The Extra’s Survival – Chapter 170: Breakthrough In TheMiddle OF The Fight

Chapter 170:Breakthrough In TheMiddle OF The Fight

Chapter 170:Breakthrough In TheMiddle OF The Fight


A very faint sound was heard but everyone in the arena and in the spectator’s stands could hear the subtle metal clicking sound.

All the people watching the matches were shocked suddenly as they looked at the scene with utter astonishment and disbelief.

The boy who was pushed back at every encounter, a few minutes before was now fighting back and pushing back his opponent.

Everyone looked in disbelief as Lucas’s figure disappeared leaving behind a gust of wind and appeared before Roman.

His speed in the current clash seemed to surpass Roman and his increase in speed seemed to cross the previous limit, he was able to make his strikes fiercer and stronger and was able to match Roman superior strength.

Both Lucas and Roman figures disappeared and before the people could understand what happened a loud shock wave thundered that spread across the arena.

And with a rumble, the ground started to crack as a gust of pressure was emitted from all directions.

Each time they disappeared, they would appear on the stage with a huge thundering and crackling sound along with cracks and craters as they clashed against each other.

Both of their speeds seemed to be in early 4-Star while both of them were in the 3-Star realm.

While people were not surprised by Roman’s speed as his bloodline grants him superior strength and speed boost but the same couldn’t be said for Lucas.

It didn’t look like the match was of round 32 rather it looked like the match Semi-Final and deserved to be one of the best till now.

Though Lucas was unlucky to find an opponent who was people’s favourite and whom many people might have gambled to reach the top 8 but that doesn’t mean he going to give up.

Rather he will fight harder and harder until his opponent would be unable to get up.

It was then Lucas’s sword started to glow with a faint crimson hue while Roman’s axe gave a blue hue sister and both of their aurae clashed against each other.

The arena seems to be illuminated by red and blue colour lights and it looked as if each colour wanted to devour the others completely.

A gust of wind blew from the stage that dispersed towards the audience.

Like a flash, Lucas’s figure moved, and the ground cracked as he stepped forward unable to bear his mighty pressure.

It was then Lucas’s crimson coloured sword met with a Roman axe and a loud metallic sound reverberated along with a flash of light, which travelled to each person carried by air in the form of a wave.


The originally quiet surrounding was suddenly overwhelmed by a terrifying rumbling sound of an explosion and a might pressure burst from the arena along with a blinding flash that eroded the whole arena.

Two different colours of light clashed and extended into a circular wave followed by a mighty gale of wind.

The whole ground on the fighting stage rumbled and cracked apart and collapsed with a loud rumble and small chunks of rocks, stones and the pieces of materials which were used to build the stadium were thrown around like a projectile and a huge cloud of dust covered the arena and from the dust, a figure was shot like a cannon that flew in the air and crashed onto the wall.

People’s voice was stuck in their throats looking at the exciting match.

From round 256 to 32, two matches would be held at the same time and from 16 one match would be held.

The participants of the other match were terrified at the explosion that came from the other arena and stopped their fight and looked at the arena with a gawking gaze.

They had lost their footing due to the loud thundering sound of the explosion.

As the dust dispersed, the crowd saw the boy leaning on the sword with one of his knees on the ground and was bleeding profusely.

His upper garments were torn off, leaving a thin muscular body that wasn’t bulky or overbearing but a well proportioned and distributed muscles.

Lucas’s body was full of cuts and blood trickled down from his forehead which was mostly caused by the projectiles thrown at him during the clash. Their clash had smashed the arena into pieces and tatters.

Lucas panting heavily smiled and spoke, “Finally, I have broken through both in sword mastery and to mid of 3-Star.”

With this Lucas fell to the ground, though he hadn’t lost his consciousness.


“What was that? Roman was knocked out.”

“Moreover, he was eliminated by that commoner.”

“Tsk…Tsk…What a disgrace?”

“A hier of the noble house with diamond bloodline was defeated by a commoner who doesn’t even have a decent bloodline.”

“What a shame.”

The whole horizon was in an uproar.

A match in round 32 wasn’t enough to cause such a commotion rather it was the contestant who participated in the match.

A student of rank 8 was defeated by a student who didn’t even have a rank of 1000.

Everyone felt quite odd.

While many appreciated the fact a student with his hard work climbed up his ranks many started to doubt the presence of foul play and thought that the boy must have cheated.Pan da

Novel Moreover, the gambling business had taken a hit. The odds were against Lucas as he was thought to lose quickly.

