

“We can’t assume the things just because that never appeared. Just like gods. We have never seen gods but that doesn’t mean there are no Gods present out there.”

“What we need to do now is to protect him from those greedy hungry nobles and gauge anyone’s eyes who is trying to look here,” Julian spoke emitting a subtle killing intent as she noticed many people gazing in her direction and trying to take a peek.

The nobles felt the killing intent and turned their head feigning ignorance and averted their gaze.

Julian’s killing intent subsided and he looked at Ami lost in thoughts.

“Miss Ami…..Miss Ami.” Julian called Ami as she saw her lost in thoughts.

“Yeah, I am listening.”

“What are you thinking about?” Julian asked rasing her brows.

“Julian, I think maybe Lucas knew about the cure cause he had similar power and may have suffered like you” Ami spoke creating a misunderstanding.


Inside a huge room, loud panicking screams were heard.

After seeing the match, a lion turned into a cat.

“Theo, I am going to die. They will kill me. Do something.”

“Your Highness please act according to your image.”

“What image are you talking about. My image had already been pummelled by that boy.”

“My wives would be on their way to here with all types of weapons.”

“I am hanging on gallows and you are trying to say to act in a dignified manner.”

“I swear, I never have an affair. Moreover, even all of my marriages are arranged by the old man. I have never even seen any women besides my wife. I need to hide till the situation calms down.”

Hahahahahahahahah!Stop your punny act, Alexander.”

Alexander looked at the hooded figure who was having the fun of his life.

“Bastard, it’s all because of you. Just what kind of shit did you give to him and for god’s sake what was that skill, you rascal.”

The cloaked figure laughed to his heart’s content and spoke”Except for D ranked sword, I have never given my son anything.”

“What kind of shit father are you. You haven’t given your son even a penny when you have a warehouse of treasure.”Alexander asked.

“Shut up. Do you want me to load him with riches and have a bounty on his back?”

“How many times do I have to say, we planned to lead a peaceful life and not involve ourselves in worldly affairs unless required but who knew he would be a sleeping dragon and breakthroughs to 3-Star in such a short period even with his bronze bloodline.”

“Even with my diamond bloodline, it took me more than a year to jump from 1-Star to 3-Star.”

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