Even a gamble on how much time Lucas can last was made but everyone had suffered a huge loss except Lucas who sneaked in and gambled on his name. Though it was Reynold who set that up but seeing the money pouring onto him, it was better for him to lick Lucas’s feet and make more money by gambling instead of behaving coldly with him like before.

Rumours started to fly off about Lucas and the many students of the upper echelon started to label Lucas as a cheater.

While in truth, they knew better than anyone that there was no foul play but how can appease others if they don’t blame and try to make a way out of the humiliation.

But it was ended with Princess intervention who declared that she knew Lucas’s strength and trained with him so she knew better than anyone what he was capable of.

The nobles were too tongue-tied at the sudden revelation and finally calmed down a little but who knows whether it was really over or it was far from being over.


In a secluded area, two men of similar features sat before each other.

One of them has an aged appearance like another one and lighting a cigar and taking a sip, he exhaled.


“Your friend is doing pretty well. I think we did a good thing by lending a hand in his business. Not only we have earned a good ally, but we would also profit a lot. Low ranked knights can surely use those.”Warren spoke with a serious expression but that expression went as soon as it came and he took another puff of his cigarette and blew the air.

“Father can you stop smoking. Just a second mother’s eyes left you and you started smoking again.” The boy asked with an annoyed expression.

The man frowned when he was reprimanded by his son and with displeasure, took a deep breath and put it off.

Letting out a deep exhale, he let go of the smoke that he had stored in his lungs slowly like a steam engine from the train.

“Son, you don’t understand my pain.”

“Only when you get married, have a lovely wife and a spoiled brat like you, you will understand the pain I have been holding in my heart.” The man spoke sorrowfully.

The boy’s expression stiffened”Duke Warren, a 9-Star warrior with the title of Duke. If you wanted to enjoy the life of smoking and drinking then why did you chase my mother and marry her.”

“Why did you start a family?”Charles asked rasing his brows.

Duke Warren’s expression crumbled and the words choked in his throat as he was unable to counter his son’s question.


‘If I would haven’t married her, you wouldn’t exist and you are cursing your old man.’He grumbled inwardly.

“Son, you are wrong in that aspect.” Duke Warren said in an awkward tone and puffed his chest with arrogance.

“You have been misinformed about some details by your mother. You still don’t know the whole truth about this matter.”

“What details,” Charles asked with a curious expression.

Seeing his son’s expression, he nodded in satisfaction and started to speak”I didn’t chase your mother. Your mother chased me till the end of the world.”

“Do you know how many suitors I had back in those days? Just like a huge number of grasses grows under a giant tree. Each day, I get thousands of letters for proposals.”

“If you count the length of the line girl stood to propose to me, even a hundred kilometres would be less.”

“Girls were willing to die to take a look at my handsome face. Every time, I step foot in the capital, the capital would tremble as a huge number of girls no matter the age would line up, just to get a glimpse of me.”

“The parents of the noble circle used to say handsomeness and Roy Warren are the opposite sides of the same coin.”

Charles’s jaw dropped to the ground when he hear bis father’s legendary boasting tales.

Just what kind of bullshit is this.

Though he knew his father’s character very well, he was still dumbfounded. His father was a very restrained, humble gentleman.

Yes, humble and gentle but only when the mother is present. In her absences, he became quite narcissistic and always sing his praises.

And yeah his bullshit is also reaching another level. If this goes on, he may be able to compete with Parth for the title of King of Bullshit.

‘I think, I should leave him with Parth for a day. Only he can handle a man like him.’Charles thought inwardly while rubbing his forehead.

“But your mother was a different material?”

“Huh.” Charles woke up from the stupor and asked”What did you mean?”

“She was a fierce tigress. No, even the word fierce doesn’t do justice to her. She would kick away every girl who would come from me.”

“If I didn’t marry her, I think I would remain a bachelor throughout my whole life as she wouldn’t let anyone marry me and would stalk me forever.”While Duke Warren nodded in satisfaction, his borrows furrowed as he saw Charles taking out his phone.

” Hey, what are you doing?”

“Oh that. I am just sending mom a voice recorder of your legendary tales.” Charles spoke with a grin.

“You what…No…..”

On this day a 9-Star warrior who was one of the peak powerhouses of the current era, his cry resounded in the capital who was beaten like a dog for his slip of the tongue, serving as an example that you should never antagonise your wife.

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